Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 990

Chapter 990 Little Lass My Offer Will Terminate Upon Expiration

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Su Yue heard Xuxu and grabbed her phone. She clicked on WeChat.

She could hear Xuxu chuckling behind her. “This woman Zhou Shuang already responded.”

“It’s so ugly!” The photo Xuxu had taken upset Su Yue. She replied to Xuxu’s update, ‘I didn’t score any eggs. I think I scored at least 300 points!’

The moment she replied, messages came flooding in.

Yan Rusheng was the first one. ‘This little girl Su Yue is awesome!’

He had set a special instant notification regarding Xuxu’s update. It would notify him the instant she posted an update.

Zhou Shuang, who had nothing to do recently, was the second to reply. ‘Classmate Su is formidable!’

The third in line was Lu Yinan. ‘Classmate Su scored 300 points! That’s brilliant.’

Zhou Shuang and Lu Yinan’s replies were only three seconds apart from each other.

A mischievous smile appeared on Su Yue’s face as she typed away. ‘Hooligan sister and Sissy Lu truly think alike after having babies together.’

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

Her response had garnered various reactions!


Young Master Ming was in the midst of a meeting. Feeling bored, he scrolled through his phone when he noticed the updates on WeChat.

He burst into laughter when he saw Su Yue’s reply.


The rest of the people in the room was surprised to see him laughing.

It was the first time they had witnessed their big boss laughing so happily.

Everyone was interested regarding what had made Ming Ansheng crack up.

Ming Ansheng lifted his head and peered at them. He turned solemn once more. “Nothing much. Continue.”

The atmosphere turned cold and solemn once more.

Ming Ansheng received a shock when he saw the date.

Work had swamped him in the past two days that it had slipped his mind that the lass was applying for university.

She must have finished her application, and he wondered quietly about her choice.

The moment he started thinking about her, he couldn’t stop.

‘Little lass, didn’t you say you want a tattoo? Still want to go?’

Su Yue was bored and was browsing through her messages. Suddenly, she received a text from Ming Ansheng.

She saw the word ‘tattoo’ and hastily turned away from Xuxu.

She then typed, ‘Don’t talk to me.’

Ming Ansheng chuckled as he replied, ‘Still mad at me?’

Su Yue glanced at the text and deleted the entire conversation. He decided not to reply to his text anymore.

Ming Ansheng didn’t receive her reply, and he couldn’t help feel bothered and restless. He kept staring at his phone, completely ignoring the meeting.

“President, I will send the detailed event plan to Secretary Zhang for your perusal.”

“Mmm,” Ming Ansheng nonchalantly grunted as a crease appeared in between his eyebrows. He seemed to be deep in thoughts, and it made everyone wonder what was on his mind.

Everyone had finished reporting their respective progress and they had completed their meeting agenda.

But the big boss didn’t dismiss them so no one dared to leave.

Ming Ansheng frowned and sent Su Yue a text again. ‘Little lass, are you sure you don’t want to go? I will terminate my offer upon expiration!’

Su Yue immediately replied, ‘I am someone who has integrity.’

Ming Ansheng was speechless.

If he continued to coax her, would she think he doesn’t have integrity?

With that, he stopped texting her and locked his phone.