Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 969

Chapter 969 You Wicked Fellow

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Xuxu knew that he was pulling an act for Zhao Zheng. Although she disliked being intimate in public, she wasn’t that dumb to ruin the show that her husband had put on for the person whom she didn’t really like.

She even tried her best to go along with him.

Zhao Zheng witnessed this scene and an ugly expression appeared on his face. He stood rooted to the spot.

A plethora of emotions rapidly whirled in his eyes that he tightened his fists.

Xuxu nudged Yan Rusheng after a while.

When they pulled away from their kiss, Yan Rusheng still used his tongue to lick Xuxu’s lips as though he was still savoring the taste.

He had completely ignored Zhao Zheng.

Yan Rusheng turned around and carelessly glanced at the door. “Oh, Zhao Zheng. When did you arrive?” asked Yan Rusheng.

Xuxu didn’t know what to say.

‘This fellow should be an actor. His talent would be a waste if he wasn’t.’

Zhao Zheng replaced his expression with a feeble smile. “I came up since both of you were taking quite a while.”

“We’re ready. Let’s go.” Xuxu grabbed her bag and reached for Yan Rusheng’s hand.

Yan Rusheng was pleased as he used a finger to stroke her palm.

He began to tickle Xuxu and she giggled.

Zhao Zheng felt jealous and terrible with the couple acting so lovey-dovey. His face darkened once more.

Zhao Zheng slowly trailed behind Yan Rusheng and Xuxu. If a stare could kill, he could have killed Yan Rusheng a dozen times!

They left the office and went to retrieve the car. After Yan Rusheng opened the car door, he glanced at Zhao Zheng. “Have you reserved the dinner venue?”

Zhao Zheng shook his head. “I haven’t since I don’t know what you wanted to eat.”

Yan Rusheng pondered before suggesting. “Let’s go to Jiangnan River Delta, the one we went to before. I’m one of their loyal customers and a platinum VIP too. I can get a discount.”

Jiangnan River Delta.

Xuxu sat in the car as she listened to their conversation. When Yan Rusheng suggested Jiangnan River Delta, the corners of her mouth twitched.

This fellow was indeed vicious. A meal at Jiangnan River Delta might cost Zhao Zheng two or three months of his salary—at least three months of his salary.

If he was really bent on teaching him a lesson, it might cost Zhao Zheng his entire year of salary.

Jiangnan River Delta was one of the most famous specialty restaurants in the capital city. Zhao Zheng had dined there before and naturally he knew of the cost of their dishes. Hatred flashed across his eyes.

But his face remained inscrutable. “I’m paying. Why do I need your VIP card?”

This concerned his ego and pride. For the sake of Xuxu, he will endure the cost no matter how much it costs.

“All right, let’s fetch Yueyue first,” Xuxu interjected as she looked at Yan Rusheng.

She felt that Zhao Zheng was acting rash. But they were old classmates after all, and he was Teacher Zhao’s son. If they really played such a mean trick on him, wouldn’t they feel embarrassed the next time they meet Teacher Zhao?

“All right.” Yan Rusheng nodded. He advised, “You can wait for us at the restaurant. It’s difficult to get a room since there is always a queue.”

He loudly spoke and Xuxu could detect a hint of evil mischief in his smile.

Zhao Zheng nodded. “Sure.”

Yan Rusheng got into his car and he smiled wickedly to himself. Xuxu couldn’t stand his smile any longer.

She stretched her hand and pinched his thigh. “You wicked fellow!”