Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 963

Chapter 963 Terminal Stage Of Stomach Cancer

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Without giving Xuxu and the rest a chance to respond, he continued, “To be frank, even if I didn’t lose one leg, I also won’t be able to live long.”

Xuxu, Mu Li and Yan Weihong were surprised when they heard this.

With a startled look, everyone fixed their gaze on the man lying on the hospital bed with labored breathing.

He momentarily had paused before he displayed a smile full of self-mockery on his face. “At that moment when I rushed forward to save President Yan, I was thinking, if I saved President Yan, will he give me a handsome reward? If so, when I passed on, Jingjing will have the money to attend university.”

Without a doubt, Bai Lisong had caught everyone in shock, and yet at the same time they were visibly touched.

Regardless of what went through his mind at that time, the truth was, he saved Yan Rusheng’s life—the most important person in their lives.

And also the fatherly love for his daughter, risking his life in exchange for her future.

However, they were also curious why Bai Lisong said that he couldn’t live long. Was he ill?

Bai Lisong looked at the expressions on their faces and sensed their bewilderment. He added, “I’m at the terminal stage of stomach cancer.”

It caught everyone surprised.

Terminal stage of stomach cancer!

Bai Lisong continued, “Actually, Xiaojing is still unaware of this. When I first found out, she was having her exams and I didn’t want it to affect her. Hence, I kept it from her. Please don’t let her know, too.”

After that, he looked at them with a pleading expression. “You don’t have to worry about my leg. I’m okay if I get discharged from the hospital anytime. But Jingjing had just finished her exams and we still don’t know how she fared in the exam. I plead with you to help her.”

He tightly reached out to grab Mu Li’s arm, refusing to let go.

Appearing as if he was leaving anytime.

Mu Li nodded. “We will be responsible for her life and education from now on.”

Hearing this, Bai Lisong felt relieved and loosened his grip before heaving a sigh. “She hated her mother. That’s why she refused to leave with her when her mother came to take her away. I’m now really at my wits ends.”

Xuxu was visibly shocked to hear this. “Her mother is still around?”

Su Yue had told her that Bai Jing didn’t have a mother. Xuxu turned and looked at Su Yue.

Su Yue shook her head, showing she was kept in the dark about it, too.

Bai Lisong said, “Her mother was the one who had arranged for her to study at Flourish & Splendor but she’s not aware. But I guessed that she already had some inkling. Given my state, I wouldn’t have the means to send her to such a prestigious school. Her annual school feels alone would take me over 20 years to earn such an amount.”

‘Now I get it.’ Xuxu nodded.

No wonder Bai Jing studying at Flourish & Splendor had puzzled her, given her family financial condition.

After Bai Lisong shared these, she could hazard a guess. Su Yue had mentioned that Bai Jing had lost her mother since young. Given that Bai Jing hated her mother, it was likely her mother had abandoned her at a tender age.

Only money could get her into Flourish & Splendor School. But she had no idea how she got the money and didn’t want to jump to a conclusion yet.

From what they heard, Bai Jing was indeed a sensible child.

At the very least, she didn’t abandon her dad who raised her, and instead, she declined to live with her wealthy mom.

But this was her own conjecture based on what she heard from her father.

Mu Li noticed that it was getting strenuous for Bai Lisong to speak, and so she smiled and assured him, “All right, you set your mind at ease to recuperate. If Bai Jing will continue with her studies, we will make arrangements for her to attend whichever school she prefers.”

Bai Lisong nodded his head in gratefulness. “Thank you. Thank you.”

After that, he was finally able to relax and lie down completely to rest as if relieved from a burden.