Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 997

Chapter 997 Don't You Scold My Wife Along With Her

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Yan Rusheng deliberately waited for some time before picking up Lu Yinan’s call. He immediately teased, “Seems like your medical skills are really bad. Isn’t this the busiest time at the hospital? Yet you’re clutching your phone in your hands all day long.”

If not, then why would Lu Yinan be able to call him immediately after receiving the text.

Lu Yinan disregarded Yan Runan’s snide remarks and shot him a question. “It’s so hot outside, are they both brainless? Why did they head out instead of staying at home?”

“You are the one who is brainless. Go ahead and scold your Hooligan Zhou, but don’t you scold my wife along with her!” Young Master Yan displayed how he valued his wife more than his friends.

Lu Yinan was speechless for a moment and asked, “So why did you inform me they are going to the orphanage?”

“Then pretend that you didn’t read my text,” Yan Rusheng curtly answered and promptly hung up.

He threw his phone carelessly on the desk.

Lu Yinan called once more, but he ignored his call this time around.

Just as Xuxu had expected, the children all stared at them quietly as though they were strangers. She hadn’t visited them in more than half a year, and now she had appeared with a protruding belly. She looked vastly different in their eyes.

Sister Xuxu was slim and slender and she had long hair. Now she had totally changed, all of them couldn’t recognize her at first glance.

Countless pairs of eyes stared at her. She stifled a smile as she waited to see who could recognize her first.

The new location of the orphanage was the house she had bought for them. They had planted vegetables in the courtyard.

And it was full of vitality everywhere.

“Sister Xuxu!” A little girl came dashing out of the house as she shouted sweetly.

Xuxu glanced towards the direction of the voice and saw a girl wearing a plum-colored dress running towards her.

She beamed happily at her and her eyes twinkled with joy. She bent and squatted as she waited for Huanhuan to stand before her.

“Little Huanhuan is the best.” Xuxu pinched her chubby cheeks.

The little girl was perspiring as she raised her face to gaze at Xuxu for a while. Then her eyes darted to her tummy. “Is Sister Xuxu having a baby?”

Xuxu nodded. “Yes, I am going to have a baby.”

“Yay!” Huanhuan clapped and cheered. “Will the baby call me sister?”

“Yes, they will.”

Xuxu kissed Huanhuan’s forehead.

She straightened her back and sighed to herself. “A few months have passed and you’ve grown so much.”

Zhou Shuang lamented as well. “These guys have all grown up.”

Matron Huang came bustling out from the house and overheard Xuxu and Zhou Shuang. She smiled contentedly at them. “Children really grow up quickly.”

She pointed to Xuxu’s belly. “When you give birth, you might feel that the baby looks really tiny. But in the blink of an eye, you will lament about how time passes too quickly and we would all have aged.”

Xuxu chuckled. “Yes, indeed.”

Since Xuxu hadn’t visited them for a long time, it took a while before the children began to warm up to her.

They crowded around Xuxu and Zhou Shuang and refused to let them leave.

The new location of the orphanage was even further away than the previous location. It would take a two-hour ride from the city to get there. The place was rather remote, but the environment was ideal for the children.

Xuxu didn’t want to leave too soon since she wasn’t sure when she would get to visit them again.

She promised the children she would stay to eat with them. Matron Huang hurriedly got the staff to prepare more food for Xuxu and Zhou Shuang.