Empress Running Away With The Ball Chapter 821

Chapter 821 Elope

Chapter 821: Elope

They are, very much so! Old wife, this seems to be the large red wedding dress you wore when you married me, right?

Thats right, you also gave this little brother the wedding robe you wore when we were married, right?

The old man and the wife smiled together, which made Mo Chuan and Chen Ning feel both happiness and embarrassment in their hearts.

Little brother and little miss, since youve eloped, have you undergone a wedding ceremony yet? If you two want to live together, you should get married first. There is wine and chicken here, as well as two candles. If youre picking a date, you might as well do it today and you might as well get married here. When you become a married couple and have a child, if the little miss brings her child home, even if her father doesnt agree he will still accept the matter between you two. What do you think about this?

The wife enthusiastically held Chen Nings hand, smiling so much that her mouth wouldnt close.

Chen Nings face was as red as peach blossoms in march and her eyes were filled with wave. She smiled as she looked at Mo Chuan and said, Alright.

Mo Chuans heart skipped a beat and almost jumped out of his chest.

He looked at Chen Ning. Although he loved the redness of her face, he was shocked by how bold she was.

What did she mean by this?

She wouldnt be willing to get married with him in this humble little farmers house, right?

After being married, it was time for their nuptial ceremonies..

He already saw the two red candles on the shrine. The flames kept jumping up and swallowing each other, just like his heart, jumping irregularly.

Ha, ha, its this little miss whose words are straightforward, not as minced as other girls. This old lady was also this straightforward back then. Hey, little brother, your lover has already agreed to marry you, you should say something. Are you willing to marry her? The wife asked Mo Chuan with a smile.


Of course he was willing!

But when he was in front of two outsiders, how could Mo Chuan not be embarrassed to say it out loud.

The wifes face sunk and she said in a displeased voice, Youre still this hesitant at a time like this, I think youre not sincere! If you dont like this little miss, why are you eloping with her. Since youve secretly run away with her and you dont want to marry her, what do you mean by this? Could it you just want to tease her? This old lady is the first one to disagree! If youre not willing to marry her, our village has good fellows. They have good bodies and a lot of strength, as well as good crops. Little miss, believe me, Ill definitely find a good fellow to be your husband!

Chen Ning was happy hearing this. She bit her lips to not laugh as she looked at Mo Chuan from the corner of her eyes. She said with a nod, Alright, thanks aunty.

The veins on Mo Chuans forehead popped out.

He glared at Chen Ning. This girl was becoming more and more bold, she actually dared to nod and say yes!

Not allowed! Definitely not allowed!

The wife stood in front of Chen Ning and said with pursed lips, This good girl, youre not willing to marry her and you dont want others to marry her?

Who says Im not willing, of course Im willing! Mo Chuan blurted out.

Ha, ha, little miss, your lover says hes willing to marry you, what are you still waiting for? Quickly go and bow in front of the shrine.

The wife was suddenly happy as she congratulated the two of them with the old man.

Mo Chuan took a deep look at Chen Ning and said with a serious expression, Ninger, are you really willing to marry me? You wont regret it?

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