Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 983

Chapter 983 You Just Think That Im Troublesome

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He threw his phone back into his car storage compartment.

The call served as a timely reminder and warning. Ming Ansheng turned to look at Su Yue. He solemnly said, “No, it’s too late. Your third sister-in-law might think I’ve abducted you.”

He pressed the ignition button and turned the car back on to the route they came from.

Su Yue pouted, looking upset. “You’re so rich, my third sister-in-law knows that you won’t sell me. And furthermore, I’m not worth much. You just think I’m troublesome.”

It was the first time Ming Ansheng had witnessed her throwing a tantrum.

The expression in his eyes turned gentle. “Silly girl.”

He ignored Su Yue and insisted on sending her back to the Yan house.

Su Yue slammed the door after she alighted. She stormed into the courtyard without a word or a second look at Young Master Ming.

Ming Ansheng watched the tiny figure intently and chuckled.

Incredibly, the fact that she was throwing a tantrum and being unreasonable was interesting. It was strange.

After Su Yue entered the mansion, Ming Ansheng unwillingly averted his eyes away and drove off.

Ming Ansheng’s expression began to harden after he drove for quite some time.

He was harshly questioning himself.

‘Love? When your company is in trouble, can love save you?’

‘You want to call off the marriage? Over my dead body!’

‘Ming Ansheng, even if there weren’t so many obstacles, it’s impossible between you and that girl,’ Ming Ansheng sternly rebuked himself.

‘Both of you belong to different worlds, so bury your temporary desire or emotions.’

He warned himself repeatedly in his heart as he increased his speed. The depths of the darkness finally swallowed his car.

The living room was empty and the huge chandelier hanging overhead was not turned on. Only the surrounding dim lights were on.

The lights illuminated the sides of the living room.

She went up the stairs.

Xuxu came out of the bathroom and heard footsteps. She caught a glimpse of Su Yue as she walked out.

“Yueyue. You’re home?”

“Mmm,” Su Yue answered lightly. “Third sister-in-law, I’m going back to sleep.”

She opened her door and shut it quietly after her.

Even though she didn’t slam the door, Xuxu could tell that she was feeling upset.

Feeling concerned, she went to knock on her door.

Su Yue opened the door and pouted at Wen Xuxu.

Xuxu frowned. “What’s wrong? Why are you unhappy?”

Su Yue replied, “I asked him to go for another spin but that old man didn’t want to. I shall ask Third Brother to drive his sports car and take me for a spin.”

‘That old man?’

It confused Xuxu for a moment before realizing that she was referring to Ming Ansheng. She chortled loudly.

Just because he didn’t take her for another ride, Young Master Ming transformed from an uncle into an old man in the little girl’s eyes?

What would Young Master Ming think if he knew about it?

She chuckled as she nodded. “All right. Get your third brother to bring you for a spin the next time.”

Su Yue finally smiled. “Good night, third sister-in-law.”

She tip-toed and gave Xuxu a swift peck on her cheek.

Xuxu nodded and smiled happily. “Good night.”

Su Yue showered and changed into the pajamas that Xuxu had bought for her. It was pink and it had a picture of Hello Kitty.

She had recently developed a habit of using her phone before sleeping.

She clicked her WeChat to browse. Actually, she didn’t have many contacts as she didn’t approve all the friend requests she received.

And her friends were those who don’t use WeChat often.