End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 Not There

The Great Shaman was extremely pale and the lightning injuries he bore became more and more serious. Rays of lightning kept flickering in his surroundings, as if the lightning bolts cleaving the sky were attracted to him.

The Great Prophet standing in the back was also pale, the frequency at which he was hitting the drums had greatly slowed down.

The Great Tribal Chief went all-out and blocked a hit. After cutting the arm of a Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord, the two Purple-Eyed Demons became fearful and unhesitantly used their Demonic Moon Projection to escape.

Only a Horned Demon remained, but how could he continue fighting? He unhesitantly gave up on the Lesser Demon Overlords and escaped back into the canyons smoke on his own, disappearing without a trace.

The Great Tribal Chief and the Great Shaman no longer had their hands tied and rapidly dealt with the Lesser Demon Overlords trying to escape.

The fight was over, but both sides had suffered. Of the four Greater Demon Overlords, one had died and the other three had been seriously injured. All of the Lesser Demon Overlords had been eliminated.

As for the Beastmen, the Great Tribal Chiefs injuries werent light, but they werent life-threatening. The Great Shaman had drawn in too much lightning, it was to the point where lightning would surge out when he opened his mouth. Lin Yun now understood what caused the Great Shamans injuries.

The Great Prophet hadnt directly joined in the battle, but he was the most exhausted of the three. His bright eyes had dimmed. Whether it was the warsongs or the Behemoth Wardrums, they both consumed his soul power, he had spent the most energy.

Over a thousand Beastmen level 30 or above had joined the battle, but only a bit over six hundred returned home. The losses could be said to be disastrous.

Lin Yun remained silent as he looked at the returning Beastmen. Battles werent so desperate in the Raging Flame Plane. These Beastmen all held the belief that they would tear their opponents apart even if they had to lose their lives. They hadnt fought for long, but the losses were just terrible.

When comparing the Raging Flame Planes battles to this one, the losses of level 30 Beastmen in a month, or level 35 Beastmen in three months couldnt compare to the losses in an hour of battle in this place.

Watching the Great Tribal Chief return to the tribe, doubt could be seen in Lin Yuns eyes and he sent Xiuban to deliver some Health Potions.

These blood-soaked fighters already won everyones respect, both the living and those that sacrificed themselves for their tribe.

It wasnt just Lin Yun, the others also delivered some medicine to treat injuries.

"This is a Health Potion, it can treat your injuries after drinking it."

Lin Yun looked at the Great Tribal Chief with a puzzled expression as he explained.

The Great Tribal Chief smiled and stuffed the entire bottle into his mouth, chewing down the glass and swallowing it down.

"Its awesome, I already feel my injuries recovering, but the taste isnt that great, its a bit hard"

Lin Yuns eyelid twitched, but he didnt explain that the bottle didnt need to be eaten. These Beastmens bodies were outstanding, they could even eat a lump of iron and still be able to digest it.

"Great Tribal Chief, what is the situation? You"

Lin Yun pointed at the canyon with a doubtful expression. Lin Yun wasnt the only puzzled one, others were also wondering what was going on with these Demon Overlords.

The Great Tribal Chief fiercely glared at the canyon.

"These filthy Demons will appear once in a while. If we dont ruthlessly get rid of these damn guys, theyll threaten the tribe and keep summoning other Demons, drastically increasing their numbers. Today can still be considered pretty good, we got rid of a Greater Demon Overlord

"Guarding our home is the responsibility of every Beastman, we have to fight those filthy Demons to the end!"

Lin Yun was pensive and didnt continue asking. He was moved as he looked at the corpses of the returning Beastmen.

Then, the injured Beastmen went back to heal. With the humans medicines, their recovery speed more than doubled, especially with Lin Yuns Health Potions, they were especially efficient.

The Great Tribal Chief originally had a thirty-centimeter-long piece of flesh cut off from his back and his bones could faintly be seen. But after taking the Health Potion, his blood was no longer flowing and the flesh slowly recovered. With the Great Tribal Chiefs constitution, it would take less than a day for him to recover.

The tribe became busy and the corpses of the fallen Beastmen carried to the cemetery at the back of the mountain.

At night, Lin Yun quietly left his room and buffed himself with Hide, Mana Curb, Windsoar, and Muffle

There wasnt a single mana fluctuation as he flew out the window, nor was there any sound, and the air flow turned into a breeze. He wouldnt be discovered unless he went past a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

After sneaking into the back of the mountain, Lin Yun rapidly found the location of the cemetery. During the day, Lin Yun had dispatched Xiuban. As a Beastman, Xiuban was easily acknowledged by this tribe and very easily learnt of the location of the cemetery.

The cemetery was guarded by the power of the Beastmens ancestors, ordinary Beastmen couldnt enter. They could only enter when they had to bury clansmen.

But that couldnt stop Lin Yun, he took out the Book of Death and chanted three runes. This quickly created a two-meter-tall opening in the transparent layer of defense covering the cemetery.

Lin Yun frowned as he entered the cemetery.

The cemetery was spreading for at least three kilometers. Numerous graves were occupied and had simple tombstones in front of it. Most of them only had one name, only a few introduced the deceased achievements during his lifetime.

But the strange thing was that this big and strange cemetery far exceeded the standards of this tribe. Moreover, there wasnt a bit of a gloomy aura in the cemetery, nor was there any Death Aura.

If he closed his eyes, it would be as if he was in an overgrown mountainous region. Although there was no Life Aura, there was no Death Aura either.

Even if the Beastmen hadnt turned Undeads, their corpses would naturally scatter Death Aura, this was something all lifeforms couldnt prevent.

The Beastmens souls could directly return to the earth, but even if their corpses didnt turn Undead, they would still slowly rot until they integrated with the earth.

But here, the huge and massive cemetery didnt have an aura of death. Lin Yun had the Undead Predator ability, and thus, was very sensitive towards Death Aura, yet, he couldnt feel a single bit of Death Aura at this time.

He released two aura probing spells, without result.

As he followed the cemeterys trail, he found a new area. From the tombs and the soil, he could see that these graves belonged to the Beastmen that died today, the numbers matched too.

As he walked to this part of the cemetery, Lin Yuns gaze became deep. He spat out a rune and a ripple appeared in the air before slowly entering these graves.

Lin Yuns expression changed a few seconds later as he got some new information. It even looked like he had been expecting it.

The grave was empty!

The deceased had many things buried along with him, as well as brand new clothes. But these brand new clothes were lying down in the graves, crumpled, as if the Beastman that was wearing them had suddenly disappeared and the clothes fell.

Every tomb was sealed and a totem was used to cover the opening of the tomb. Unless the tomb had been forcibly opened, one couldnt dig into it.

But now, the corpse within this tomb had completely disappeared. Lin Yun walked to another nearby tomb and once again released a probing spell, but the outcome was the same. All the buried things were there, only the Beastman was missing.

Lin Yun frowned and stood in front of the cemetery, silently looking at these seemingly intact but empty tombs for a very long time.

Suddenly, a wisp of spatial fluctuation appeared from the side and Lin Yun vigilantly turned to look, only to see the tribes Great Shaman appearing in the air.

The Great Shaman had a sullen face as he walked to the new tombs and looked at them while mumbling to himself.

"As expected, they arent here"

Lin Yun understood. The cemetery was so big and strictly protected. How could these Beastmen not know what happened. Now it looked like at the very least, the Great Shaman knew the situation.

The Great Shaman looked at the cemetery for a long time before softly sighing. He then turned to look at Lin Yun, not asking how he entered the cemetery, nor accusing him to have entered without permission, he only said, "It looks like you already know."

Lin Yun nodded, "Ive already noticed something wrong when we met those Undead Beastmen. Beastmen rarely turn Undead, let alone in such huge numbers, this was very abnormal."

The Great Shaman nodded, remaining silent for a moment before pointing to the ground.

"This land can no longer open its arms to welcome Beastmen. There is an evil power in this land making Beastmen unable to return to the earth, our souls can no longer merge with the earth.

"Beastmen, or any other lifeforms will be devoured by the earth Or it would be better to say, they will be devoured by this evil land. It has a strange magic, our soul cant return to the earth and rest in peace."

Lin Yun remained silent, calmly listening.

The Great Shaman pointed at the cemetery with a distressed expression.

"Arent you wondering why our cemetery is so large, far beyond the scope of our Tribe?

"I can tell you. Over a thousand years ago, our tribe was ruling this prairie. This vast grassland was our pasture, our livestock didnt have any boundary, our grazing Kodos were as big as mountains. Level 35 raised Prairie Wolves werent qualified to serve as our mounts, and the Level 35 Wyverns could only serve as means of transportation.

"Those qualified to be called warriors numbered over a million, and no lifeform on this prairie could pose a threat to us.

"But you can see what our tribe looks like now.

"The prairie is desolate, the rabbits that were as numerous as weeds before cant even be found now, livestocks are nowhere to be found. Kodos, Prairie Wolves, and Wyverns are very few in numbers, to the point where we cant even form an army.

"The tribe only has about twenty thousand people left, and that is including the naive children and the toothless elderly.

"We are prisoners of this prairie, and our tribe might end up extinct in a few dozen years, trapped here even in death"

The Great Shaman was a Heaven Rank powerhouse, but his eyes were filled with despair. The Beastmen werent afraid of dying in battle, they werent afraid of pain, but slowly watching as his race sunk into this endless prison was the worst pain.