Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Bai Jings Mother

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“Get lost.” Xuxu shoved Yan Rusheng’s face away. However, she suddenly realized something and looked at Yan Rusheng puzzledly. “How do you know that I’m expecting one boy and one girl?”

‘They could also be two girls or two boys, right?’

‘Why is he so sure?’

Yan Rusheng laughed. “Did you really think Madam Mu Li could really keep mum?”

Xuxu was speechless.

‘It’s against the rule to divulge the sex of the babies in advance, okay?!’

A wise lady like her had to consciously go against the rules.

No wonder there wasn’t a trace of hesitation in her whenever she bought clothes for the babies. She would always buy a set of boy and girl’s clothes each.

She must have found out about the babies’ sex right from the start.

Indeed, a boy and a girl—it was just the right combination. Xuxu looked down at her protruding belly and broke into a blissful smile.

“I fear of falling deeply in love with you, my heart skipped a beat when I see you, a slight smile from you is enough to mesmerize everyone. Let me be the one to fall into your embrace. I need to be resuscitated. Your eyes resemble the crescent moon.”

The man beside her suddenly hummed a song. He moved his fingers along the steering wheel as if he were playing the piano.

In every verse he sang, he would turn and spare a glance at Xuxu—obviously telling her he was singing about her.

Xuxu blushed and mumbled softly. This chap was in a pretty mood lately, always humming a tune for no reason.

It was dinnertime, and visitors crowded the hospital. Even the elevator was packed to the brim.

Yan Rusheng shielded Xuxu like a mother hen protecting her chick. His ‘strangers prohibited’ chilly aura was enough to send jitters down people’s spine. From time to time, he even threw cold looks at people.

When they stepped out of the elevator, Xuxu overheard people expressing their displeasures.

Xuxu eyed Yan Rusheng with a look of displeasure. “Being seen with you is a disgrace.”

Yan Rusheng tapped her gently on her head. “Stupid woman, stop saying empty words.”

Then, he stretched out his hand and hugged her waist as he led her to Bai Lisong’s ward.

“Go away.”

“Xiaojing, Mommy is here to visit your Father.”

“Father doesn’t welcome you. Go away. Get lost.”

“Xiaojing, your father won’t be able to take care of you now. Come home with Mommy.”

From afar, they could hear arguments coming from Bai Lisong’s ward.

‘Bai Jing’s mother?’

Xuxu quickened her footsteps and walked to the door of the ward. Bai Jing was shoving a fashionably-dressed middle-aged lady out of the door.

“I’ll call the police if you don’t get lost.”

Bai Jing’s eyes turned red as she issued a stern warning to the lady.

The middle-aged lady was holding on to Bai Jing’s arm. She almost lost her footing when Bai Jing had shoved her away. She was still trying to persuade the girl as she moved towards the door. “Mommy is concerned for you. Come with Mommy, and I’ll send you for overseas studies immediately.”

Bai Jing turned back to take a second look at her father, who was lying on the bed. She felt sorry for him. She turned around and yelled at the lady, “I don’t want to. You go. Get lost!”

Her gut-wrenching sobs shook the entire hospital.

Xuxu’s eyes widened in shock. How much agony was buried in the heart of this scrawny and shy little girl?

Bai Jing’s screams had taken the middle-aged lady in surprise it made her utterly dumbfounded. Her well-maintained and flawless face turned pale. She had stared blankly at Bai Jing for quite sometime before uttering softly, “Xiao… Xiaojing, I’m your Mother.”

“I don’t have a Mother. Since I was young, I only have a father.” Finally, tears raced down Bai Jing’s cheeks. She rubbed her eyes and was choking with emotions.

Su Yue stood beside her, and she had her dewy, sparkling eyes locked on Bai Jing’s mother. On her eyes, a cold and gloomy expression could be seen.