Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 956

Chapter 956 The Whole World Knows

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Su Yue said, “Clearly, we have different standards.”

Her tone hinted annoyance and a tinge of mockery.

So, she meant that they were on different frequencies so… they shouldn’t continue talking?

Ming Ansheng stared at Su Yue’s small haughty figure. His heart felt itchy that he wished he could stick his hand inside and scratch it.

If they weren’t in public, he would’ve rushed forward to hug her. He would explain that he hated Tang Feiling as well. He didn’t like her, so they had the same taste.


They exited Kentucky Fried Chicken one after the other, and they were just in time for Xuxu to return.

Su Yue smiled when she saw Xuxu. “Third sister-in-law.”

Xuxu looked at her, asking, “You finished 10 chicken wings that fast?”

Su Yue nodded. “Mm.”

Ming Ansheng followed behind Su Yue. Once he saw Xuxu, he slid his hands into his pockets, slowing down his pace.

It was heartening to watch the sisters-in-law interact that his heart filled with warmth, too.

He walked over. He looked at Xuxu and inquired, “What’s the matter?”

Of course, Xuxu knew what he was asking about. Shrugging her shoulders, she answered, “Lu Yinan is always goofing around. What did you expect? Zhou Shuang called for a cab and went home herself.”

Ming Ansheng had expected as much. “What about Lu Yinan?”

After asking, he looked around, but he didn’t see Yan Rusheng or Lu Yinan.

Xuxu replied, “He insisted that Yan Rusheng accompany him to follow Zhou Shuang home.”

“Ah!” Ming Ansheng momentarily froze, then he smiled. “As expected, his grandfather scares him the most.”

Xuxu’s lip curled upwards. It was the same reason why she hoped that Zhou Shuang wouldn’t forgive Lu Yinan so easily.

Now that the whole world knew about Zhou Shuang’s pregnancy, everyone was persuading her not to abort the children, including Xuxu herself. After all, she was bearing triplets.

So now, Lu Yinan had to have a serious attitude about this.

If not, they should ignore him.

After thinking for a while, Xuxu grabbed Su Yue’s hand and said to Ming Ansheng, “Su Yue and I will make a move.”

Ming Ansheng asked, “Did you drive?”

Xuxu shook her head. “Yan Rusheng drove the car away. We’ll be taking a cab.”

“I’ll send the both of you back,” Ming Ansheng said.

Xuxu smiled and declined. “No thanks, we’ll take a cab. It’s very convenient.”

Indeed, hailing a cab was convenient.

Ming Ansheng was insistent. “Both of you don’t live together. It’s better if I send both of you back. It’s still early, anyway.”

“Well… Alright then,” Xuxu agreed. If she were to reject him again, she would seem unreasonable.

The Yan’s family mansion was quite a distance from Su Yue’s, and since it was closer to their present location, without thinking, Ming Ansheng sent Xuxu home first.

Then he would send Su Yue back. It was en route to his house.

“Yueyue, sleep early.”

Xuxu waved goodbye to Su Yue and closed the car door.

She turned around and entered the courtyard.

Only Ming Ansheng and Su Yue remained in the car—one in the driver’s seat, the other, in the back seat. It was dark inside the car.

Through the rear-view mirror, Ming Ansheng could only see where Su Yue was sitting.

Near the exit, he suddenly braked and stopped the car.

It confused Su Yue. “What happened?”

“Why don’t you sit in front,” Ming Ansheng suggested. Afraid of being found out, he added, “I’m a little tired so I need you to talk to me.”

“Oh,” Su Yue replied, not thinking into it. She opened the door and got into the front passenger seat.

Ming Ansheng only started the car after she had sat down and fastened her seatbelt.