Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 978

Chapter 978 One Shot Three Children

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Yan Rusheng expression immediately darkened. Did he dare to show concern for his wife right in front of him? He shouldn’t have let him off so easily by just spending one year worth of his salary!

“It’s fine. We have over ten servants at home. I can get a chauffeur whenever I want.” He then continued, “I can even get my chauffeur to send you home when you get drunk later.”

Xuxu was speechless.

‘Could this fellow stop bragging so openly?’

Just as Yan Rusheng had expected, Zhao Zheng’s face turned red then blue.

Just then, the room suddenly opened. Lu Yinan had arrived, he was clad in his casual attire—a black T-shirt and faint gray track pants.

He had gotten it bad from his family yesterday that two swollen marks under his sleeves were clear as day.

He entered and smiled with a nod. “Sorry I’m late, everyone.”

“Young Master Lu is here,” Ming Ansheng announced with a smile, but his smile had a hidden meaning behind it.

Yan Rusheng did the same, and an undecipherable smile framed his face.

Lu Yinan glanced over those two faces and caught their smiles.

Angrily, he called them ‘bad influences’ under his breath.

“Zhao Zheng.” Lu Yinan greeted with a nod. He then sat down beside Ming Ansheng.

Ming Ansheng turned his head towards him and smiled. “Young Master Lu, we were all calling out for you in the group chat. Why didn’t you speak at all?”

Without waiting for Lu Yinan to speak, Yan Rusheng smiled as he replied, “He was naming his children. He’s having three, after all. He had to take this seriously and think early.”

Lu Yinan was speechless as he clenched his fists. He then flashed a cold smile at Yan Rusheng. “That’s right. After all, not everyone can produce three children with one shot. I’m proud of myself, so shouldn’t I take this seriously?”

His words hit Yan Rusheng’s raw spot and he immediately went quiet.

Young Master Ming, who was sitting in between the two, was suddenly unhappy, too.

The men beside him; One of them produced twins, the other, triplets—how much pressure would he face in the future?

Zhao Zheng kept quiet throughout their entire exchange. When they had finally hushed down, he asked, “Lu Yinan, you have kids?”

Lu Yinan looked at him and replied with a laugh before keeping mum.

Could they stop mentioning the children? He seemed to lose his appetite every time they were mentioned.

He felt that his life had been turned upside down overnight.

The price of the red wine that Yan Rusheng ordered was at least five digits. He hadn’t had wine in days and he was going all out to get Zhao Zheng drunk today.

Glass after glass, they drank.

After three rounds, Zhao Zheng no longer cared about his money. He continued drinking with Yan Rusheng, with the goal of getting him hammered.

On the other hand, Lu Yinan was drowning alone in his sorrows in the corner as he fretted over his three children.

He had wanted Ming Ansheng to drink with him, but the latter refused.

Because he would bring his beloved little Yueyue for a spin later. He wouldn’t drink even if the president wanted him to.

Zhao Zheng was completely drunk and senseless by the time he had to pay for the meal. When he swiped his credit card, he couldn’t be bothered by how many digits the meal cost. He keyed in the password immediately and Ming Ansheng sent him onto a cab.

Xuxu had predicted this outcome earlier, so she had already called for a chauffeur.

Yan Rusheng had almost passed out, so he lay on Xuxu’s thighs. In his drunken stupor, he talked to her belly, but he was speaking from the heart.

“You… two… It’s been hard on your mother, so if you don’t behave well when you come out, I’ll punch the both of you.”

He patted her belly lightly as he spoke.