Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 992

Chapter 992 She Could Cry For As Long As She Needed

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Bai Jing pushed Zhang Lihong and she fell.

“Bai Jing!”

A deep voice sounded from the door, and Bai Jing froze. The voice seemed to have the power to rouse her from her hysteria. She broke down once more.


The container of porridge fell to the floor once more, and she collapsed.

The towering figure had scrambled towards her. He bent to lift her up by grabbing her arm.

Bai Jing wailed loudly, like a child who had lost her way home. Her hands clenched Yan Rusheng’s shirt tightly.

A girl had just lost her only family, and her howls were heartbreaking to everyone present in the ward.

Yan Rusheng put his arm around Bai Jing to console her.

He knew that it was crueler to stop her from crying.

She could cry for as long as she needed to.

When his grandmother passed away, Xuxu had cried for days. She took a month to recover from her grief and until that very moment, she hadn’t completely gotten over it.

To Bai Jing, it was like her world had collapsed.

Bai Jing buried her head in Yan Rusheng’s chest and sobbed. Someone came to change Bai Lisong’s clothes. Yan Rusheng patted her gently as he whispered, “Let them change your father’s clothes.”

Bai Jing’s tears continuously rolled down, and she quietly nodded.

Yan Rusheng helped to settle Bai Lisong’s funeral. After all, he had saved his life.

Bai Jing had no family or relatives in the capital city, and so no one came.

Only Zhang Lihong stayed with Bai Jing. Her face seemed pale and haggard after several days.

After Bai Lisong’s funeral ended, they left the cemetery.

Several black cars were parked outside the entrance of the cemetery. They belong to Yan Rusheng’s friends, Lu Yinan and Ming Ansheng.

Su Yue held on to Bai Jing’s hand as they walked behind Yan Rusheng.

Xuxu couldn’t come as Mu Li and Yan Weihong forbade her to. Hence, she couldn’t give her last respects to Bai Lisong.

“Xiaojing.” Zhang Lihong called Bai Jing as they left the cemetery.

Bai Jing halted her footsteps and turned to look at her with a face laden with grief.

Zhang Lihong held Bai Jing’s hand and pleaded with her. “Come home with mommy all right? Give me a chance, will you?”

She sounded sincere and earnest.

Bai Jing bowed her head and kept quiet. She furrowed her eyebrows as though she was hesitating.

Yan Rusheng stood beside his car and turned around to watch them. His hands were deep in his pockets as he waited.

“Xiaojing, your father is gone. No one else can take care of you anymore. Come with me all right?”

Zhang Lihong rubbed her glistening eyes as she spoke.

Bai Jing’s mouth moved soundlessly. She turned towards Yan Rusheng and glanced at him.

Yan Rusheng remained quiet.

“Bai Jing…” Su Yue stood beside her and tugged at her clothes.

Bai Jing remained quiet and she walked to Yan Rusheng. She stopped before him and seemed to have something to say to him.

Yan Rusheng spoke up first. “You are going to university soon. Make your own decision.”

He had promised that he would take care of her expenses from now on.