Emperor Of Steel Chapter 753

Chapter 753: Alliance in Crisis 3

Castia Kingdom was located to the southeast of the Rhodesia Continent.

It shared borders with the Irea Kingdom and the west of Symphonia, north of the Holy Empire, and the seaside of the Grenada Kingdom, which held a transportation hub.

Perhaps, that was why the trade had developed in the past, and with the money earned, they would develop various commerce industries and became a wealthy nation.

As wealthy as the nation was, it held strong military power and had a history of repelling the Baroque troops from invasion.

Zaragoza, the capital of the Castia Kingdom, was a place that was bustling with wealthy places.

With a large population, which had almost reached 1 million, they didn't know that the lights wouldn't go out even late at night.

That day, the royal capital, was brighter and a lot hotter than other days.



"S-save the people!"

The city, which enjoyed its dazzling prosperity, turned into a mess.