Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 974

Chapter 974 Unable To Suppress

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Since this wretched chap was so persistent even when his wife had let him off the hook this time, he shall fulfill his wish then.

Zhao Zheng became furious. “I know that you must have forbidden Xuxu to come. But you were also the one who suggested Jiangnan River Delta, and I’ve already booked a VIP room. So are you taking me for a ride when you changed your mind about coming?”

‘I forbade Xuxu to go?’

‘Ha, this chap was so good at consoling himself.’ Yan Rusheng gave a dry laugh. “All right, we’ll be there right away.”

After pausing for a while, he continued, “By the way, Ming Ansheng and Lu Yinan called me earlier. I told them you’re giving a treat, so they asked to come along. I hope you don’t mind including another two more people.”

Zhao Zheng magnanimously answered, “Of course, I wouldn’t mind. We’re old classmates.”

“Good.” Yan Rusheng nodded and a sinister smile flashed across his face.

He concluded the call and hung up.

Then, he turned around and threw the phone back to Xuxu.

When they reached, Ming Ansheng had recently arrived, too. Both cars met at the entrance of the Jiangnan River Delta carpark.

Coincidentally, both cars parked side by side.

“So flamboyant today.” Yan Rusheng’s answer had diminished. With one hand propped on the car window, he stuck his head out and looked intently at the black Ferrari sports car parked next to his.

He knew that Ming Ansheng had purchased this car on his 25th birthday last year. But after just driving once, he didn’t see him driving this car again.

So he was pleasantly surprised to see him driving it today.

Ming Ansheng curled his lips. “I occasionally need to change my style.”

He opened the car door and got off the car as he spoke.

Yan Rusheng also alighted from his car and surveyed Ming Ansheng from head to toe. A meaningful smile appeared at the corners of his lips. “Young Master Ming is dressed to flirt today, too.”

Ming Ansheng looked down at his own dressing. If Yan Rusheng hadn’t mentioned, he wouldn’t have even realized it. After a second look, he received shocked—the way he dressed seemed like he was ready to… flirt.

He was wearing a white T-shirt and faded blue jeans.

He hadn’t worn jeans for many years. He was either in sweatpants or business pants.

Come to think of it, as of late, when he was not at work he would dress casually. Otherwise, in the past, he’d always be in business suits when he was out of the house.

As he looked at himself in the mirror, he got lost in his thoughts and had a brief passing of guilt. He then lifted his head to look at Yan Rusheng.

He knew that this subtle change in him most probably had to do with Su Yue.

“Let’s go.” Yan Rusheng detected nothing amiss with Ming Ansheng and urged him to make a move. With one hand stuffed into the pocket of his pants, he turned around to hold Xuxu with his other hand. They strode towards the main entrance of Jiangnan River Delta.

Su Yue followed behind.

Her small frame resembled a tiny tail as she trailed behind them.

Ming Ansheng’s heart turned soft as he looked at that petite little figure of hers.

His footsteps were unhurried and he had maintained a distance of only a meter away from Su Yue.

“Uncle Ming.” Just before she stepped into the turnstile, Su Yue suddenly stopped in her steps and turned to look at Ming Ansheng.

The hotel’s entrance lightings reflected her dewy eyes—they looked like bright twinkling stars in the night sky.

Ming Ansheng’s heart pounded again. He halted his steps and his expression looked immeasurably soft. “Yes?”

Now, whenever he looked at her porcelain-dolled face, he had the urge to embrace her.

The more he tried to suppress it, the more intense it felt.