Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 955

Chapter 955 I Dont Want To Talk To You Anymore

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But once he realized that the chicken wings were Su Yue’s leftovers, he felt rather honored and subconsciously extended his hand to take it from her. He bit into it mechanically.

Su Yue sighed and then pursed her lips as she sat opposite him. “I still think the chicken wings from Kentucky Fried Chicken are incomparable to Brother Qi Lei’s. I haven’t eaten his chicken wings in a long time.”

She then thought of something which made her smile. “Oh, I should call him. He’s coming with me to the hospital to accompany Bai Jing. I could ask him to make some chicken wings for Bai Jing and me.”

In the blink of an eye, she had already tossed out her phone.

Using her oily fingers, she unlocked the phone with a swipe.

Ming Ansheng furrowed his eyebrows and on a spur of the moment, he grabbed Su Yue’s wrist.

Su Yue jumped in fright. She stared at him, confused. “Uncle Ming, what do you want?”

“Your hands are so dirty, you’ve covered your phone in oil,” Ming Ansheng said as he took out a piece of tissue paper, and helped Su Yue wipe her hands.

Her small hands were so soft as though they were boneless. He held her palm in one hand and slowly wiped it with the other.

He wanted to wipe her hands forever. He didn’t want to let go.

Su Yue quieted down and stared at Ming Ansheng’s large hands for a long while before peering up at him.

“Chicken wings are hearty and fattening,” Ming Ansheng warned as he lifted his head. Unintentionally, he made eye contact with Su Yue.

Her eyes were clean and bright, with no impurities. Her gaze was pure and innocent.

Ming Ansheng froze. “Why are you looking at me?” he asked.

Su Yue replied, “I think your fiancée is very annoying, and she’s not even pretty.”

She then retracted her hand from Ming Ansheng’s grasp.

Ming Ansheng froze again. “Umm.”

Su Yue took a piece of tissue paper and wiped her mouth as she said, “I don’t like her personality. She’s even more annoying than that proud clown.”

She had no qualms about attacking Young Master Ming’s fiancée, in front of Young Master Ming himself.

Ming Ansheng was speechless.

Naturally, he knew Su Yue was referring to that ‘proud clown’—Xin Yanting.

He smiled as he thought about it. He hugged himself, eagerly waiting for Su Yue to continue.

Young Master Ming, what kind of fiancé are you?

Someone is talking bad about your future wife!

“Your taste is much worse than my Third Brother.” Su Yue rolled her eyes at Ming Ansheng. She then rolled her tissue paper into a ball and threw it onto the table.

A sluggish action, but it had a haughty air to it.

Ming Ansheng was speechless.

He was still trying to get over Su Yue’s harsh words when she continued with a much harsher comment. “Even Lu Yinan has better taste.”

She meant that Lu Yinan’s taste was already terrible, but he was even worse.

The corner of Ming Ansheng’s lips twitched upwards. Then, smiling, he asked, “Do you know how many people you’ve offended with those words?”

Su Yue replied, “I’m only stating the truth. Hooligan sister is no match for my third sister-in-law. But even she is much better than your fiancée.”

Ming Ansheng didn’t know how to continue. He asked interestingly, “Where’s your evidence?”

Actually, he could understand why Su Yue didn’t like Tang Feiling because Tang Feiling had indirectly humiliated and mocked her that day at the dinner table.

Nobody would like her, much less Su Yue—as petty and narrow-minded as Yan Rusheng.

Su Yue frowned. “I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

She stood up and was about to leave.

Although she had baffled Ming Ansheng, didn’t have time to think. Immediately, he stood up after her. “What’s wrong? We were having a nice conversation.”