Elixir Supplier Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Making a Scene and Arguing Daily

Having been busy the whole day, Wang Yao had a fruitful day.

When he got home, Wang Yao recorded the learnings he had from the tea making process. This was knowledge was worth learning and studying. After that, he exited the cottage and looked at the stalks of tea plants outside. He felt that his current knowledge was not even at the beginner's level and was clearly insufficient to process the tea leaves. It would seem like a reckless waste of God's good gifts (the tea). He thought it might be a better idea to ask Master Xu to help process them.

As for Master Xu's wife's illness, he could treat it, and he had thought of the treatment course on his way back. Using the Anshensan decoction, he would make tweaks to it. If he used the original formula from the system, it would need to be paid for. Even if he gave it away for free, there would be limitations. He had already given Zhou Xiong's son a few decoctions for free and had been alerted by the system. He was unable to determine if there were other limitations. When he asked the system, he received no answer.

The essence of this formula was the Moonlight herb, and this herb could nourish Yin and calm the nerves. Together with the other herbs, it could tranquilize and appropriately recover her body's vitality.

Glossy ganoderma, angelica

Wang Yao listed the required herbs based on what he thought was necessary. He had all those required herbs.

"Okay, it's done. These are enough."

He was busy with these matters on the hill, and when he went down the hill, dusk had fallen. When he was having dinner, he noticed that his parents looked ill at ease.

"What's the matter, Mom, Dad?"

"Your third uncle lost his job. Your third aunt is making a scene at home and wants to divorce him," Zhang Xiuying explained.

"Again?" Wang Yao fretted.

Even though the problem arose due to him, the root of the problem was his third uncle.

"If he lost his job, can't he just find another?" Wang Yao said.

The current economy was not good, and finding a job was quite hard. Most likely, the current available jobs would require someone to be extremely hands-on. Although it won't make a fortune, however, it was possible to at least make ends meet.

"You think your third uncle is able to find a job? He's in his 40's, with not much capability. He's just able to talk glibly; he can only claim to be capable when in reality he is not," Zhang Xiuying remarked.

"He should try searching," said Wang Yao. At first, he was about to suggest that if it did not work, he could recommend a job to his third uncle. However, he swallowed back his words.

If he were to say something to Tian Yuantu, based on his status and standing, he could easily arrange something easily, and the job would likely be a pretty good one. However, the problem was his third uncle's personalitytoo superficial and not down to earth. Even if he helped him, there might be a problem in future. Hence, Wang Yao did not make any commitments and wanted to take a wait-and-see approach.

"He said he wanted to go to Qi City. He said that he has a schoolmate there who can help," Wang Fenghua said.

"What about Third Aunt?"

"She can only stay at home; what else can she do?"

In the first place, the relationship of this couple was not too good. They were frequently making a scene and arguing, and the topic of divorce was constantly on their lips. At least in Lianshan County, they had an apartment, a home; if they were to live separately, the divorce could become a reality.

"Do advise him not to," Wang Yao said. "If he really can't find a job, I'll try asking my friend if he can recommend him one."

"Okay," Wang Fenghua responded.


The next day, the hill breeze was quite strong and caused the trees on the hill to rustle noisily.

Wang Yao prepared the herbs and started the decoction process. Outside the house, the wind resounded while within the house, the crackling of the firewood could be heard. Gradually, the herbs' unique scent wafted out.

Cooking involved mixing various ingredients together to create tempting flavors. Decocting, on the other hand, involved mixing various herbs organically to decoct a formula that could treat illnesses and save lives. The former could satisfy the appetite for good food; the latter could save the body and health.

Unfortunately, there were numerous people who delved into researching the creation of good food. Yet, the number of people who focused on sharpening their medical skills were too little!

When the decoction was done, it was already close to noontime. After making the medicine, Wang Yao went down the hill, entered the village and met Wang Mingbao who looked to be in a hurry.

"What's the matter; why the rush?"

"I wanted to come up the hill to look for you. However, I suddenly received an emergency call and need to go to Tang City," Wang Mingbao replied.

"Do you need help?"

"I don't need any for now. The friend I told you about last time was caught."

"The one who sold ginseng?"


"Call me if there's anything you need," Wang Yao responded.

"I will. I will be going now," having said that, Wang Mingbao quickly drove his car and left.


Wang Yao went home. When he was having lunch, his father spoke to him about his third uncle.

"Can you help him to recommend a suitable job?" Wang Fenghua asked.

"Okay, I will." Wang Yao nodded. Since this was his relative, he would help wherever he could. He only hoped that after this time, his uncle's personality would change for the better.

After he had lunch, Wang Yao did not go up the hill immediately. Instead, he drove to the village and arrived at the riverside town, to Master Xu's house.

"Why are you here?" Master Xu was surprised to see Wang Yao.

"This is the decoction I made for your wife. It's to be taken warm and within three days. The quantity taken each time should not be too much, a small teacup will suffice." Wang Yao gave Master Xu the decoction.

"Thank you so much." Master Xu did not expect that Wang Yao would deliver his wife's medicine to his doorstep; he was moved by his gesture.

"Come in," Master Xu invited Wang Yao into the house. Then, he taught him various techniques of processing tea.

Wang Yao did not stay long at his house. Before he left, he reminded Master Xu not to mention to anyone else on the matter of him making a decoction for his wife.

"Is there a problem with the medicine?" After Wang Yao left, Master Xu's wife asked softly. Her voice sounded frail.

"What problem can there be? You can drink a little to try."

"Okay, I'll try."

Master Xu took the decoction bottle and gently poured out a small cup. The herbal decoction was clear and lukewarm. His wife drank it, but the taste was not too stimulating. There was a feeling of warmth entering her belly, and it spread rapidly throughout her body.

"How is it?" Master Xu asked concernedly.

"It won't work so fast even if this is an elixir," his wife smiled and said. "I'll go inside the house to lie down."

"Okay, sure."

This couple of over 30 years had encountered countless storms together. It was not easy for them to have soldiered on all these years.

Wang Yao did not drive home, instead, he went to Tian Yuantu's company. This was his first time visiting his company. It was a property business with a strong presence. Tian Yuantu actually had multiple other businesses.

"Hey, what brought you here? Quick, come in." After hearing the receptionist announce Wang Yao, Tian Yuantu personally came downstairs. He ushered Wang Yao to his office and made him a cup of tea.

"I have a favor to ask of you," Wang Yao said after hesitating.

"Sure, what is it?" Tian Yuantu said.

"Errr..." Wang Yao found it hard to make the request.

"Just tell me," Tian Yuantu thought Wang Yao had met with a particularly difficult situation.

"I have a relative who is looking for a job; do you have anything suitable?"

"That's all?!" Tian Yuantu was taken aback upon hearing his request. He thought Wang Yao had encountered a difficult situation that needed his help. To him, this was an incredibly easy task. Under his command were several companies with thousands of employees. He could easily arrange a person to take on a job in one of his companies. It was merely a matter of him giving the instructions.

"That's right."

"What's his name, and do you have his details?"

"Yes." Wang Yao had already prepared in advance his third uncle's information. It was very simple, only his name, age, and work experience.

"Wang Fenglei. How is he related to you?" Tian Yuantu saw the name and took more care. He knew Wang Yao's father's name was Wang Fenghua. These two names sounded similar, and he knew there was a strong likelihood that there was a close relation.

"Yes, he is my third uncle."

"Your third uncle?" Tian Yuantu was a little surprised.

"Yes." Wang Yao did not hide this fact.

"What about salary, what is his expectation?" Tian Yuantu followed up and asked.

"Hmmm, 3,000 yuan." Wang Yao considered it over. He had asked his father about it. His third uncle drew a net salary of 3,000 yuan. His work was not too intense, nor was it profound. Originally, he had other sources of illegal income.

"Okay, I know what to do. He can report to Human Resources anytime. This is the telephone number." Tian Yuantu gave Wang Yao a piece of paper. On it, a telephone number and a person's name was written.

"In that case, thank you."

"No problem at all!" Tian Yuantu smiled and waved his hand. To him, it was nothing difficult, and yet, this gesture had helped Wang Yao tremendously.

After staying at Tian Yuantu's office for a while, Wang Yao left. When he returned home, he told his father about it. Wang Fenghua called his brother, spoke a bit and hung up.

"Your third uncle said he will go over there tomorrow."

"Okay, sure," said Wang Yao.

With this matter settled and having put his father's mind at ease, Wang Yao could see that his father looked much better.

After dinner, Wang Yao did not leave for the hill immediately, but stayed at home for a while, instead. He spoke to his parents and then called Wang Mingbao to ask about his friend. He wanted to know if he could be of help. Over the phone, he found out that Wang Mingbao's friend was almost charged. His family had expended huge efforts, using connections and money to prevent him from being jailed. Hence, not only had he spent huge sums of money buying all that ginseng, a lot was spent on bailing himself out of trouble as well. This was a huge lesson learned.

"It's good that he is alright."

After chatting for a bit, he hung up.

At the riverside town, in a house.

"I feel much better," a 50 plus woman smiled and said to her old man. "My head doesn't hurt so much. This medicine is effective!"

"That's good that it's effective!" a middle-aged man smiled and replied. This was Master Xu who had earlier imparted his tea-making knowledge to Wang Yao.

He was truly elated that his wife had felt better after taking Wang Yao's decoction.