Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 984

Chapter 984 Break Off All Ties With Third Yan

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She browsed through the updates, and Zhou Shuang was the only one updating and spamming today. And every update contained only one word: Scram!

‘Lu Yinan, scram!’

Su Yue replied to Zhou Shuang’s latest update to join in the fun.

After a short while, Zhou Shuang replied to her. ‘Little pretentious one, why aren’t you sleeping?’

Su Yue replied with a cheeky emoticon and decided not to reply anymore.

She glanced at the time—indeed it was getting late. She was about to switch off her phone.

Suddenly, she saw how Zhou Shuang was venting her anger through her updates. Then she… could she vent her anger and frustration towards Ming Ansheng—that old uncle too?

She clicked the update function once more, but it always required her to upload a photo. It had her rather perplexed.

But Zhou Shuang only typed words for her updates.

She wasn’t too familiar with such technological stuff.

It was too late and she didn’t feel like exploring the functions of the app. So she took a photo of herself, only sparing a little thought about it, and finally, she could update.

‘I shall never go out with a stingy old fellow ever again who only wants to save his car’s fuel.’ She then added an emoticon to express her disdain and added Ming Ansheng’s nickname.

After she locked the screen, she threw her phone on her bedside drawer. She turned off the lights and closed her eyes.

Young Master Ming just reached home, and he was too tired to move. He went to his study and slumped against his chair and began to scroll browse the news.

A WeChat message arrived and he clicked it. He read Su Yue’s update and his good-looking face fell as the corners of his mouth twitched.

‘Petty old fellow?’

‘Trying to save his car’s fuel?’

This was an unreasonable slander. It was plain slander all right!

This girl was trying to smear his reputation.

But his attention drifted to Su Yue’s photo. She had just taken a shower and she was wearing a pink headband. Her rosy plump cheeks seemed extra soft and clear.

But her expression evidently displayed her unhappiness.

Ming Ansheng’s mind wandered to the scene whereby Su Yue had stormed off earlier. He suddenly regretted his decision. Why didn’t he spend more time with her and go for a longer ride?

He was worried that she might drift off to sleep feeling unhappy. This, in turn, will affect the quality of her sleep.

‘Oh, dear. Ming Ansheng, control yourself!’

Ming Ansheng prodded his head to stop his thoughts from running wild.

He didn’t have the mood to continue working, so he stood up and retired for the night.


Ming Ansheng had just opened the door and saw Ming Zhongsheng outside the study.

His grandfather was wearing pajamas and his hands were behind his back. He looked as if he was pacing back and forth outside the study for some time.

He peered at Ming Ansheng. “Did you go out for a social engagement tonight?”

Ming Ansheng bowed his head slightly and a crease appeared on his forehead. He casually replied, “I was with a few friends.”

“With Third Yan?”

Ming Zhongsheng’s tone turned distinctly cold at the mention of Yan Rusheng’s name.

He pressed on without waiting for Ming Ansheng to reply. “Don’t forget that your cousin, Xinyi is in prison because of him. She is suffering inside and almost lost her life. Your aunt was the one who took care of you when you were young. Do you still remember?”

Ming Ansheng turned solemn and stiff too. “Grandfather, does that mean that you want me to break off all ties with Third Yan?”

“Hmph!” Ming Zhongsheng snorted coldly and his attitude remained unyielding. “I don’t think there is a need for you to contact him.”

When he thought of how merciless and cold Yan Rusheng and Xuxu were towards Xinyi, Ming Zhongsheng was filled with hatred and rage.