Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 976

Chapter 976 Am I Right Darling?

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Zhao Zheng had gotten a private room, and it was just enough for four to five people.

Zhao Zheng entered the room with a smile on his face. He looked at everyone, but his gaze lingered on Su Yue. His gaze softened immediately. “Little Lass.”

Su Yue sized him up with a cold gaze, feeling a little confused.

Xuxu thought Su Yue didn’t remember Zhao Zheng, so she introduced him with a smile. “Yueyue, this is Professor Zhao. You’ve met him before.”

“Oh, Professor Zhao,” Su Yue called plainly and lazily before she found a seat and sat down. She then suddenly lifted her head to look at Zhao Zheng. “Professor Zhao, Bai Jing wants to attend your school.”

“Oh!” Zhao Zheng froze. “Who’s Bai Jing?”

She had chimed up so suddenly and without any context.

Not just Zhao Zheng, even Xuxu and Yan Rusheng were caught in shock.

It took a while for Xuxu to regain her senses. It shocked her that Bai Jing wanted to attend A University. She sat down beside Su Yue and asked her, “Bai Jing wants to go to A University?”

Su Yue nodded and then pulled a sigh. “But with her father’s condition, she doesn’t want to anymore.”

Xuxu looked at Yan Rusheng and they had a silent conversation.

Yan Rusheng was expressionless. They initially thought Bai Jing would want to give up her education.

“Xuxu, who’s Bai Jing? Is she your relative?” Zhao Zheng eagerly asked her.

Xuxu replied plainly, “She’s a good friend of Su Yue’s.”

Zhao Zheng nodded in understanding. “Then you should pass me her information, and I’ll look through it. I’ll try to reserve a slot for her.”

After a brief pause, he continued, “But it still depends on her grades.”

“That was of no help at all,” Yan Rusheng commented, rolling his eyes at Zhao Zheng and not giving him any face.

He stretched his arm and gracefully poured himself some plain water. Pride was written all over his face.

Xuxu didn’t know what to say.

Under the table, she stretched her arm and pinched Yan Rusheng’s thigh.

‘This fellow. Could he be more subtle?’

Yan Rusheng smiled unwaveringly.

Xuxu ignored Yan Rusheng and faced Zhao Zheng. “Aren’t we here for dinner? Have you ordered?”

She wanted to get this dinner over and done with. She had planned on refraining future meetings with Zhao Zheng ever again.

They had no reason to meet again, anyway.

“I haven’t ordered. I was waiting for you because I didn’t know what you like,” Zhao Zheng replied with a shake of his head. He passed the menu to Xuxu.

‘I was waiting for you.’

Yan Rusheng felt uncomfortable when he heard those words. He swiftly extended his arm and grabbed the menu before Xuxu did.

He then crossed his legs gracefully and flipped through the menu. He casually commented, “Of course, outsiders wouldn’t know my wife’s taste.”

He then turned to Xuxu and winked. “Am I right, darling?”

“Pfft!” Ming Ansheng was drinking a mouthful of water but spat it out when he heard Yan Rusheng said the word ‘darling’. He almost choked.

He gave Yan Rusheng a look of contempt before hurriedly wiping his mouth.

‘This fellow is being utterly shameless!’

He disgusted others while enjoying himself. Two words: selfish!

Zhao Zheng’s expression was dark. He felt indignant every time he saw Yan Rusheng and Xuxu being affectionate.

He felt that Yan Rusheng wasn’t good enough for Xuxu. She was so gentle, intellectual, and kind. She deserved to be with someone worthy like himself—someone who wouldn’t put her favorable qualities to waste.