Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 982

Chapter 982 Bring Me To Get A Tattoo Now

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Even if the road had no end to it, he could still watch her quietly.

He had driven too quickly earlier on that Su Yue’s hair was all messed up. A few strands were sticking to her lips, and so Ming Ansheng stretched his hand slowly towards her. He gently tugged them off.

He had intentionally brushed his finger against her rosy lips.

His heart began to pound once more.

This beautiful girl looked like a flower fairy who had just walked out from a painting. Or perhaps a little elf who had just flown down from a magic mountain. It was of little wonder why so many people fell in love with her.

His gaze puzzled Su Yue. “Uncle Ming, why are you staring at me?”

She began to touch her face. “Is there something on my face?”

“Yueyue.” Ming Ansheng softly called her.

His tone was tender and gentle.

“Huh?” Su Yue couldn’t fathom the reason Ming Ansheng was staring at her so intently. But she could feel that her face felt warm for no reason at all.

She thought it might be her hair, so she tied her hair once more.

A strong breeze ruffled her hair and she looked refreshed.

‘Indeed, it must be the hair.’ She thought to herself.

“Do you have someone you like?” suddenly asked Ming Ansheng.

The words had barely escaped from his lips that he felt it was too abrupt. He was afraid that Su Yue might get suspicious. He was about to continue talking so he could conceal his real intention.

But Su Yue had already answered nodded as she said with a firm tone, “Yes…”

However, Ming Ansheng had cut through her sentence. “I mean, there are so many boys who like you. Do you like any of them?”

He knew that she would definitely say yes. And the person would be her third sister-in-law.

“I don’t like them.” Su Yue shook her head and there was a frown of disapproval. The next second, she smiled sweetly again. “I like Brother Qi Lei.”

Ming Ansheng’s heart instantly plummeted to the bottom.

He managed a feeble smile. “Oh… really?”

Does she really like the TCM boy?

“Yup,” Su Yue answered, and she seemed excited. “I love Brother’s Qi Lei chicken wings the most. I have never eaten such delicious ones anywhere before.”

And her thoughts wandered off to the delicious-looking chicken wings.

Ming Ansheng was speechless.

He suddenly felt as if he had just communicated with a wall.

“I’ll send you home,” Ming Ansheng said lightly and began to turn the steering wheel.

Su Yue frowned. “Can’t we just drive a little longer?”

“It’s late.” Ming Ansheng turned the car around and stopped. He then sternly stared at Su Yue.

“Or can you bring me to get a tattoo now?” Su Yue leaned forwards towards Ming Ansheng, and she tugged at his arm. She continued sweetly. “Uncle Ming, let’s go now. I want a tattoo now.”

Her soft voice tickled him like a feather that his whole body tightened as a result.

Her head was just inches away from his face and he had bent slightly. He could smell the scent in her hair.

He wanted to go nearer to her. He had an urge to kiss her eyebrows or maybe just her ears.

Under the dim light, both of them were really close to each other.

But the road to happiness was strewn with setbacks.

His phone rang and it had jolted Ming Ansheng awake.

It jarred him back to reality, and so he straightened his back. Conflicting emotions of relief and annoyance attacked him. In the midst of this, he felt confused.

He stretched his hand to get his phone. After glancing at the screen, he became stony-faced and rejected the call right away.