Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 958

Chapter 958 A Guest Arrived Bright And Early

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“Didn’t give him the time of day,” Zhou Shuang replied. She had also finished showering and had changed into her pajamas. She lounged on her bed as she ate.

Xuxu said, “Good, ignore him. But you shouldn’t be too rash. Same words: Triplets are hard to come by.”

She thought, ‘Is it heaven’s arrangement for Zhou Shuang and Lu Yinan to be together?’

There are many people who get pregnant after a one-night stand. Exaggeratedly, the number of people who get abortions every day are countless.

But Zhou Shuang just had to have three at a go. With so many children, who could bear to part with them?

“Alright, I got it. You’re as naggy as an aunt,” Zhou Shuang replied. She got frustrated whenever she mentioned the children. She lost her appetite suddenly, and she casually threw a half-eaten apple into the rubbish bin.

She turned the phone off without bidding goodbye.

Xuxu stared at the line which had suddenly been cut off and it momentarily troubled her. She sent a text to Zhou Shuang, which read: ‘Sleep early, don’t stay up late anymore. Remember not to touch things that can irritate or agitate you. Wash your new clothes before you wear them and don’t put on makeup anymore.’

Zhou Shuang immediately replied with a voice message. “I’ve got it, Aunt Xu.”

Annoyance filled her tone of voice.

Xuxu laughed and put down her laptop. At that moment, the room door opened.

Yan Rusheng had returned. He wasn’t wearing shoes; he walked around in socks instead.

It was summer so Xuxu didn’t mind. She looked at him and asked, “You sent Lu Yinan back?”

Yan Rusheng replied, “He had gone overboard, of course, I made him take a cab back.”

Xuxu gave him a look of appreciation.

Yan Rusheng smiled as he walked over to the bedside. Xuxu craned her neck to give him a peck on the lips.

Then she lightly pushed him away. “Go take a shower.”

“Baby, give me another kiss,” Yan Rusheng asked, dipping his head to give her a bite on the neck. Then he straightened up and made his way to the bathroom.

He stripped off his clothes as he did, throwing them all over the floor.

Young Master Yan, is it right for you to betray your friend to look good in front of your wife?

Yan Rusheng showered quickly and came out of the washroom. He dove under the blankets half naked and hugged Xuxu.

Xuxu said, “Mother said that she wants to visit Bai Jing’s father at the hospital tomorrow.”

Yan Rusheng replied with an ‘Mm’. He stared at the ceiling without blinking.

Xuxu lifted her head suddenly, leaning against his chest as she gazed at him. “Ah Sheng.”

She then hugged him tightly.

Yan Rusheng knew that she still had a lingering fear inside her. He patted her back lightly, looking down at her with a faint smile. “If you continue rubbing me, in a while, you’ll be complaining that your hands are tired.”

Xuxu hurriedly flipped herself over, bent forward, closed her eyes and pretended to fall asleep.

Yan Rusheng followed suit and got onto his side, hugging her from behind as he rubbed her belly lightly. A certain part of his body came into contact with her back. He seductively whispered in her ear, “It’s already late. Do you feel it?”

Xuxu blushed, pushing him away. “Quit fooling around. Sleep.”

Immediately, he lifted his head and kissed her red lips.

Xuxu couldn’t resist this move of his every time. She gave in quickly and followed his pace. Slowly, it brought into a whirlpool of warmth that made her heart weak.

One of her hand was in Yan Rusheng’s grasp while the other was around his neck, hugging him tightly.

A guest arrived bright and early the next day. A very important guest—Old Master Lu.