Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 972

Chapter 972 No Wonder Bai Jing Refused To Acknowledge Her

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Her hands, which hung loosely by her thighs, clenched tightly into fists. It also trembled a little.

Xuxu sensed it and scurried over. “Yueyue.”

She placed her hand on Su Yue’s shoulders and gently patted it. “Yueyue.”

When Su Yue saw Xuxu, the expression in her eyes gradually calmed down. She faintly called out, “Third sister-in-law.” Xuxu smiled at her before averting her gaze to Bai Jing and her mother.

“Madam, this is the hospital ward and the patient is resting. Don’t you have some basic courtesy?”

As she noticed that Bai Jing didn’t want to acknowledge her, she didn’t take it upon herself to call her as Bai Jing’s mother. Rather, she addressed her as ‘Madam’ instead.

Her sharp words were unpleasant to the middle-aged woman’s ears. “Yes, who are you?”

She shifted her gaze towards Xuxu as she asked. The way she looked at people was insufferably arrogant. When her eyes landed on Xuxu’s face, she was astonished. “You’re… the young Madam of Flourish & Prosper?”

Xuxu nodded her head. “I’m Wen Xuxu.”

Her tone and attitude were unfathomably cold and aloof.

In an instant, a fawning smile appeared on the middle-aged lady’s face. “Hello, Third Madam Yan. I’m Bai Jing’s mother, Zhang Lihong.”

She eagerly introduced herself to Xuxu.

But Xuxu remained silent and shifted her gaze away and looked at Bai Jing instead. Her expression turned soft. “Bai Jing, what happened?”

She had no rights nor was she in the position to ask about any grudge between the lady and Bai Jing’s father. She had no intention to probe either.

But from the way she spoke earlier, she already found the woman repulsive.

Her first impression of her was exactly how she’d imagined—snobbish, mean, materialistic, and self-centered.

Now that Bai Jing’s father was lying on the hospital bed—regardless of whatever feud happened between them—instead of offering words of wisdom, she came to lure her daughter away.

She was indirectly telling her daughter to abandon her crippled father to lead a far better and comfortable life with her.

It was no wonder why Bai Jing refused to acknowledge a mother like her.

Her favorable impression of Bai Jing intensified.

“I don’t know who she is.” Bai Jing coldly turned her body away and sauntered towards the bed. She sat down beside Bai Lisong. She pulled two tissues to wipe away the beads of perspiration on his forehead. Tenderness filled her every action.

Witnessing this sight, Xuxu couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She casually glanced at Zhang Lihong, Bai Jing’s mother.

“Madam Zhang, please go. Don’t disturb the patient’s rest.”

She averted her gaze from her and walked towards Bai Jing with Su Yue trailing behind her.

As she was turning around, her eyes swept across Zhang Lihong’s face. She had put on a menacing gaze and it had Zhang Lihong shuddering in fear.

“Xiaojing, if you run into any difficulties, you must call and let mommy know, okay?” With Xuxu around, Zhang Lihong didn’t dare to pester Bai Jing any further. But she still cautiously and carefully moved towards her as she spoke.

Bai Jing ignored her.

Zhang Lihong looked at Bai Lisong before taking a last look at Bai Jing. She turned back to leave helplessly.

All these while, Yan Rusheng was standing at the door watching how Xuxu handled the tussle between Bai Jing and her mother. He felt that her aura was impressive.

So impressive that he almost felt his presence was redundant.

He raised his feet and stepped in as Zhang Lihong was walked out. When Zhang Lihong saw him, her expression changed.

Zhang Lihong wanted to greet Yan Rusheng, but he didn’t even bother to look at her.

He walked over to the bed and stood next to Xuxu. Bai Jing on the other hand rubbed her eyes, afterward she kept wiping Bai Lisong’s sweat away.