Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 993

Chapter 993 Get Hurt Easily

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No matter what Bai Jing’s decision was, Yan Rusheng and Xuxu will support her.

Xuxu guessed that Zhang Lihong would bring Bai Jing home after the funeral, and so she reminded Yan Rusheng to keep an eye on her.

However, Yan Rusheng felt they shouldn’t be interfering with her decision. She was still so young and she had a long way to go.

“Thank you for taking care of me and for the help you have given me during this period,” thanked Bai Jing with a grateful heart. She offered him a deep bow.

Without him, she wouldn’t know what to do regarding her father’s funeral.

Yan Rusheng smiled. “This is what I should do since your father saved my life.”

Bai Jing raised her head and pressed her lips. She managed a feeble smile in response. It was a warm and bright day, and she looked slightly more alive as compared to the past few days.

Bai Jing seemed to enter a trance as she gazed at Yan Rusheng’s good-looking face. She quickly snapped out of it and mumbled, “I promised my father I would go with her.”

She clenched her fists as she said those words.

Yan Rusheng nodded. “All right. If you need help, you can call me or Xuxu in the future.”

Bai Jing smiled and turned around towards Zhang Lihong. “Let’s go.”

It momentarily startled Zhang Lihong. She quickly wiped her tears after she realized what was going on. “Come to mommy.”

She extended her hand towards Bai Jing; however, the girl instinctively avoided her.

Zhang Lihong looked disappointed, but she was still glad.

“Su Yue, goodbye.” Bai Jing glanced at Su Yue and waved.

The corners of Su Yue’s mouth sank as she stared at her. “You can call me if you’re unhappy.”

Bai Jing nodded and followed Zhang Lihong to her car.

The black Mercedes drove off while Su Yue reluctantly watched.

Yan Rusheng strode to Su Yue’s side and watched her expression. He affectionately smiled at her. “Aren’t you going to the same university as her? You’ll see her soon.”

He looked at Su Yue and the gaze in his eyes turned deep.

Xuxu was right about Su Yue. Once the girl developed a liking or friendship for someone, she would pour out her heart and soul.

She was too emotional and pure, making her hurt easily.

Actually, she still didn’t know how to love someone, nor did she know how to forge a friendship.

Bai Jing’s car vanished out of sight and Su Yue finally moved. She shuffled and turned her head towards Yan Rusheng, looking worried. “Third Brother, do you think Bai Jing will be happy?”

“Everyone has their happy and sad moments. They have to learn how to face and adapt to it,” said Yan Rusheng.

“Third Brother, do you have any troubles that you deal with?” asked Su Yue with a frown.

“Certainly.” Yan Rusheng nodded.

Su Yue craned her neck to take a proper look at him. “What are you troubled with?”

“You won’t understand,” Yan Rusheng curtly answered and held her hand. He led the way to his car and said, “Let’s go.”

How would she understand his troubles even if he confided in her?

“Why does my brother travel so often?” Su Yue asked out of the blue.

She pressed on, “Is he dating the haughty clown?”

It dumbfounded Yan Rusheng.

He realized that the girl loved to use the nicknames that Zhou Shuang had used before.

Sissy Lu was one of them, and now this nickname had stuck.

Haughty clown . Will she continue to use it?

He chortled as he tapped Su Yue’s head. “Let’s go home now. Don’t bother with unnecessary stuff.”