Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 987

Chapter 987 Trusting Him Wholeheartedly

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The doctor didn’t continue speaking. He turned to look at Bai Jing sombrely before turning back. “At most a month.”

His voice was calm. This was something they go through year after year, so matters regarding life and death had already numbed their senses and emotions.

After hearing the doctor’s words, Bai Jing was dumbstruck. She finally reacted after a long while and averted her gaze from the doctor to look towards Yan Rusheng.

She was still in a daze as she looked at him. “What… did the… doctor say?”

“Bai Jing, you must stay strong.” Yan Rusheng turned around and looked intently at Bai Jing. “Only then will your father be able to leave in peace.”

The truth was always cruel, but this was something she had to face, wasn’t it?

Since it was a matter of time, she had to deal with it—how she manages it doesn’t matter.

Other than feeling a little inferior of herself, the impression that Bai Jing gave him was that of a tough and unyielding girl.

At least, she had the willpower and determination.

Even when her rich mother enticed her with material provisions, she didn’t lose her innocence and kindheartedness.

“I thought my dad… merely lost a leg?” Bai Jing’s face looked pale. She gripped Yan Rusheng’s arm that her nails almost dug into his flesh as she spoke. Her voice choked with emotions as she said, “Why did the doctor say such things?”

There was fear in her eyes.

Yan Rusheng answered, “Your father has a terminal stage stomach cancer. He had known it even before he lost his leg.”

Bai Jing widened her eyes with a jolt when she heard what he had to say. She briefly froze before screaming, “No, you’re lying!”

She then shoved him away and wanted to enter the emergency room.

Yan Rusheng immediately restrained her. “Bai Jing, your father wants you to study hard. So don’t let him down.”

Bai Jing shook his head. “No, it’s not possible! I want to study hard and earn money to bring him for a tour, to buy him wine…”

She was hysterical. Whenever Yan Rusheng encountered such situations, he would either walk away or go forward to give a hug.

But the latter was only meant for Xuxu.

Thus, he felt helpless when he saw Bai Jing in such a state.

Bai Jing suddenly squatted down, hugged her knees, and she buried her head and wailed badly.

Her tears flowed uncontrollably down her face.

Yan Rusheng also squatted down and patted Bai Jing lightly on her back as he gave her words of encouragement. “If your dad comes out and sees you in this state, he will be sad and worried for you.”

“Why did my dad contract such an illness?” Bai Jing couldn’t accept that her dad had terminal stage cancer, and so she silently sobbed. “He’s a good man who went through many hardships to raise me up. I must be a burden to him, so it must be me.”

“If it wasn’t because of my school fees and medical expenses, he wouldn’t be so tired and wouldn’t have fallen ill.”

Witnessing such a sight, Yan Rusheng’s compassion took over. “Bai Jing, you’re a sensible child. What you need to do now is to be with your dad cheerfully and work hard in school.”

He and Xuxu shared many similarities.

Both felt that in moments of sadness, words of encouragement worked better than words of consolation.

After crying for quite a while, Bai Jing gradually accepted the fact. She slowly lifted her head and looked at Yan Rusheng. As usual, her gaze was filled with trust.

No… it seemed that she trusted him much more than before—trusting him wholeheartedly.

“I will study hard.” There was determination in her voice.

After that, she wiped away her tears without care.

Yan Rusheng smiled as he looked at Bai Jing approvingly.