Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 985

Chapter 985 Settle Your Marriage

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Ming Zhongsheng had always wanted to prevent Ming Ansheng from contacting Third Yan.

But Ming Ansheng simply refused to.

Hence, Grandfather Ming had a row with Ming Ansheng pretty often. It always ended on an unhappy note.

Ming Ansheng felt a little troubled and didn’t want to argue with his grandfather at that time of the night. He suppressed his burgeoning rage and spoke calmly. “It’s late and everyone is asleep. Grandfather, rest early.”

He was about to head towards his bedroom.

Ming Zhongsheng suddenly threw hi, a question. “Your marriage with Feiling should be settled soon, am I right?”

He seemed to ask him, but there was no room for objection.

Ming Ansheng clenched his fists and wanted to muster his courage to protest. He wanted to say that he was planning to annul the engagement and that he didn’t want to marry Tang Feiling. He was in love with someone else.

But… such words could only remain unsaid.

He retorted, “I’ve already said that I won’t get married before I turn 30.”

“Today, I heard that Lu Yinan is expecting a baby with a diplomat’s daughter without getting married. And she is carrying triplets. Third Yan is becoming a father soon. Old Jiang told me that Ah Heng will get married next year, too. Even though his prospective wife isn’t from a reputable background, it’s ideal he settles down soon.”

Ming Zhongsheng sounded envious and indignant. He sneered coldly. “I’m the one getting anxious.”

Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu are married and are expecting twins. They were leading a happy life at most. If anything, his grandson hadn’t even gotten himself a wife.

He had initially consoled himself as Lu Yinan was still single, too. But he was suddenly expecting three babies.

How could he still be patient?

Ming Ansheng smirked. “There is still my older brother.”

He ended the conversation and swept past his grandfather in haste.

“You…” Ming Zhongsheng angrily pointed at Ming Ansheng’s back, and his blood pressure shot up.

Ming Ansheng fled into his room and quickly swung the door shut after him.

There was a ball of fire inside of him and it was raging. He stood in the cold shower for half an hour.

He put on his bathrobe and walked out with his hair dripping wet. He sat down on his bed and grabbed his phone.

He couldn’t help but admire Su Yue’s photo once more.

His heart instantly turned warm once again!

He finally understood the power of love—love can conquer anything indeed.

If only he could see the little one in the photo every day… after he comes home from work after a long tiring day.

He reckoned that he would be like Yan Rusheng who couldn’t wait to rush home every evening.

But when it comes to love, a lot of considerations and factors—including the timing and person—should be taken into consideration. Not everyone could meet the right one at the right time, and most importantly, have them in his grasp.

You could discover love, but it’s not to be sought after.

Ming Ansheng saved Su Yue’s photo, and he added it to a locked secret album. He looked at the photo and whispered, “Good night.”

He turned off his lights and closed his eyes. And a forbidden image of Su Yue lying next to him crept into his mind.

He knew his desire had consumed him, but he had no way of stopping himself.

Yan Rusheng had drunk too much yesterday. No matter how many times his phone rang, he simply didn’t feel like opening his eyes.

He stretched his hand to feel the space beside him—it was empty.

His eyelids fluttered as he struggled to open his eyes. The room was empty.

“Xuxu?” Yan Rusheng called out, but there was no response. He turned on the light.

He glanced at the clock and it was barely six in the morning.

He knew that it must have been 6 a.m.

His head was splitting and he jabbed his head with his fists. He glanced around, searching for his phone.