Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 994

Chapter 994 I Can't Do It I'm Going To Die

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Su Yue tilted her head to glare at him. “My third sister-in-law said that I can date once I enter university.”

Yan Rusheng heard her and chuckled. “You want to date someone? Do you have someone you like?”

“Third Brother, you are such a busybody.” Su Yue rolled her eyes at Yan Rusheng. She then hastened her footsteps.

She stretched her hand to open the car door when her eyes flitted past the car behind them.

A man was sitting in the driver’s seat, and the black shirt he was wearing made him appear more somber.

Su Yue stared at him and pouted. She opened the door and got in.

Ming Ansheng helplessly shook his head. This girl was too petty. She had been mad at him for days just because he didn’t bring her on a spin.

Yan Rusheng could tell that Su Yue was angry with Ming Ansheng and it had him perplexed. He bent and peered his head through the car window. “How did you offend her?” asked Yan Rusheng with a grin.

Ming Ansheng looked helpless and rather resigned. “Just because I wanted to save fuel.”

Yan Rusheng loudly chuckled after.

‘My third sister-in-law said that I can date once I enter university.”

Ming Ansheng watched as the champagne-colored Bentley drove off. He lit a cigarette and took a few puffs.

He took a few puffs rather hurriedly that it seared his throat. He began coughing.

He threw the cigarette out of the window and gulped down some water. His throat began to feel better.

Once he raised his head, the champagne-colored Bentley was merely a tiny dot in the distance.

He suddenly began to mock himself quietly.

‘Ming Ansheng, everyone says that you’re intelligent, calm and disciplined. But… didn’t you fall into a trap nevertheless?’ Ming Ansheng lectured himself in his heart.

‘There would be many outstanding and similar people like her at the university. And the distance between you and her would only grow.’

He just needed to curb his desire and longing for a while more. Perhaps time will make everything right again.

He started his car and stepped on the accelerator. He swiftly sped away, and the breeze had blown away the smoke.

“Oh my god, I can’t do it. I’m going to die!”

Zhou Shuang was pregnant for only two months, and she had been puking out whatever she ate. She was very dramatic and Xuxu could only feel negativity radiating from her.

She would complain that she would die, or yell that she wasn’t going to give birth.

Other than grumbling, all she did was to complain.

Xuxu went to visit Zhou Shuang. She brought some lotus seed soup for her.

Zhou Shuang had barely finished the soup when she felt nauseous. After coming out from her bathroom, she grumbled once more.

Xuxu chided, “After you’ve given birth to your babies, you can go and die.”

Zhou Shuang frowned. “Then who will provide them with milk to drink if I die?”

She bent and sat down beside Xuxu. She pulled a piece of tissue and dabbed it at her face.

Xuxu glanced askew at Zhou Shuang’s chest and sneered. “Do you think you’ll have enough milk for three of them?”

Zhou Shuang retorted indignantly as she stared at her chest. “Do you think yours is enough?”

She stretched her hand towards Xuxu’s chest.

Xuxu dodged and she became solemn. “Just tell me what happened between you and Lu Yinan. When your mother came back, did she meet his family?”

“Why should we?” breathed Zhou Shuang. She nonchalantly added, “It’s not as if my family can’t afford to raise these three imps. My father was really happy. He even said that they can all adopt my surname.”

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

It was really possible that Zhou Shuang’s father would make such remarks.