End Of The Magic Era Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Black Flower


Lin Yun rested for a full ten minutes.

After ten minutes, Lin Yun had recovered from his state of weakness.

After feeling better, the first thing he did wasn’t to check the damage of the alchemy puppet, but rather to look at the corpse of the Bone Devil. To Lin Yun, the biggest reward of this trip was getting rid of the Bone Devil ahead of schedule. Now, not only could initiate the mining of the Dark Iron Vein a month in advance, but he could also push the plan to get the Book of Death ahead by a month.

Although the Soul Fire had already been destroyed, as Lin Yun crouched next to the Bone Devil’s corpse, he could still feel the death energy leaking it. The amount of death energy that was still left after the destruction of the Soul Fire was extremely shocking.

Lin Yun had already been mentally prepared regarding the power of the Bone Devil, so he hadn’t placed his hopes on the Undead Predator ability. He wasn’t Charles the Conqueror, who had exterminated all the undead of the Undead Plane. Lin Yun’s Undead Predator ability would currently show some effects against low-level undead beings at most. Wanting to intimidate an existence on par with a High Mage like a Bone Devil Maybe after he conquered the Bone Plane.

Lin Yun had more trust in the mana he controlled than in an ability that he had yet to master.

‘Sure enough’ After crouching by the Bone Devil, Lin Yun quickly found the things he wanted.

Lin Yun found the Dark Fire Bullets that never left the body of the Bone Devil.

Those Dark Fire Bullets shouldn’t be underestimated, as the existence of the bullets was the main reason that a Bone Devil could contend with a High Mage. They were condensed from death energy and had surrounded the Bone Devil for who knows how many years. They were already infected with the characteristic corpse poison of undead lifeforms. In Lin Yun’s eyes, each of these Dark Fire Bullets was comparable to a Splendid Magic Tool.

They were single-use items with power that wasn’t inferior to that of a Spiritual Magic Tool by much. Only something like that monstrous alchemy puppet built from Gold Essence could handle a few Dark Fire Bullets without collapsing.

If Lin Yun tried to take the hits, let alone a few, he wouldn’t even be able to endure one.

Lin Yun found 23 Dark Fire Bullets next to the Bone Devil.

After the death of the Bone Devil, these Dark Fire Bullets lost the source of their death energy and turned jet-black. They were cold and rough, hardly eye-catching, but Lin Yun knew that these unremarkable bullets could still burst with shocking firepower as long as they were supplied with a bit of mana.

Feeling very satisfied with the the acquisition, Lin Yun put the bullets into his pocket. He also did not forget to tear off the two Bone Blades and set them up on the alchemy puppet’s arms.

That alchemy puppet modeled after the Gaugass Battlemages no longer looked as mighty as when Lin Yun first saw it. Its Gold Essence plate armor had been deformed from the Bone Devil’s blows to the point that it looked rather funny now. The scariest part was the Gold Essence frame, which was a bit twisted. It could no longer move as nimbly as before.

Lin Yun couldn’t find a good way to deal with the damage. This was the Bone Plane, after all. If someone happened to be looking for an undead lifeform, they would easily find it here, but there were no easily usable repair materials here. For lack of a better solution, Lin Yun could only set the alchemy puppet aside and think of a way to repair it after going back to Noscent.

Once done, Lin Yun did a last check to make sure there was nothing else worth collecting from the Bone Devil’s corpse and then picked up the Sage Chapter and the Spiritual Magic Staff from the ground.

‘What?’ But Lin Yun felt something wrong when he picked up the Sage Chapter.

He noticed that a 3rd Ultimate Spell slot had appeared on the Sage Chapter!

When Lin Yun first got hold of the Sage Chapter, there was only one Ultimate Spell slot. After harvesting over a thousand Skeleton Warriors’ Soul Fires, a 2nd slot had appeared. Lin Yun had speculated that it would take a long time before the 3rd Ultimate Spell slot appeared. But he hadn’t expected to confront and defeat the Bone Devil here, and after destroying its Soul Fire, the incomplete Soul Fire made the 3rd slot appear ahead of time.

This was even more important than 23 Dark Fire Bullets to Lin Yun.

Although the Dark Fire Bullets were comparable to a Spiritual Magic Tool’s attack, the Sage Chapter was an Extraordinary Component. The appearance of a 3rd Ultimate Spell slot raised Lin Yun’s power even farther. Just based on the previous fight, if Lin Yun had been able to use an extra Ultimate Spell, the battle would have been a few times easier.

He might not necessarily have needed the alchemy puppet.

With three Ultimate Spells cast in a row, Lin Yun would have had at least a 50% chance of destroying the Bone Devil’s Soul Fire on his own.

After dealing with all this, Lin Yun quickly gave up on the Bone Devil’s body and just carried the alchemy puppet out of the cave. He knew that the biggest reward from this trip didn’t come from the High Mage’s remains, and it also wasn’t the alchemy puppet. And it was neither the Dark Fire Bullets left behind by the Bone Devil nor the two extra Ultimate Spell slots on the Sage Chapter.

The true harvest was the place where the Bone Devil had originally been slumbering.

Lin Yun quickly went around the Nether Iron Vein and reached the Bone Devil’s lair.

The Bone Devil’s lair had been a forbidden death zone to Lin Yun. He wouldn’t have been to keep his life if he had entered. But the situation had changed, and that place was now a treasure grove. Who didn’t know that Bone Devils only slept in places with the richest death energy? And place with rich death energy usually produced magic materials.

Moreover, with the passage of time, the Bone Devil’s own death energy would permeate the area. Even Lin Yun didn’t dare imagine to what extent those magic materials would mature.

When the Bone Devil burst out of its lair, it left a huge hole in the black wasteland. The soil in its surroundings had already become soft and unsuitable for walking. But Lin Yun didn’t care about that. He drew close and impatiently leaned to look down.

There, Lin Yun saw a blossoming Black Flower.