Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 986

Chapter 986 His Prognosis Is Not Good

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He guessed that Xuxu must have placed his phone on the bedside cabinet.

Suddenly, his phone rang again and as expected, the ringing sound came from the drawer of his bedside cabinet.

There must be something urgent for his phone to ring unceasingly early in the morning.

Yan Rusheng swiftly extended his hand to take out his phone from the drawer. He looked at the caller ID.

Upon seeing that it was Bai Jing’s number, his heart sank. He immediately took the call. “Hello, Bai Jing.”

“My father—my father fainted suddenly and is also running a fever.”

Bai Jing was sobbing on the other line.

Yan Rusheng leaped to his feet and walked to the wardrobe in a few huge steps. He was comforting Bai Jing as he retrieved his clothes. “Don’t be overly anxious. I’m coming over soon. Have you called for the doctor?”

After hearing Yan Rusheng’s voice, Bai Jing calmed down a little. “He’s wheeled into the emergency room.”

“Hang up first. I’ll reach in a while.” Yan Rusheng hung up and quickly got changed before going to the bathroom to wash up. In less than a minute, he was already done.

He then left the room.

He took a peek at Xuxu’s room door and guessed that she must have gone back to her room to sleep last night since he was drunk.

Even if she didn’t want to go back to her room, Mu Li would also not allow them to sleep in the same room since he was totally hammered.

Yan Rusheng was lost in his thoughts as he descended the stairs.

The servants were already done tidying the living room and as usual, Aunt Zhang was already awake.

Seeing Yan Rusheng descending the stairs so quickly, she walked up to him. “Third Young Master, why are you in a hurry to leave the house? Did something happen?”

“Mm, I’ve something to attend to.” Yan Rusheng nodded in response and walked past Aunt Zhang.

In their house, only the elderly butler and Aunt Zhang had the privilege to talk to him. As for the rest of the servants, some of them didn’t even have the chance to speak to him.

Out of convenience, he had changed into a T-shirt and track pants earlier—an unusually casual sight.

Outside the hospital emergency room, the scrawny girl was nervously pacing up and down.

Yan Rusheng walked over with hurried steps. “Bai Jing.”

“Third Young Master.” Bai Jing looked at Yan Rusheng and her dull and anxious looking eyes instantly brightened up as if she had seen a glimmer of hope in him.

Although she addressed Xuxu as Third sister-in-law just like how Su Yue did, she didn’t dare to address him as Third Brother.

Yan Rusheng walked up to her as Bai Jing wiped away her tears without care.

Yan Rusheng patted her shoulders and consoled her, “Stop crying. Tell me about the situation now.”

“I—I don’t know.” At the mention of Bai Lisong, Bai Jing got worried and anxious that she sobbed again. Her voice choked as she answered, “He suddenly held his stomach, turned pale and fainted.”

She then pointed to the emergency room and cried uncontrollably. “Until now, he’s not out.”

Yan Rusheng looked at the tears gushing down Bai Jing’s cheeks.

His heart ached as he looked at her. He reached into his pockets, but he had no tissue paper or handkerchief.

There was nothing he could do except to extend his hand and pat her back. He comforted her. “Stop crying and let’s wait to hear from the doctor first.”

“Mm.” Bai Jing nodded as she wiped away her tears. Although she found it hard to not cry, as she lifted her head and looked at Yan Rusheng, she bit her lips and swallowed back her tears.

The two of them waited for quite a while outside the emergency room before the doctor emerged.

Yan Rusheng rushed up. “What’s the situation now?”

“Not good.” The doctor removed his mask and shook his head. “We have gone through the patient’s records and had an internal meeting to discuss his course of treatments, but…”