End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004 Great Prophe

Following the performance of the three casters of Lin Yuns group, the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords abyssal defense rapidly dissipated and his flesh got lacerated in less than three minutes. A large amount of purple blood sprayed out and the fishy smell contained inside mixed with the smell of sulfur present in the air.

Reina dove down in her Frost Dragon Shape, a blue light beam spurting out of her mouth.

The light beam touched the surface of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord and immediately transformed into an icy blue halo spreading out. A layer of ice rapidly spread over the skin of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord.

The enraged Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord suddenly started panicking as he was getting frozen from the Frost Dragons breath. Words in Abyssal Language came out of his mouth and turned into abyssal runes made of black smoke.

The two purple moons flew out of his eye sockets and fused with the abyssal runes above his head.

Suddenly, a purple demonic moon shadow over a hundred-meter-big appeared above the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord. As rays of lights shone from the demonic moon, the body of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord suddenly turned illusory. It looked as if everyones spells fell into another space as they could no longer hit the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord.

The Demon Overlord roared in rage, fiercely glaring at everyone, before jumping and disappearing into the demonic moon.

As for the demonic moon, it slowly turned into a shadow and dissipated.

After the fight was over, everyone sighed in relief. The Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord wasnt killed that easily, just breaking through his defenses took ten minutes of concentrated attacks.

Moreover, that Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord was clearly more powerful physically-wise. If he had given up on his casting abilities, his body could have become even more powerful and spells under the Heaven Rank would have only caused some superficial wounds to that guy. Getting rid of him would be an impossible task then.

The leader of the Beastmen scattered his Aura and took a deep breath.

"I hadnt expected that Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord to have already fused with two moons and to be able to summon a demonic moon shadow. He should possess the royal bloodline of the Purple-Eyed Demons, we cant stop him if he wants to escape."

The injured Beastmen started looking after their injuries while their leader went towards the humans. He clenched his right fist and placed it on his chest before solemnly bowing to all of them.

"Thank you for helping us repel these damned Demons and allowing us to not fall under these demons hands. Im very sorry about the previous matter. We dont have a way to express our thanks at the moment, but I would like to invite you to our tribe as guests. You already won our friendship. Im named Diers but my clansmen call me Goshawk."

Dedale promptly walked over after being thanked by Diers. Beastmen always had straightforward characters, thus they couldnt politely exchange some flattery or they would think they were insulted.

Moreover, they didnt understand everything about this place, strange things kept happening one after another, and thus, going to Diers tribe was clearly the best choice, they should find a lot of useful information and clues about that world over there.

Dedale turned to look at everyone, and the leaders from every force slightly nodded. After confirming with everyone, Dedale turned around and smiled.

"Sir Diers, we are very happy to be your guests."

Diers was very happy after getting a reply. He enthusiastically led Dedale in the valley and kept introducing everything in the surroundings.

Not far from the valley, they could see a large amount of ancient buildings. The rough buildings were full of Beastman style and were erected on the ground. There were also many tall buildings, with the tallest one being over a hundred meters in height.

Those buildings were built from large chunks of stones piled together and layered together. Each floor was six to seven meters in height and the exterior of the buildings were covered in blood-carved ancient runes. There was also some totems turned into pillars.

Those were ancient methods with which Beastmen reinforced their houses. The ancient runes carved from blood werent very good-looking, but the houses were far more durable than humans houses.

The Beastmen considered their mounts as partners, they would let their own mount into their houses. As they approached, they could even see huge Kodos extending their heads from windows to look over there.

Whimpering sounds could be heard as the huge fort residing at the entrance of the valley was wide open and a group of Wolf Riders came to meet them.

Four to five hundred Wolf Riders had rushed out of the fort. At that time, they discovered that these Wolf Riders were not any weaker than the ones escorting them, they were all at least Level 35.

Diers roused his mount and rushed over to discuss, recounting what they had encountered and explaining that the humans saved their lives. This made those vigilant Beastmen suddenly smile and cordially escort them in the fort.

In the fort, many Beastmen were observing them from the side, while many children were curiously following their group, as if they had never seen humans.

As they walked, Jouyi suddenly used High Elven Language, "Have you noticed? These Beastmen dont seem to be from the Raging Flame Plane. Although they look very similar, they are definitely not from any of the eight Tribes, they arent even from a branch, they are too friendly for that, just look at those children"

High Elven was a kind of magic language that all mages had to learn. Many incantations were chanted in High Elven and many High Tier Spells had High Elven intonations.

Everyone was stunned after Jouyis words and they observed their surroundings, discovering that the Beastmen in the surroundings were very friendly. They sincerely welcomed their arrival after hearing that they had saved one of their Wolf Rider squadron.

Even the children didnt have a single wisp of hate in their eyes, there was only curiosity.

Such circumstances was impossible in the Raging Flame Plane, any Beastman of the Raging Flame Plane would hate humans, and before the Beastman children even weaned, they would be soaked into the hate of humans and the notion that humans were their arch-enemies.

Thus, these Beastmen definitely werent Beastmen of the Raging Flame Plane, they had never seen humans.

Jouyis words immediately got acknowledged by everyone.

Raphael nodded as he sank into deep thoughts, also using High Elven to answer, "Right, lets observe first. This place is too strange. We shouldnt provoke them if they have no malice, obtaining those Beastmens friendship would pose us no harm."

Dedale also nodded, "It is very strange, we should just observe for now. That Tribe is very powerful, but we arent weak either. If we hadnt met an Undead Tide, how could we be forced in such a bad situation? Even if there is a situation, we can escape. Just be careful not to cause trouble"

They were led to the tribes huge central square where a pile of ten-meter-big bonfires were ignited. Several dozen big forks were stuck above the bonfires, with prey slowly cooking at their end.

A group of Beastmen was standing at the edge welcoming everyone.

The three Beastmen heading them were all at the Heaven Rank!

A 2.6-meter-tall Beastman covered in rock-like muscles stood in the middle. Just from standing there he was emitting a fierce tyrannical aura. He was wearing a hide crown, showing that he was the Great Tribal Chief of this Tribe.

And on the left of the Great Tribal Chief was a 1.8-meter-tall "small" Beastman. That Beastman was wearing a robe, something rarely seen in the Beastman Tribe, and he was holding a short staff. He appeared aged and the traces left by the years could be seen on his face, his eyes were glittering, and his gaze felt ancient and filled with wisdom.

This was this Tribes Great Prophet, the Tribes sage, the most revered Beastman, the inheritor of Beastmen knowledge, the one in charge of all priests, and the source of all their knowledge.

And on the right of the Great Tribal Chief was a robust Beastman 2.2-meter-tall with the surface of his body covered in scars similar to tree forks. Those were scars left behind by a lightning strike, and some faint wisp of lightning light could be seen circulating within the scars.

This was the Tribes Great Shaman, he was leading the Tribes Shamans and Warlocks, and every Shaman in the Tribe was his disciple.

Diers was at the humans side, introducing the Tribes three strongest to everyone.

Being granted an audience by three Heaven Rank powerhouses, even with the knowledge that they were well-intentioned, made even the strongest Dedale sweat. The three Heaven Rank werent emitting any aura, yet it felt as if they were pressured by three mountains.

The stronger one was, the clearer they felt it. Lin Yun felt the terrifying power of the three Heaven Rank powerhouses. The Great Tribal Chief was like a sleeping volcano waiting to burst.

Just by standing there, the Great Shaman could make them feel as if thunder was echoing within their souls. There was no need to think to know that this Shaman was a Lightning Shaman, and his lightning spells were very powerful, powerful enough to injure himself.

As for that Great Prophet, he was like a deep and calm pond of water whose depths couldnt be felt. His gaze was full of wisdom and he was similar to the humans greatest sages. Even without mana, he would still give people a kind of soul pressure.

But what surprised the group was behind them. Apart from the three Heaven Rank powerhouses, there was still a group of powerhouses that surpassed level 39 but had yet to advance to the Heaven Rank.

These powerhouses would be generals that could lead armies of ten thousand people in the Raging Flame Plane, but here they were just a group of Beastmen, and if one didnt pay attention, they would think that they were just the followers of the three Heaven Rank powerhouses.

Apart from these, there was still a few dozen 9th Rank Sword Saint and 9th Rank Arch-Warlock powerhouses in the back.

There was a lot of Beastmen sitting on the ground, or on the side of the bonfires, but not a single one was below Level 35.

Everyone looked at each other, they could see the shock in their eyes, but they didnt dare to casually discuss in front of three Heaven Rank powerhouses, who knew if the wise Great Prophet could understand them.

Shock could also be seen in Lin Yuns eyes, because that Beastman Tribe was too powerful, it absolutely could compare to the most powerful Gold Beastmen Tribe of the Raging Flame Plane.