End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002 Demon Overlord

Unfortunately, one day, while excavating a vein of ore, a Beastman Tribe accidentally released a Greater Demon Overlord that had been suppressed in the Black Burn Scar.

That Greater Demon Overlord destroyed that Beastman Tribe the instant he was released, and the entire Black Burn Scar, the most fertile mining area of the Raging Flame Plane, was also destroyed. All the ore veins and precious resources had been thoroughly destroyed. From that point on, the Black Burn Scar became a land full of chaotic flames.

This legend was considered one of the most widely spread legends of the Raging Flame Plane. At the time, Sky City occupied an area close to the Black Burn Scar, and they naturally focused on exploring that place, yet they didnt gain anything.

Raphael was one of those people that entered Black Burn Scar, so he could see that this place was an exact replica of the Black Burn Scar.

The only difference was that this place was thriving. All kinds of lush vegetation and plants were growing all over the hillside. It wasnt like the Black Burn Scar he knew, which only had burnt black stones.

The group looked amazed as they cautiously walked towards the depths of the valley, yet they didnt encounter any danger.

As they almost passed through the valley, someone from the Odin Kingdoms royal family suddenly warned, "Beastmen! Beastmen ahead!"

Sure enough, they immediately saw a group of Wolf Riders two kilometers away after taking a turn.

These Beastmen apparently had discovered them too, and they were riding their huge wolves over.

The group immediately took out their magic staves and reflexively emitted some mana fluctuations.

Raphael frowned as he said with worry, "Those Beastmen are all Wolf Riders, and they are all 5th Rank Sword Saints or above, with the strongest being a 9th Rank Warlock.

"They arent as strong as us, and even though they have three times our numbers, they arent our match in battle.

"But if we start a fight here, the mana fluctuations will spread very far. The Undead are only two hours away at most, and if that Death Shaman left any probing spells within ten kilometers, it would inevitably discover the fluctuations from the battle."

Raphael shared his worries with everyone. The appearance of all those Undead monsters was strange, and they were extremely powerful. Who knew if they would charge over if they felt the battle fluctuations, or if they might pop out of the ground due to the fluctuations?

The group had serious expressions as they waited. Dedale was standing at the forefront, the dragon on his Burning Soul magic robe already staring at those Beastmen.

But what surprised everyone was that those Wolf Riders warily stopped a hundred meters away.

Moreover, all the Beastmen appeared to be on guard, but they made no offensive movements, and no hostility could be seen in their eyes.

This unforeseen event startled everyone.

In the Raging Flame Plane, Humans and Beastmen were mortal enemies. A battle would be unavoidable if one discovered the other. Even if they encountered a single member of the other race, the latter would either be captured or killed. There was no third option.

But these Beastmen only remained vigilant and didnt show any enmity, and they also werent showing any signs of attacking.

"Who are you?"

The leader of those Beastmen rode a giant wolf and left the protection of the group as he rode a bit closer to ask this question. Although his tone couldnt be considered friendly, it wasnt overtly hostile. It seemed that he was only vigilant against seeing something unknown.

The group looked at each other, as this was different from what they had imagined.

Dedales expression slightly changed as he gave everyone a meaningful glance, signalling them not to make a move.

Stepping forward, Dedale greeted the other side by following mage etiquette.

"We are human mages from another plane. Something happened as we were travelling through a Planar Path and we encountered some spatial chaos before accidentally arriving here. We have no evil intentions. Could you tell us where we are?"

Dedale weaved a careful lie, but this was actually something very common. When travelling through a Planar Path, let alone spatial chaos, something unexpected could even lead to the Planar Path having a deviation, and this could cause one to end up in another plane. Being able to remain alive in such a situation could be considered very lucky.

It also made sense that they didnt know where they were. Even the Beastmen wouldnt doubt this.

After Dedale finished his words, the leader of that group of Beastmen was actually bewildered, as if he had heard completely foreign words.

"What did you say? Whats a Planar Path?"

Dedale didnt know how to respond to that. He looked at the group of Beastmen and noticed that their leader wasnt the only one that looked confused. These Beastmen couldnt understand what he said They definitely werent pretending.

Dedale hesitated a bit before explaining what a Planar Path was.

"A Planar Path is a path leading to another plane. That path could be dangerous. As long as there is a little bit of fluctuation, the direction might be influenced. If there is a little mistake in the direction, the Planar Path might lead to another path, or even the endless void"

Dedale explained for a while, but the Beastmen were still confused, apparently unable to make sense of what he was saying.

"Alright, no need to explain. I dont care where you are from, but this is my tribes territory, so please leave!"

The leader of the Beastmen was vigilant, and his expression wasnt that good. The Wolf Riders behind him also tightly held their weapons, ready to attack immediately if the humans showed any signs of hostility.

But contrary to their expectations, none of the humans made any drastic moves. No one wanted to start a battle.

The group consisted of powerhouses standing at the peak of each force, so everyone held some authority. Anywhere else, if someone so much as tried to coerce them, they would definitely attack first and discuss later.

But they all sighed in relief. It would be fine as long as they didnt have to start a fight that drew the Undead over.

Dedale didnt argue with the Beastmen either. Instead, he apologized with a smile.

"Alright, Im really sorry. We trespassed on your territory by accident. We will take our leave immediately."

In addition to Dedale, everyone else appeared very willing. This made the leader of the Beastmen even more doubtful. He couldnt understand why these people were acting so polite, and he wondered if it was a plot.

"We will lead you out of our territory. We must watch as you leave our territory!"

The Beastmens leader appeared very unyielding, clearly showing that he didnt trust the humans.

But none of them got angry about this. They felt that this was even better.

These Beastmen had clearly lived there for a long time, and they were very familiar with the place. They should be very familiar with the Undead, so they probably knew how to avoid them. If they followed these Beastmen, there would be very little chance that they would run into the Undead again.

Everyone instantly understood that reasoning. This was exactly what they were looking for. Someone leading them was for the best, so how could they object? Since these Beastmen wanted to lead them out, then they should hurry up and oblige. Leaving without any delay was logical.

Although Beastmen were vigilant, they didnt say anything as they saw the humans cooperate. The Wolf Riders encircled the humans and led them through the canyon.

They had walked for less than three minutes when a roar echoed from the depths of the valley and thick, black smoke covered the horizon.

A dense smell of sulfur assaulted their noses as an abyssal aura spread through the canyon. After a few seconds, everyone could see a towering Demon looming in the distance. He was covered in black smoke and had two huge curved horns on his head. His eyes were like two bright, purple moons, and his limbs had long sharp claws that looked metallic. He also had a scorpion tail protruding from his back.

As the Demon rushed over, all the vegetation in his wake withered and rapidly turned to ashes. The earth also became burnt black. The Demon was over a hundred meters tall, and the span between each step was enormous, leaving blazing burnt footprints on the ground.

Moreover, there were ten Lesser Demon Overlords behind him.

Seeing that group of Demons, the leader of the Wolf Riders suddenly roared, "Sh*t, its the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord, careful!"

The Wolf Riders instantly abandoned the humans and formed a charging formation with a powerful Beastman Sword Saint at the forefront. He led the several dozen Wolf Riders as he attacked with a greatsword.

Golden-red Aura Slashes flew out and formed a single huge Aura Slash that tore at the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord.

The Demons eyes suddenly changed and transformed into two crescent moons. In an instant, his two huge clawed hands expanded into two enormous claws that ruthlessly slashed down.

As the Aura Slash collided with the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords claws, sharp, metallic sounds of friction echoed. The hundred-meter-long Aura Slash was like a huge sword forcibly torn apart by the Demon Overlords claws.

The grinding sound made the humans look more concerned.

The attack that required the cooperation of several dozen Sword Saints was like an ordinary attack in the eyes of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord, who casually tore it to shreds.

"Disperse!" the Beastmens leader suddenly shouted, and the Wolf Riders surrounding them suddenly scattered.

The next moment, the Purple-Eyed Demonic Overlord extended his large claws and swung it down at the earth.

The earth fiercely shook, and several thick cracks spread from the Demon Overlords claws. A rich sulfuric aura surged from the cracks, soon followed by blazing geysers of lava.

In one second, close to three hundred meters had been covered in lava. The Wolf Riders barely dodged the geysers of lava.

All of the Wolf Riders left the range of the lava geysers, but two of the mounts still ended up being burnt to death from the blazing lava.