Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 967

Chapter 967 Anti Theft Alarm In The Day

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Xuxu knew for sure that Yan Rusheng could never sit still after receiving her text.


And sure enough, Young Master Yan saw the name Zhao Zheng and instantly his expression changed. The next moment, he swore and leaped to his feet.

Qiao Jian, who was standing opposite of him, was in the midst of reporting something to him. His sudden actions startled him. He nervously asked, “President, what’s wrong?”

“We’ll stop here. I’ll make a move first.” With this, Yan Rusheng strode past Qiao Jian and across the room.

Qiao Jian hastily called him, “President, this document—”

Before he could finish, Yan Rusheng had vanished.

“This damned four-eyed frog!” Yan Rusheng got in the car and vented his frustration once more.

He was just about to move the car from the parking lot when Xuxu called.

He answered using his Bluetooth earpiece.

“Drive slowly, don’t be reckless.” Xuxu knew that the content of the text would anger him and that he would immediately and certainly rush over.

“I will throw that four-eyed frog back into the mountains today,” swore Yan Rusheng.

Xuxu chuckled with amusement. “Don’t go too overboard. Drive carefully.”

She sounded as though she was about to end the call and Yan Rusheng hurriedly said, “Wife?”

It puzzled Xuxu. “Huh?”

Young Master Yan grinned as he asked, “Wife, can’t you address me sweetly before talking to me?”

“Hubby, drive slowly.”

As he wished, Xuxu sweetly addressed him by calling him ‘hubby’.

It overjoyed young Master Yan that his happiness was indescribable.

He hung up and turned on the radio. The current song also reflected his mood—relaxed and pleasant.

Yan Rusheng parked the car outside the work studio and caught a glimpse of a black BMW.

The car must belong to Zhao Zheng.

Yan Rusheng walked to the black BMW, raised his leg, and kicked it as hard as he could.

His kick produced a loud sound.

Suddenly, a shrill alarm went off.

He instinctively jumped back. The alarm was giving him a headache as he glanced at the car in disdain. “F*ck, just a shitty BMW. And he even installed an anti-theft alarm in the day.”

After a good verbal lecture, he turned towards the work studio.

The tailor saw him from the entrance and politely nodded. “Third Master.”

Yan Rusheng nodded and headed straight for the reception area. He instantly saw Zhao Zheng.

To him, Zhao Zheng was like a pile of glittering, smelly poop. He was a nuisance to his eyes.

“Yan Rusheng.” Zhao Zheng glanced at Yan Rusheng and went back to flipping his magazine gracefully.

Yan Rusheng walked to Zhao Zheng and feigned surprise. “Zhao Zheng, why are you here?”

Zhao Zheng closed the magazine and raised his head. He lightly replied as he adjusted his spectacles. “I was around the area so I dropped by to visit Xuxu. I wanted to give her treat and she asked you along.”

Yan Rusheng frowned. “You’re a guest. How can we make you pay?”

Zhao Zheng smiled. “Sitting down together for a meal, it doesn’t matter who pays, right?”

‘Was he implying that I’m stingy?’ Yan Rusheng thought to himself.