Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 995

Chapter 995 Youre Defending Lu Yinan

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Zhou Shuang was her parents only daughter, and their family was well-to-do. They could even bring up 30 children, and not to mention the triplets Zhou Shuang was already carrying.

Why do they have to give up their daughter and grandchildren to a man who doesnt love or care for their daughter?

Sigh.But a family wouldnt be complete without a father.

This matter aside, would the Lu family agree to Zhou Shuang bringing up the triplets on her own?

Because she was loyal to Zhou Shuang, she agreed that she shouldnt give up her children to Lu Yinan.

But realistically speaking, the Lu familywith their wealth and status alonewould have various ways to take the children away from Zhou Shuang after she had given birth.

When the time comes, they would separate the children from each other.

Xuxu began to fear for the future as she watched Zhou Shuang intently. "Shuang, maybe you can try to see if you can get along with Lu Yinan. To see if you could develop a relationship?"

Actually, that group of playboys may seem playful and frivolous on the surface, but they werent entirely bad.

If they could get together in the end, wouldnt it be perfect?

Zhou Shuang widened her eyes in shock after digesting Xuxus advice. "Dont you dare harm me. I swear to you that within three months, my fetuses will definitely be affected."

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

Deep down, she knew that Zhou Shuang wasnt exaggerating. They bicker whenever they meet, and they seemed to dislike each other.

Especially that Lu Yinan who was even more spoiled and pampered than Yan Rusheng. If he really wanted the children, he needed to change his attitude and be more gracious.

She couldnt help but show her contempt for Lu Yinan. "But thats true. Lu Yinan really cant compare to Yan Rusheng."

She stole a glance at Zhou Shuang as an evil gleam shot across her eyes.

Zhou Shuang dismissed her with a wave. "Yan Rusheng isnt a good guy either. All of them are rotten trash."

Xuxu answered, "Now that Im pregnant, he would always give in to me. Whenever I have cravings in the middle of the night, he would always buy it for me."

"Oh cmon." Zhou Shuang snorted and rolled her eyes. "Stop boasting about that pretentious one. He loves you, but remember that you didnt like each other before and that you bickered day and night? If I didnt help you to beat him up, we wouldnt have disliked each other."

She held a glass of orange juice and drank.

Xuxu finally revealed her true intentions and grinned. "Why does it sound to me that youre defending Lu Yinan?"

"When did I!?" cried Zhou Shuang. Her eyes were huge as she protested. "You must be joking. My brain must be malfunctioning if I ever defended that wimp and sissy. He is only suitable to be a sissy alright!"

After her vehement denials, she bit her straw and began to gulp down the juice.

Every gulp she took made her throat move.

"I really dont understand whats on your mind." Xuxu sighed. "If you are sure you dont want to be with Lu Yinan, then just go back to Country M. Youre pregnant now and all alone. Do you think your lifestyle is suitable for a pregnant woman? Your family can take care of you back in Country M."

She was staying alone and she refused to hire a nanny. Everyday she would eat takeaways. Such a lifestyle would fine if she wasnt pregnant.

But now that she was, it wont work in the long term.

"Im going back," replied Zhou Shuang. "My parents are coming back next week. Im going back with them."

She finished her orange juice and slumped back on her seat once more.