Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 965

Chapter 965 Zhao Zhengs Visit

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Xuxu immediately agreed.

After lunch, Mu Li sent Xuxu to her work studio. She alighted at the alley and walked to the studio.

The door was ajar and Xuxu could hear the sewing machine. She hastened her footsteps towards the sound in excitement.

“Tailor Wang, I’m here.”

“Sister Xuxu.”

Li Qian was walking down the stairs.

Xuxu grunted in response and continued walking.


Suddenly, a familiar voice belonging to a man sounded. He hurried footsteps followed soon after.

Xuxu stopped in her tracks and glanced at the staircase.

“Zhao Zheng?”

‘Why is he here?’

Zhao Zheng was clad in a white shirt paired with black pants. He was wearing a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles, and his footsteps sounded eager.

“Sister Xuxu, Professor Zhao is here to look for you,” informed Li Qian as she reached Xuxu.

A streak of annoyance flashed across Xuxu’s eyes. “Why didn’t you inform me in advance that there was a guest waiting for me?”

Zhao Zheng interjected instead, and he chuckled. “I didn’t get her to call you. I was just passing by and decided to visit you. If you weren’t around, I would have left.”

He adjusted his spectacles as he finished speaking.

Xuxu remembered this habit of his when she first knew him. He would always adjust his spectacles.

He gave off the impression he was an intellectual and a refined man.

Xuxu grunted and glanced at Zhao Zheng. She had no idea how she should respond.

He had given her a real shock by appearing.

She felt he purposely came over. After all, how could he just be just passing by?

Zhao Zheng stopped in front of Xuxu and smiled. “Xuxu, how are you these days?” asked Zhao Zheng with a concerned tone.

Xuxu nodded. “I’m fine.”

“This…” Zhao Zheng glanced at Xuxu’s protruding belly and there was a look of fleeting disappointment on his face. “Are you giving birth soon?”

“No, not so soon.” Xuxu noticed his expression and she deliberately smiled a blissful smile. She stroked her belly. “I’m having twins, hence my belly looks huge.”

“Oh.” Zhao Zheng nodded, and he couldn’t conceal his disappointed expression. “Your children will definitely be as smart as you.”

Xuxu quipped. “They should look more like their father. Everyone says that the father is good-looking, so it’s better if they look like him.”

Zhao Zheng shook his head. “No, you are more beautiful.”

“Haha.” Xuxu smiled. Zhao Zheng had always looked down on Yan Rusheng and the rest of his friends. He thought, other than their wealth and background, they had no other strengths. He thought more highly of himself.

When they were still in high school, she had already noticed this. But his thinking had intensified after the previous meet-ups.

Yes! Xuxu felt that Zhao Zheng was too against them.

Even if they irked her as well, she had to consider that they were ex-classmates and on account of Teacher Zhao, too.

Xuxu pointed at the reception area and said, “Let’s chat over there.”

“Sure.” Zhao Zheng nodded and walked with her. “I was surprised to find out that Li Qian was working with you during the graduation gathering. What a coincidence.”