Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 966

Chapter 966 Hubby Pick Me Up Tonight

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Xuxu smiled. “It’s indeed a coincidence.”

Both of them walked to the reception area and sat down across each other.

Li Qian served them a glass of water each.

Zhao Zheng took a sip of the water and sighed. “It has been more than a decade since we studied and prepared for exams together.”

He gazed out of the window as though he was reminiscing something.

“Indeed.” Xuxu causally nodded although she didn’t particularly feel nostalgic about those memories.

Not everyone could make her feel nostalgic. Only someone important could evoke those meaningful memories.

Zhao Zheng pressed on, “Other than Ming Ansheng and the rest of the playboys, do you still contact the rest of our classmates?”

He continued to display his contempt for those young masters. Xuxu gazed at him with a mysterious smile. “As you know, I am in close contact with only this circle of affluent friends. I don’t contact the rest.”

“Let’s organize a grand classmates’ gathering someday,” said Zhao Zheng, who sounded excited.

Evidently, he didn’t catch the hidden message within Xuxu’s words. Xuxu smiled without a word.

Zhao Zheng carried on with the conversation enthusiastically, while Xuxu occasionally agreed.

After an hour, Zhao Zheng still didn’t appear to have any intention of leaving.

Xuxu was getting desperate and randomly came up with an excuse. “I have work to do. Let’s catch up some other day.”

She stood up as she spoke.

Zhao Zheng followed suit and smiled. “Since I have nothing on in the afternoon, I can wait for you to end work. Shall we have dinner together tonight?”

It exasperated Xuxu, and she was speechless.

Was this person living in another dimension? Shouldn’t a normal person leave after bidding goodbye?

She made her intentions clearer as she cleared her throat once more. “Yan Rusheng will come to fetch me soon. We will fetch our cousin so I don’t think we have time for dinner.”

“It’s all right,” said Zhao Zheng as he smiled. He earnestly continued, “We can use this opportunity to have dinner together. Your cousin recently celebrated her birthday and I couldn’t make it since I was in another city doing a lecture. I can give her a treat tonight.”


Xuxu was getting annoyed. She suspected that he had deliberately pretended not to get the message.

She had already rejected him so firmly, and she didn’t believe that he didn’t catch the hint.

But if he insisted on pretending so, she couldn’t possibly expose him. If he wanted to wait, then he could continue waiting.

Xuxu mulled over as she bit her lip. “All right then.”

“I’ll wait here for you.” Zhao Zheng sat down once again and began to flip a random magazine.

Xuxu turned around and went up to the stairs.

Zhao Zheng really sat at the reception area and waited for her, so she pretended to be busy and didn’t go down at all.

Time flew past and soon it was almost 5 p.m., Xuxu wanted to leave but didn’t want to leave with Zhao Zheng.

She decided to get Yan Rusheng over.

Xuxu sent Yan Rusheng a text. ‘Hubby, pick me up tonight.’

Yan Rusheng replied immediately, ‘Huh? Are you Wen Xuxu?’

It annoyed Xuxu. ‘Who else would address you as hubby?’

Yan Rusheng cheekily replied, ‘I was too overwhelmed with joy for a moment and couldn’t react properly.’

Xuxu grinned after reading his reply. ‘Zhao Zheng is here since earlier this afternoon. He is waiting for me to have dinner tonight. Can you come over and have dinner together?’