End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003 Worship Warsong

The Demon Overlord sneered sinisterly as he pushed back the Wolf Riders squadron. He seemed very disdainful as he walked on the lava and chased the Beastmen.

The ten Lesser Demon Overlords behind the Purple-Eyed Greater Demon Overlord all roared and raised their arms, a large amount of black smoke surging out of their bodies.

In an instant, a meteor dragging a long black trail of smoke fell towards the Wolf Riders, followed by huge dark green fireballs falling down like a Meteor Shower.

A large number of Abyssal Spells fell down and suppressed the Beastmen by coordinating with the Purple-Eyed Greater Demon Overlords charge.

A few Beastman Warlocks situated behind the Wolf Riders raised their bone staves, their magic patterns shining one after another on their skin. A large fire cloud appeared in the sky and eight-meter-big flaming meteors dragging long trails fell towards those Purple-Eyed Demons.

Further behind was a Beastman with his arms spread wide open in worship. He was loudly chanting an ancient Beastman warsong and emitting boundless ancient aura. In an instant, all the Beastmen appeared to be berserk, their eyes rapidly turned red, and their momentum also seemed berserk.

After a Valor Warsong, the worshipping Beastman proceeded with the second warsong. His voice had extraordinary piercing power and it felt like a burning flame. The humans couldnt understand the warsongs ancient language, but they could feel the flame power in the surroundings converging.

A very faint red flame enveloped all the Beastmen, but not a single one was injured. On the contrary, they had very high resistance to the spells released by the Purple-Eyed Demons, and the lava couldnt burn their bodies.

A strange expression appeared in Lin Yuns eyes.

Warsongs were powerful techniques unique to Beastmen. If a Beastman Priest participated in a large-scale battle, the power the Beastmen could display would be a few times higher.

That Beastman Priest chanted the Valor Warsong and the Worship Warsong with very ancient intonations. This kind of warsong was very rare within the current Beastman Tribes. Except for some Tribes with very ancient traditions, the rest of the Beastman Tribes simply couldnt use these Ancient Warsongs.

The Valor Warsong increased all of the Beastmens strengths and made them fearless, allowing them to display even more power. This warsong had spread widely, but the Worship Warsong was only passed down in Tribes with a few ten thousand years of history.

Beastmen affected by the Worship Warsong could ignore flames burns and could walk on flames without feeling anything. Even the damage from some strange high grade flames would be greatly reduced.

This is only a small squadron of Beastmen, how could they use the Worship Warsong?

A wisp of doubt flashed in Lin Yuns eyes, because not a single tribe in the Raging Flame Plane had inherited the Worship Warsong.

As Lin Yun was doubtful, the battle between the Beastmen and the Purple-Eyed Demons unfolded. Green poisonfire kept falling as a large abyssal meteor carrying corrosive toxins fell.

Flaming meteors and Aura Slashes made the scene chaotic.

That Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord was fiercely charging forward, relying on his physical body to resist all spells. Those two thirty-meter-long claws flickered with a metallic luster, and easily tore through spells and aura.

It took three minutes for the first Beastman to fall, he failed to dodge and was swept by the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords sharp claws. Those nine-meter-long fingernails sliced twice and that Beastmans weapon, body, and even mount were instantly torn to shreds.

Five Wolf Riders soon followed, torn to shreds in less than five minutes.

The Beastmen retreated again and again, and that Beastman Priest was extremely pale. Two formidable Warsongs consumed almost all his energy, but he chanted once again, to buff all the Beastmen with another warsong, increasing their speed and dexterity.

But this couldnt prevent the battle from being lost. The ten Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlords kept casting, while the Purple-Eyed Greater Demon Overlord was personally charging. This wasnt something the Beastmen could withstand.

As the Beastmen kept retreating, the spells of those Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlords started affecting the human side. Black meteors kept falling down and mixed with the large amount of poisonfire to pollute the air, making it highly toxic.

The plants within several kilometers withered as the poisonous gas emitted by the poisonfire spread, their vitality was thoroughly extinguished. Some small animals and insects were unable to flee from the poisonous gas and their corpses rapidly rotted.

"We have to fight. Those Demons definitely wont let us off after they kill the Beastmen, and who knows if that fight will lure the Undeads over. We have to settle this fight as fast as possible."

Dedale turned to look at everyone and made the decision to fight.

No one objected.

Everyone was confused by the current situation, they had first encountered a sea of Undeads, before encountering Beastmen that surprisingly didnt seem to want to fight to death, and now, they were facing a Purple-Eyed Greater Demon Overlord as well as ten Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlords.

All these encounters stunned them, they couldnt make sense of it.

But they knew that they had no other choice but to fight. These Purple-Eyed Demons clearly wouldnt let them off, and they wouldnt have an easy time once the Beastmen died, they wouldnt be able to defeat the Purple-Eyed Demons without losses then.

Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords were nobles among the Demon Race. Of the seventy-two Demon Sub-Races, although the Purple-Eyed Demons were far below the ten greatest golden ruling bloodlines, they were still regarded as a noble bloodline. They were powerful and cruel, and if they met anyone from the golden bloodlines weaker than them, they wouldnt hesitate to ruthlessly kill them.

Since the human group had appeared in this prairie, they had been continuously running in fear and everyone had been holding in their anger. It wasnt just Dedale, everyone wanted to vent.

Since they were of the same mind, how could they still hesitate? Dedale rushed out first, his body emitting orange flames as he instantly fused with the Burning Soul magic robe and transformed into a long Flame Dragons head elemental lifeform.

The orange flames turned into a tornado that sent Dedale charging towards the Purple Demon Overlord. In an instant, over a hundred fireballs appeared around Dedale, dragging long trails behind as they rapidly charged into the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord.

The Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord nastily grinned as he swatted with his two sharp claws, seemingly wanting to tear through the spells, just like before.

But the orange flames directly exploded when they came in contact with the body of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord. The dense flames kept exploding, turning the front of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord into a sea of orange flames. The exploding orange flames were like blisters inflating one after another.

The terrifying explosive forces layered together and made the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord unable to resist, he couldnt help falling back four hundred meters.

The Purple Demon Overlord shouted as he flew into a rage, the purple crescent moons in his eyes slowly grew in size until they became full moons. His sinister aura turned into a storm spreading out.

Dedale directly collided with that Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord, causing the air to stop flowing for a short moment. That guys burst power was terrifying, even if he was borrowing the power of a Magic Tool, he was really displaying the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

Lin Yun watched as Dedale rushed to the forefront and stalled the Purple-Eyed Greater Demon Overlord on his own and let out a sigh, rating Dedales strength fairly high, before immediately attacking the Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlords.

Having lost the threat of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord, the remaining people assisted the Beastmen in handling those ten Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlords.

The strongest Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlord was Level 39 while the weakest was Level 37. They were rapidly suppressed by the group of 9th Rank Archmages and Sword Saints, as well as several dozen 5th Rank Sword Saint or above Wolf Riders.

Dark Arrows, Quicksand Binding, Flame Storm, Frost Nova

A large number of spells fell, and it took ten seconds for a Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlord to be torn apart by the chaotic spells.

Seven minutes later, the ten Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlords had been completely eradicated. Afterwards, everyone started besieging that Purple-Eyed Greater Demon Overlord.

Dedale was at the forefront, while in the back, the Quicksand Towers mages roused quicksands and transformed the surroundings of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord into sand. The Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord started sinking in the ground, unable to struggle out no matter how much he tried.

The Shadow Towers mages used Shadow Bindings, several dozen shadow hands surged from the shadows of the two mountains surrounding this ravine and firmly grabbed the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords body.

The four mages of Sky City controlled four 10-meter-big floating fortresses and frantically cast spells. From a distance, it looked like four elemental rivers linking the four fortresses to the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord.

That berserk flood of spells exploded on the black smoke fiercely fluctuating on the skin of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord. That layer of dense abyssal defense was becoming weaker and weaker. The Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord angrily roared, but was unable to struggle free.

A member of the Odin Kingdoms royal family raised a staff that looked like a miniature dragon spear and incanted. After the incantation was over, a several-dozen-meter-tall golden dragon spear shadow appeared behind him, and in a split second, numerous golden dragon spears charged into the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords body.

As for the Andlusa Kingdoms side, Jouyi summoned his galaxy-like spell, Harren cast his darkness spells, and the Azurewave Sword Saint let out his Sky Sword Aura.

The earth-shattering abilities fell onto the body of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord.

And the most eye-catching were actually Lin Yun and his subordinates. Lin Yun held his Draconic Staff, a mysterious wheel shadow appearing behind him as eight huge elemental vortexes were formed above his head. The earth, fire, wind, and water elements were all present as these eight vortexes transformed into a huge circle. Ten-meter-thick spellwaves flowed out of these eight vortexes.

These spellwaves fused into a seventy-meter-thick terrifying elemental storm in midair, which ruthlessly fell onto the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords body.

Enderfa and the patched puppet stood together, also using elemental storms and spellwaves.