End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1006

Chapter 1006 There Arent Any Undead

Everything seemed to be normal in the Beastman Tribe, as they apparently hadnt noticed anything yet. The guards at the edge of the tribe were also loyal to their duties, but it seemed that they simply didnt notice the Undead.

Seeing this situation, as well as what happened at the Bonfire Banquet, no one recklessly acted, but they were all worried.

When they were chased before, they hadnt been able to get a feel as to how many of the Undead were chasing them.

But from their current vantage point, they could see the Undead covering the ground like the prairie was covered in an ash-gray rug. There were traces of the Undead wherever they looked. They could see at least a few hundred thousand of them.

"Merlin, what should we do now? Im afraid this tribe wont be able to resist," Enderfa said with a worried tone as he floated beside Lin Yun.

Lin Yun frowned, also clearly worried. When faced with this kind of Undead army, he could only run to survive. If he fought, he would inevitably die after being exhausted.

Everyone stood at the window to observe, waiting for the Beastman Tribe to react. But by the time the Undead reached a place not far from the tribe, they suddenly seemed to encounter some incorporeal obstruction before changing direction, walking towards another area.

The Undead apparently didnt discover the huge Beastman Tribe, and neither did they feel the convergence of the huge aura of life.

And the Beastmen people also seemed to be unable to discover the Undead army. Everything was peaceful.

The Undead patrolled outside the entire night and quietly retreated when the sky brightened. Many of them directly dug into the ground and disappeared.

Only the gray earth was left behind after they all disappeared, and the grass of the prairie emitted a thick aura of death.

But as the sun rose, something unexpected happened. The black earth suddenly started recovering, and the grass started growing from the ground. In less than ten minutes, grass once again filled the ground, and the earth had turned emerald green, just like the previous day during the daytime. There was no difference from before.

It was getting bright, and the Beastman Tribe that had been silent during the night once again woke up. Every Beastman was busy with their own matter, whether it was herding livestock, or planting cereals in the back of the Tribe.

When they met with the Beastman Tribes Great Tribal Chief once again, Dedale impatiently inquired, "Sir Great Tribal Chief, did you notice the Undead army outside the tribe last night?"

The Great Tribal Chief burst out into loud laughter and patted Dedales shoulder.

"Hahaha, my dear friend, your alcohol tolerance is truly lacking. As a male, how could you be unable to drink wine? Look at you, you are so intoxicated you still cant wake up from your dream.

"What Undead? You must have been ruthlessly suppressed by the Undead before, but rest assured, there arent any Undead here. I suggest that you rest for a while"

The Great Tribal Chief burst into laughter again before leaving. Dedale was frowning, not understanding what was happening. He had noticed this time that the Great Tribal Chief had really been telling the truth He really hadnt noticed the Undead.

As for Lin Yun, he was pensive, apparently thinking of something.

Ultimately, at daybreak of the 3rd day, battle drums echoed within the tribe and hurried sounds could be heard as all the warriors of the tribe rapidly converged.

Over a thousand of them gathered in ten minutes. Moreover, the tribes three Heaven Rank powerhouses also appeared together. The warriors there were all Level 30 or above.

The Great Tribal Chief personally led the warriors as they rushed out of the tribe, attacking the nearby canyon. The large group of Beastmen were surrounding that canyon, apparently waiting for something.

Lin Yun and everyone else were a bit puzzled, wondering what the Beastmen were thinking about.

After all, everyone could see the dense black smoke soaring from the canyon into the sky, accompanied by the pungent smell of sulfur assailing their nostrils. Everyone immediately understood that it was an Abyssal Demon.

A large cloud of black smoke surged from within the canyon like a flood rushing out. Four gigantic Demon Overlords roared as they rushed out of the canyon, and one of them was the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord they had met earlier.

Of the remaining three, one of them was also a Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord, while the other two were Horned Demons with long single horns.

The Horned Demons bodies were half as thin as the Purple-Eyed Demons. They could only be considered an inferior race of Demons, and their bodies were far less powerful. They lived in the rare icebergs of the Abyss and could naturally release very powerful ice spells.

The four huge Demon Overlords rushed out of the canyon, and from the black smoke, several dozen Lesser Demon Overlords from the Horned and Purple-Eyed races followed them.

As this group of Demons rushed into the canyon, the two Purple-Eyed Greater Demon Overlords waved their claws before charging into the Beastman army.

In the back, the two thin Horned Demon Overlords led the group of Lesser Demon Overlords and started casting abyssal spells.

Black smoke covered the sky and rapidly condensed into a roiling black cloud from which Meteors and Black Ice Spikes alike fell down, pressuring the Beastmen.

The Great Tribal Chief held a long, golden greatsword as he met the two Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords on his own. Golden Aura spurted out and transformed into a several-dozen-meter-long sword that kept colliding with the two Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords.

In the sky, the Great Prophet chanted ancient warsongs with an ancient voice.

He used the Heroic Warsong that was even more formidable than the Valor Warsong, the Worship Warsong that increased magic resistance, as well as the Ancestors Praise, which increased vitality.

In an instant, a layer of red flames appeared on the bodies of the Beastmen, and everyone seemed unaffected when faced with the pressure of the Heaven Rank. Moreover, an Ancient Beastman rune was imprinted onto the forehead of every Beastman.

As for the Great Shaman, he released two huge totem pillars. Two rough, yet gorgeous patterns spread out from the totems. At the same time, purple and orange halos spread beneath the feet of every Beastman.

At that time, the movement speed and attack speed of every Beastman was greatly increased.

Afterwards, the Great Shaman tossed a blood sphere, which exploded and fused with the bodies of the Beastmen. At that time, the bodies of the Beastmen swelled up out of nowhere. Their eyes became blood red, and their arms were covered in a layer of bloody aura.

After buffing every Beastman, the Great Shaman took out a lightning staff and flew up into the air to start casting.

The Great Prophet took out a two-meter-wide dark red ancient wardrum. The wardrum seemed to have beeb bathed in blood countless times as it was emitting a strong bloody odor mixed with a fierce and berserk aura.

As the sounds of the wardrum echoed, the "Ba-thump" sounds made all the Beastmen go somewhat crazy, and the power of their Aura Slashes suddenly increased by 30%.

Lin Yun, who was looking at the battle from a distance, was amazed.

The inherited ancient warsongs were far more powerful than what the current Beastmen were using, and those two totem pillars were the endurance halos of the Half-Beastmen. No, the Half-Beastmens endurance halos only had one totem pillar.

Moreover, the Great Shamans Mass Bloodthirst wasnt weakened at all when used on a Heaven Rank powerhouse like the Great Tribal Chief, making him even stronger.

The wardrums from the Great Prophet should be the rumored Behemoth Wardrums. They roused the Beastmens bloodline power and raised their fighting power even more, by about 30%. Even the power of Aura was increased by 30%. These war drums had gone through at least five millennia of battle history.

After being buffed by the Great Prophet and the Great Shaman, the power of these Beastmen doubled, but the power they could display was two to three times higher. A Heaven Rank powerhouse like the Great Tribal Chief could even display four to five his power.

The Great Tribal Chief was already 3.4 meters tall, and even though he was fighting the two Purple-Eyed Greater Demon Overlords on his own, he still had a slight edge.

The Great Shaman turned into the incarnation of lightning and soared into the sky. Black clouds covered the sky, and thick lightning bolts started falling towards the Great Shaman. It only took three seconds before his lightning staff turned into a hundred-meter-long lightning bolt.

As he waved his staff, several dozen thick glaring lightning bolts hacked down towards the two Horned-Demon Overlords.

Black ice and lightning collided and created fierce mana fluctuations, making the elemental power in that part of the canyon extremely chaotic. Elements converged into a tide, but they were crushed by the even more intense mana fluctuations.

The Great Tribal Chief battled the two Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords, the Great Shaman battled the two Horned Demons Overlords, while the army of Beastmen fought against Lesser Demon Overlords.

The fearless Beastmen fought against the cruel Demons, and the scene appeared desperate.

Scarlet blood kept sprinkling over the battlefield

A Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlord was torn into two halves by a Beastman Sword Saint, before being cut into pieces by a few dozen Aura Slashes.

A Beastman Shaman just released a raging flame spell onto a Horned Lesser Demon Overlord when claws suddenly extended from the side and crushed his head.

The bitter fight continued for an hour. More than half of the Lesser Demon Overlords had been sliced while the Beastmen had lost a few hundred people.

Of the two Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords, one had an arm cut, while the other had half of its neck cutoff, his head almost beheaded.

The Great Tribal Chief was also covered in blood, fresh blood was dripping over his skin, and a huge chunk of flesh was torn out of his back.

Of the two Horner Demon Overlords, one had been turned into coal by a lightning strike, while the other was burnt black with one of his one arms turned into coal and his blood unable to flow from it.