Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 957

Chapter 957 Beautiful Little Girl

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Su Yue leaned her head against the car window, reading a novel on her phone.

"You mentioned that you will visit Bai Jing at the hospital tomorrow? Is she that classmate?" Ming Ansheng struck up a conversation with Su Yue as he drove.

She nodded. "Mm. Her fathers leg was amputated."

Ming Ansheng was momentarily shocked. "What happened?"

Su Yue briefly told Ming Ansheng what she knew about the accident. He sighed and took quite some time to recollect himself.

"That guy, he never mentions anything that happens to him," he chided under his breath.

If Su Yue hadnt told him, he wouldnt have known that Yan Rusheng had encountered such a close shave.

"Bai Jing is so pitiful. She only has her dad," Su Yue said, her voice full of sympathy. She pouted.

Confused, Ming Ansheng asked, "Wheres her mother?"

He hadnt found out more about this good friend of Su Yues.

There were so many guests at her birthday banquet that day, he didnt bother getting to know all of them.

Su Yue replied, "She said she doesnt know either. Whatever it is, she was raised without her mother since she was young."

"Then how did she manage to attend your school?" Ming Ansheng was very baffled.

Flourish & Splendor was a prestigious school for the wealthy. According to Su Yue, the girls father was a construction worker at a construction site. How did he manage to send his daughter to that school?

Su Yue shook her head. "I dont know about this. She never told me."

While suspicion filled Ming Anshengs eyes, Su Yue suddenly added, "But they seem to have a rich relative. Someone came to fetch her from school in a car a few times, but Bai Jing doesnt like that relative. She never once got on."

Ming Ansheng nodded. "Oh."

He could tell that Su Yue liked this Bai Jing friend very much. She had so innocently befriended her and he didnt want to complicate her thoughts, so he didnt ask further.

Everyone has their own dark secrets. He only hoped that Bai Jing truly treated Su Yue as a friend.

After all, it wasnt easy to get into her good books.

Ming Ansheng thought for a while before piping up, "Ill visit your friends father one day."

He knew that this was his working habithis instinctive sensitivity to new things and people.

But he reckoned, it paid to be careful.

He just hoped that Su Yue would be happy forever, especially since she had a rough childhood.

"Brother Qi Lei is accompanying me there tomorrow." Su Yue asked, "Do you want to join us?"

Brother Qi Lei.Ming Ansheng was uncomfortable with the way she addressed him. His expression darkened and he shook his head.

"Maybe another day."

Su Yue replied with anoh.She said nothing else.

It was around eight to nine p.m., past the peak traffic period in the capital city, so the ride home was smooth.

The window lowered halfway, and the warm breeze streamed in.

The beautiful little girl leaned her head to the side, and her bright eyes closed.

Ming Ansheng lowered the speed, slowing down way before the red light. He had half the heart to refrain from bringing the car to a halt.

With one hand on the steering wheel, he supported his head and peered sideways at her peaceful sleeping figure.

She was as innocent and perfect as a porcelain doll, whereas he was stuck in an abyss of misery.

Even if he were to overcome all odds, how could he bear to drag her into the abyss with him?

Ming Ansheng, why did you catch such forbidden and obscure feelings for her?

"Hello, hows it going?"

After Xuxu returned home and showered, she leaned against the head of her bed and hugged her laptop, drinking milk as she phoned Zhou Shuang.