Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 975

Chapter 975 Will You Become Pregnant If You Stopped Being Pretentious?

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But he could only restrain himself.

“You don’t look like an uncle in that attire,” Su Yue commented plainly after she looked Ming Ansheng up and down for a while.

Suddenly, a seemingly cheeky smile formed on her face.

Her faint smile made Ming Ansheng’s heart erupt like a volcano. Subconsciously, he extended his hand.

He didn’t know what to do.

At that moment, a gust of wind blew and he regained his senses. His hand was already about to touch Su Yue’s waist.

When he snapped out of his daze, he shuddered.

Su Yue frowned, her eyes filled with innocence and confusion. “Uncle Ming, what are you trying to do?”

Ming Ansheng shook his head in guilt. “No… Nothing.”

His gaze immediately shifted to Su Yue’s forehead. He awkwardly smiled. “Your hair is messy. I was afraid that it would cover your eyes.”

He then quickly moved his hands to her forehead, helping her to sweep away the random strands that the wind had blown over.

Su Yue replied with an ‘oh’.

She then hugged Ming Ansheng’s elbow, smiling as she looked up at him cheerfully. “Your car looks so good, can you bring me for a spin later?”

There was silence.

Ming Ansheng instantly understood that her previous comment on his looks was leading on to this.

“Sure, as long as your Third sister-in-law agrees,” Ming Ansheng replied without thinking through it. He nodded.

He knew that he shouldn’t. He shouldn’t have romantic feelings for such a child. But whenever she stood before him, his line of defense was on the brink of collapse.

Su Yue happily replied, “My third sister-in-law will agree for sure.”

She then released his elbow and happily entered the rotating door. She went up the stairs and caught up with Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu.

“Third sister-in-law, third sister-in-law.” to

“What’s up?” Her sudden shift in mood confused Xuxu.

Su Yue replied, “Can I go for a ride in Uncle Ming’s car after dinner? His car is so cool.”

Xuxu looked back towards Ming Ansheng as he approached them. She then frowned and answered, “It’s late already. You shouldn’t be an inconvenience to Young Master Ming.”

Ming Ansheng walked over and replied plainly, “It’s no problem at all.”

Ming Ansheng had always doted on Su Yue. Xuxu didn’t think into it because Su Yue was Yan Rusheng’s younger sister. So given their brotherhood, it was only natural that Ming Ansheng would treat Su Yue as his own sister.

She only considered that Ming Ansheng was probably like Yan Rusheng—having to work every night—so she didn’t want to bother him. She smiled at Su Yue and said, “When we get back home later, why don’t you just ask your Third Brother to drive you around?”

Su Yue frowned. “Third Brother’s car is not as cool.”

‘Was the feeling of sitting in an open-topped sports car the same as that in a closed car?’

‘Definitely not.’

Yan Rusheng frowned when he heard their exchange. He piped up. “We have a few of those lousy cars at home.”

Xuxu was speechless.

Would he become pregnant if he stopped being pretentious? Ridiculous—it was as though he was afraid that they didn’t know he was filthy rich.

Ming Ansheng’s lip quivered. He had nothing to say about the proud Young Master Yan.

Xuxu ignored the unhappy man beside her and nodded at Su Yue. “Okay, but don’t bother Young Master Ming for too long. One round is enough.”

“Okay,” Su Yue agreed happily.

Hearing Xuxu’s reply, Ming Ansheng’s lips curled. He realized that his feelings were showing so he hurriedly looked downwards.