Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 959

Chapter 959 You Can Lead A Horse To Water But You Cant Make Him Drink

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When Xuxu head that Old Master Lu visited, she immediately knew that he had come to find her, so she quickly showered and changed into a new set of clothes before heading downstairs.

When she reached the staircase, she glanced into the living room. Old Master Lu was sitting in the middle of the sofa, while Yan Weihong and Mu Li sat beside him.

The few of them chatted harmoniously.

Mu Li looked at Old Master Lu, smiling as she said to him, "Master Lu, how fortunate you are for Yinan to bring you three grandchildren at once. Youre the envy of many."

Thats rightwas written all over Old Master Lus face, but instead, he said, "I heard from Yinan that Xuxu is bearing twins. Two children are enough; three are too many."

There was silence.

What a hypocrite!

Xuxu was about to call out to him when a bitter male voice sounded from behind her. "Three children will be the death of that female hooligan."

Xuxu was speechless.

She turned her head and peered up at him, smiling. "Youre not just saying that because you didnt get triplets, right?"

From her understanding of this group, Lu Yinan would brag about Zhou Shuang bearing him triplets during the next meeting.

She could also imagine Yan Rushengs reaction to thathis face as dark as coal, before listing reasons having twins were better than triplets.

The exchange between the duo from upstairs had stirred the few below.

"Xuxu, Grandfather Lu is here to see you," Mu Li shouted.

"Coming," Xuxu called before making a face at Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng frowned.

"Grandfather Lu," Xuxu greeted after she retreated down the steps, smiling as she walked towards the sofa.

Xuxu was only five months into her pregnancy, but her belly already looked like the equivalent of someone six or seven months pregnant with a single child. And Xuxu was already considered slim.

Old Master Lus gaze subconsciously landed to Xuxus belly, his face full of yearning.

He bade her over. "Come over quickly."

Xuxu sat down next to Old Master Lu. He looked at her with a softer gaze than when he was chatting with Mu Li and her husband. "Xuxu, can you bring me to visit that lady?"

Xuxu was speechless. The old man was too eager.

He not only came in person but also dressed so formally!

She couldnt find a reason to decline, so she nodded her head. "Sure, Ill take you there right after I have my breakfast."

She stood up as she spoke.

"Go, go," Old Master Lu said, waving his arm at Xuxu. "Im not in a hurry."

As if! Eagerness was written all over his face.

Xuxu entered the dining room with Yan Rusheng. He smiled at her expense as she stuck her tongue out at him. "As expected, old people are the same. Ive had enough."

Yan Rusheng just smiled.

"Mother, dont leave with father for the hospital yet. Ill bring Grandfather Lu to Zhou Shuangs house first. Both of you can leave after you get my call," Xuxu said to Mu Li after she exited the dining room. Then she looked at Old Master Lu and continued, "Grandfather Lu, lets go."

"Xuxu, why dont you give me her address and Ill go there myself. Ive tried asking Yinan but that rascal simply refused," Old Master Lu said, angered at the mere mention of Lu Yinan. "I told him not to come home unless he brought the girl along."

Xuxu was speechless.

Doesnt he know that you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink?

"No worries, Ill take you there," Xuxu replied, smiling.

The old man nodded his head. "Sure, you just have to bring me to her doorstep, that would suffice."

Xuxu smiled and nodded. "Okay."