Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 981

Chapter 981 Lets Slow Down Shall We?

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She extended a hand to support Zhao Zheng. She then pulled him inside before shutting the door.

“Who… who are you to care?” Zhao Zheng carelessly shoved her away. He looked irritated. He tottered unsteadily to the sofa and collapsed on it.

The woman walked to him and sighed as she watched him. “If you were not my husband, why should I even care?”

She helplessly shook her head and began to remove his socks and shoes before removing his jacket.

Zhao Zheng’s phone slipped out from his pockets and she picked it up. The screen lit up.

There was an unread text informing him of the amount he had just spent using his credit card.

The woman’s eyes went huge when she saw the amount. Her pitch turned sharp and shrill. “Zhao Zheng, what did you do? You spent 120,000 yuan!?”

She bent her back and grabbed Zhao Zheng’s shirt and interrogated him.

“Woman, you’re too noisy!” Zhao Zheng impatiently pushed her away before flipping himself, with his back against her.

The woman thought of the 120,000 yuan and there was no way she could stay calm. This huge sum of money was nearly a year of his salary.

“Zhao Zheng, you have to explain this to me right now. Where did the 120,000 yuan go to?!”

She put both hands on his head and made him face her.

Her actions had irked Zhao Zheng. He clumsily sat up after.

He acted swiftly and pushed her down to the floor instead. He fell on top of her and began to tear her clothes away, looking mad. He then buried his head into her chest.

Even if he was drunk, he was still a man. The woman could only struggle against him.

He was in a fit of rage and so his actions were rash and rough.

“Xuxu… Xuxu I love you… call me hubby…”

It was a moonless night and the black Ferrari convertible had its roof open. Loud music was playing as it sped on a lonely and quiet road.

In Su Yue’s eyes, this ride was too amazing and cool right now.

She loosened her ponytail and raised her chin as she allowed her hair to tumble across her shoulders.

Her locks seemed to dance in the breeze and she looked wild and charming. She was exceedingly attractive.

Ming Ansheng had a hand on the steering wheel while he propped the other arm against the window. He pressed a fist to his temple while he mindlessly stroked his eyebrow. He fixed his gaze on the girl beside him.

The car began to slow down.

Su Yue spun her head, looking puzzled. “Faster! It’s only cool if you’re speeding. The people’s hair on TV were all flying as they sit in the sports car.”

She began to flick her hair dramatically to prove her point.

She was so excited!

Ming Ansheng smiled. “So when you untied your hair just now, you were just checking the speed of the car?”

His smile was full of affection for her.

Ming Ansheng had thought Su Yue would agree, but she rolled her eyes instead. “But third sister-in-law said that those were merely digital effects for enhancement.”

“Pfft!” Su Yue’s words shocked Ming Ansheng that he cracked up.

He really felt that this young lass had an uncanny resemblance to Third Yan.

Ignite your interest first before pouring a bucket of cold water on your head.

Su Yue frowned at him. “Why are you laughing?”

“Nothing.” Ming Ansheng shook his head and threw a serious glance at Su Yue. “Yueyue, let’s slow down, shall we?”

Su Yue looked at him with puffed cheeks. “Are you afraid?”

“I want to slow down.” Ming Ansheng gazed at her longingly his gaze was intense.

Under the soft light the night sky offered, her hair looked exceedingly enchanting. More so, her exquisite face was so pure and clean that it made him feel it was a crime just by touching her.

Her dewy huge eyes were sparkling, as though they were talking.

He suddenly sped up and his car moved off at rocket-speed.

“Ahhh!” Su Yue screamed in excitement.

After nearly a minute, Ming Ansheng began to slow down once more.

Su Yue glanced at him, looking disappointed. He smiled. “Yueyue, let’s continue at this speed alright?”