Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 996

Chapter 996 I Just Don't Really Like Children

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Zhou Shuang sounded and seemed so nonchalant and carefree.

It startled Xuxu. “Are you sure you’re leaving?”

She was merely throwing out suggestions and it surprised her that Zhou Shuang had already decided to head back to Country M.

Zhou Shuang retorted airily, “Just like what you’ve said, I would lead a more normal life when I go back. At least that Sissy Lu won’t anger or annoy me every other day.”

Xuxu hesitantly bit her lips—she shared the same sentiments as Zhou Shuang. Both of them should spend some time to cool down. But she wasn’t reluctant to part with Zhou Shuang. “Let me know before you leave.”

In the capital city, Xuxu doesn’t have many friends. Her only close confidante was Zhou Shuang.

Who should she look for in the future when she needed someone to talk to?

Zhou Shuang added, “Once you’ve given birth, I will come back to visit you.”

Xuxu grinned. “Forget it. By the time I give birth, your belly should be gigantic. It would be torture for you during the long flight.”

She was the perfect example of an idealist who didn’t carefully think over things enough.

Zhou Shuang frowned. “Children are so troublesome! I really can’t understand why people want children!”

She began to carelessly rub her belly.

But of course… she was being very gentle.

Xuxu rolled her eyes and rebuked, “If your parents share the same thought like you, you wouldn’t be here right now.”

Zhou Shuang pursed her lips. “Anyway, I just don’t really like them.”

Xuxu quipped, “But you were patient towards the children at the orphanage.”

“If I see them occasionally, it’s fine. How can it be compared to hearing a child’s cries every day?”

That… was indeed true. Xuxu smiled at the mention of the orphanage. Her mind wandered to a little chubby face that belonged to Little Huanhuan. “Come to think of it. It has been a long time since I last visited the orphanage. I wonder how Huanhuan is doing?”

“Shall we go now?” Zhou Shuang sat upright and her eyes sparkled with eagerness. She was very excited and delighted by her own suggestion.

Her morning sickness was terrible these few days that she couldn’t head out. She felt like she was rotting away at home.

“You really act on your whim.” Xuxu hesitated and to her surprise, Shuang had piqued her interest. “Let’s go now. I haven’t visited Huanhuan for such a long time. Do you think she has forgotten me?”

“Pretentious fellow!” Zhou Shuang poked Xuxu’s head and leaped to her feet. She hastily ran to her room. “I’ll get changed.”

Her carelessness had horrified Xuxu. “Can you slow down!?”

She doesn’t even seem to remember that she was pregnant.

Xuxu’s belly was really huge, and Mu Li had insisted that she bring along the chauffeur wherever she went.

The chauffeur was waiting at the roadside for her.

The sun was blazing and the temperature had reached 35 degrees before noon.

They got in the car.

Xuxu whipped out her phone and sent Yan Rusheng a text. ‘I’m going to the orphanage now with Zhou Shuang. You know what to do.’

She cast Zhou Shuang a long calculating look before stowing her phone away.

Yan Rusheng had just stood up to take a break when he received a text from Xuxu. He grinned brightly.

He replied Xuxu with an ‘okay’ and promptly searched for Lu Yinan’s number. He typed, ‘Your children’s mother and my woman are heading to the orphanage now.’

Lu Yinan called him almost instantly after he sent the text.