Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 991

Chapter 991 I Will Never Forgive You

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Everyone stared at him without a word. He had knitted his eyebrows together, and he then raised his voice. “Aren’t you all going back to work? Is everyone very f ree?”

No one dared to dawdle and promptly replied, “We will leave right away, President.”

The meeting ended.

Ming Ansheng suddenly felt exhausted and he pulled his drawer. He took out a packet of cigarettes which he hadn’t touched in ages. He lit up a cigarette and smoked.

He took a deep puff and blew out wisps of white smoke from his mouth. The smoke shrouded his handsome face, and it made him seem gloomier.

His eyes darted to his phone once more—the expression in his bright eyes began to darken.

‘Ming Ansheng, this is the difference between both of you. There is a generation gap ,’ he lectured himself.

She could be obstinate and carefree but he couldn’t.

The pain in Bai Lisong’s leg was subsiding as the days went past. However, his health deteriorated.

The doctor said that with his condition, doing chemotherapy wouldn’t work. It would only make him suffer more. To put it plainly, he was simply waiting for death.

During the two weeks, he had lost so much weight that he only had skin and bones left. Bai Jing would silently sob every time he fell asleep.

It was a gloomy day and there was a light drizzle.

Bai Jing bought a bowl of plain porridge from the hospital’s canteen for her father.

Porridge was the only food that Bai Lisong could eat since a part of his stomach was already removed.

When she left, her father was still asleep and a cleaner was cleaning the ward.

The door was ajar as Bai Jing walked towards the ward. She saw doctors and nurses, and she froze. Something bad must have happened.

“Xiaojing.” A middle-aged woman, who was dressed elegantly, called her from the crowd.

She walked towards Bai Jing as she wiped her tears.

Bai Jing finally snapped out of her reverie, and she had dropped the porridge on the floor. Her eyes were huge with fear and shock. “Daddy.”

She screamed and bolted for the ward. She pushed the doctors and nurses beside the bed.

She stared at her father, who was still lying peacefully on the bed with a frown.

He didn’t seem to be any different as when she had left him earlier on. Bai Jing rubbed her eyes and straightened her back. She turned around and told the doctors and nurses, “Go away, please. My father is asleep. You’ll wake him up.”

She began to shove them.

“Xiaojing, your father is freed from his suffering.” Bai Lisong’s doctor held Bai Jing and patted her back gently.

He knew that Bai Jing could never accept the truth at the moment.

All the hospital staff was very concerned and worried about the young girl.

“No, it can’t be.” Bai Jing howled loudly and pushed the doctor away. “My dad is just asleep. He was like this when I left just now. He is just sleeping!”

She ran out of the ward and dashed to the spot where the container of porridge was. She picked it up and turned around.

“Xiaojing!” The middle-aged woman blocked her path and hugged her. After seeing how devastated and bereaved Bai Jing was, her tears began to fall.

“Go away! You don’t want my father and me, so I don’t want you here!” Bai Jing turned hysterical and began to shove Zhang Lihong away. She bellowed and screamed, “I will never forgive you! I only want my father!”

Bai Jing may seem fragile and petite, but in her hysterical state, it was hard to control her.