Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 952

Chapter 952 Lets Talk About The Children

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“It’s Ming Ansheng. He’s coming over now,” Yan Rusheng replied.

Xuxu answered with an ‘oh.’ She unwrapped half of her hamburger and passed it to Yan Rusheng. “Here, have some so you won’t have an empty stomach.”

Yan Rusheng didn’t fancy fast food, but since Xuxu had thoughtfully unwrapped it for him, he took it from her and took a big bite.

“This lass is too terrifying,” Zhou Shuang commented as she shook her head while carrying a tray.

Xuxu looked at her, confused. “What’s wrong?”

Zhou Shuang replied, “She ordered 10 chicken wings and two cups of coke.”

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

It wasn’t the first time Yan Rusheng had witnessed Su Yue’s huge appetite for chicken wings, so he wasn’t as shocked.

Su Yue came over, smiling as she carried her tray.

They were sitting at a four-person table, but there were already two trays on it that. Only a little space wasn’t occupied, so Su Yue walked towards an adjacent table.

After she sat down, she eagerly picked up a chicken wing and shoved it into her mouth.

Xuxu’s lips twitched as she watched her eat. “Yueyue, it’s late. Are you sure you’re gonna eat so much oily food right now?”

Su Yue shook her head, replying with her mouth full. “It’s alright, I can handle this much food.”

She loved her fried chicken wings. It coated her lips in oil.

She could even finish a second serving.

Xuxu was speechless.

‘Just how much does this lass like chicken wings?’

“Here,” Yan Rusheng suddenly said, raising his hand and waving to someone at the entrance.

All their gazes shifted to the main door. Ming Ansheng had just arrived.

He was wearing a white T-shirt and black sports pants. He appeared carefree and radiant, making him look years younger.

Ming Ansheng walked over when he saw them. His eyes glazed over Su Yue who was sitting at the adjacent table, and he froze for a moment before quickly fixing his gaze on Xuxu and Zhou Shuang—smiling as he nodded at them in greeting.

Xuxu smiled and commented, “Young Master Ming, you must have been really busy. I haven’t seen you recently.”

“Yeah, I have been pretty busy,” Ming Ansheng replied, walking over to Yan Rusheng. “Move,” he asked.

Yan Rusheng was too lazy to move. “Sit there,” he said, pointing at the seat opposite Su Yue.

Ming Ansheng turned his head. Su Yue bowed down her head as she ate her chicken wings, as though she hadn’t noticed his presence.

Unconsciously, disappointment flashed across Ming Ansheng’s eyes.

He hesitated for a moment before walking over and sat opposite Su Yue. Her small hands held a piece of a chicken wing and it smeared her entire mouth with oil. There were already many chicken bones at the side.

Yan Rusheng got too thirsty after he ate a bite of the hamburger. He stretched his hand over to grab a cup of coke from Su Yue, drinking from it before he asked Ming Ansheng, “Why is Lu Yinan staying outside instead of coming in?”

Ming Ansheng smiled. “He has to have the guts to come in.”

Zhou Shuang’s expression changed when she heard that Lu Yinan was around.

Actually, she was the only one who didn’t know, other than Su Yue, of course.

When Xuxu heard Yan Rusheng say that Ming Ansheng was coming, she knew immediately that Lu Yinan had sent him here.

Yan Rusheng furrowed his eyebrows. “What did he ask to call you here for?”

Ming Ansheng looked over at Zhou Shuang. “He asked me to represent him in a talk with Zhou Shuang.”

Zhou Shuang coldly replied, “We have nothing to talk about. Tell him to leave me alone.”

Ming Ansheng had expected such a reaction from her.

“Forget about Lu Yinan. Let’s talk about the children. What are you going to do with them?” he asked.