End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009 Who Did It?

Two Heaven Rank powerhouses were floating in the sky. One of them was very tall, his body emitting a dense glaring aura comparable to the Great Tribal Chief.

The other one was thin and frail, he was wearing hide clothes and holding a magic staff, while three smoky fireballs were hovering around him. He was obviously a Beastman Warlock.

Looking at the Beastmen attacking, Morgan, who had just released an Eagle Sight, immediately let out an alarmed shout, "They are from the Golden Top tribe!"

He clearly felt that this was inconceivable. The appearance of the Blood Fang Tribe, which should have been extinguished a long time ago, was already shocking them, but they could also see the Golden Top Tribe now. This was enough to show how abnormal this place was.

Lin Yun buffed himself with an Eagle Sight and looked at the battlefield. Sure enough, the Beastmen that didnt belong to the Blood Fang Tribe had a golden magic pattern on their forehead. The center of the magic pattern was located between their eyebrows and looked like a golden gem. Two complicated decorative patterns went over his eyes and inserted themselves into their temples, as if they were wearing a golden crown.

This was one of the characteristics of the Golden Top Beastmen, and their unique characteristics were more easily recognizable than the Blood Fang Tribes, Among all the Beastman Races, only the Golden Beastmen had such a magic pattern on their forehead.

"Damn b*stard! You actually dare to come attack our tribe?! Dont even think of leaving today! Ill return you to the embrace of the earth!" The Great Tribal Chief of the Blood Fang Tribe shouted in a rage.

He held that greatsword over-three-meter-long and clashed with the Great Tribal Chief of the other tribe. A large amount of golden light and bloody light crisscrossed in the sky. The two Heaven Rank Sword Saints silhouettes were extremely fast and all they could see were the clashes of their Auras.

Lights kept crisscrossing in midair, and soon, only the flickering light could be seen in the sky and the two powerhouses couldnt be seen fighting.

Only Aura Slashes could be seen occasionally falling down. A several-dozen-meter-long Golden Aura Slash fell down and slashed at the Blood Fang Tribes several-meter-tall wooden fence surrounding the tribe. The fence had soaked in blood for several years and was buffed by totems, it was far sturdier than stainless steel, yet a slash caused a thirty-meter-long breach in the fence.

As for the Heaven Warlock of the Golden Top Tribe, he was battling the Blood Fang Tribes Great Shaman. Fire and lightning kept intertwining. Flames kept exploding while lightning fluttered in the air like a snake.

The surging mana fluctuations made everyone within a kilometer feel as if a stone was pressing against their chest.

But no one noticed that the Great Shamans situation wasnt that great. During the fight with the Demons, the Great Shamans body had already been on the verge of collapse. In order to increase his power, he had used his body to usher in thunder and lightning, greatly injuring himself in the process, and he had yet to recover so far.

Moreover, this was the Blood Fang Tribe, the Great Shaman also had to protect the tribe against spells from the enemy. Since the start of the fight, he had been in a passive state, and being defeated was only a matter of time.

The human group was calmly watching the fight from the tribes tower.

Raphael pointed at the battle happening outside the tribe and said, "Should we help this Blood Fang Tribe? The Great Prophet has consumed too much soul power in the previous fight and is now defending the tribe, he cant even participate in the fight.

"None of the Great Tribal Chiefs seemed to be having the upper hand, the outcome of the battle wont be decided for a while. But the Great Shaman might be unable to last long.

"If they lose, what about us?"

They all had different expressions.

Dylas indifferently shook his head, "The Blood Fang Tribe and the Golden Top Tribe are old rivals. No matter what they do, its a matter between Beastmen, we cant rashly get involved. Even if we win, we might not obtain the appreciation of the Blood Fang Tribe, they might even turn hostile."

No one retorted, because this was a kind of tradition that humans couldnt understand. In a fight between two Beastmen, if one of them got a helping hand, even if they won, they wouldnt be grateful, they might instead view them as enemies.

In the eyes of Beastmen, only the cowardly Beastmen lacking courage would need others help in a fight. They would be looked down upon by everyone.

It would be tolerable if they got help from within their race, but seeking help from another race would be destroying the rules spread by the Beastmen for a very long time, and the helped Beastmen were likely to be spurned.

This kind of racial fight was even harder to meddle in for outside races.

Lin Yun, who had been watching the battlefield, suddenly had a surprised expression.

On the battlefield outside the tribe, within the Wolf Riders, there was a Beastman that seemed to resemble the Golden Top Beastmen, it even had a magic pattern drawn on his forehead, but with a single look at his magic pattern, they could see that this wasnt a Golden Top Beastman.

Moreover, there were also a few other Golden Beastmen pretending to be Golden Top Beastmen. If not for Lin Yun having seen that guy before, he wouldnt have noticed it.


Hearing Lin Yuns exclaim that name in shock, Jouyis expression suddenly changed as he let out in fear, "Kraff? The son of the Golden Beastmans Tribal Chief? They also came?"

Their faces instantly changed color. They hadnt expected the Raging Flame Beastmen to also come over, let alone the Gold Beastmen.

Orange flames burst out of Dedales body as he took out his metal staff.

"Golden Beastmen? Where?"

Lin Yun pointed at Kraffs position on the battlefield.

"Ive seen that guy before, but I hadnt expected him to have also come, let alone together with the Golden Top Beastmen. I was wondering why the Golden Top Beastmen were suddenly attacking the Blood Fang Tribe, it turns out they got a helper"

Dedale had a cold expression as he looked at the battlefield. Neither the Golden Top Beastmen nor the Blood Fang Beastmen had conflicts with the humans. But the Raging Flame Beastmen were different, especially the ruling Golden Beastmen. They were humans mortal foes.

But now, the Golden Beastmen had unexpectedly joined the Golden Top Beastmen and they wanted to attack the Blood Fang Tribe. Who knew if it was a plot by the Golden Beastmen to destroy the Blood Fang Tribe.

The Golden Beastmens understanding of this place was far superior to them, their tribe went through the Raging Flame Planes history. They werent like the humans who were practically flying blind.

"We have to help the Blood Fang Tribe!"

Dedale got ready to help after saying those words. At that time, the Great Shaman, who had been forced back again and again, had no other choice but to usher in thunder and lightning once more. But he lasted less than three minutes before suddenly spitting out blood and falling down.

The Warlock of the Golden Top Tribe didnt let go of that opportunity, he cast a twenty-meter-big fireball and chased behind the silhouette of the falling Great Shaman.

The Great Shaman supported his body, wanting to intercept this huge fireball, but the lightning injuries on his body burst open, burning one side of his body with black fork trees scars.

Dedale had already flown out of the tower at that time, his Burning Souls Magic Tool Incarnation already flying out and fusing with Dedale and the Burning Souls magic robe.


A roar echoed as Dedale rapidly transformed into a long burning Dragons head. He waved that huge metal rod and used it like a staff to create a circle flaming shackles-like orange flames, before rapidly coiling them around that huge fireball.

The orange flames rapidly flew up and instantly slowed down the speed of the Fireball. Then, more and more flame shackles appeared and squeezed the fireball, thoroughly suppressing it in the air.

A loud explosion echoed as this twenty-meter-big fireball exploded. The terrifying flame power spread in the surroundings and was about to hit the tribe below.

Dedale roared and the orange flames on his body instantly condensed into the shape of a twenty-meter-tall Flame Dragon.

The Flame Dragon opened its mouth and shot out a breath of flames. It was as if the chaotically falling flames had met their bane as they transformed into a long line of fire which was rapidly devoured by the orange Flame Dragon.

After blocking the attack, Dedale brought back the seriously injured Great Shaman before charging towards that Fire Warlock in the sky.

The orange flames turned into a long river, and Dedale stepped on one of its waves to charge into the sky. He firmly resisted the Fire Warlocks spells while the Flame Dragon tightly followed him, continuously devouring the spells of the Fire Warlock.

After a few seconds, Dedale took over the situation and even forced that Fire Warlock away from the battlefield.

Dedale firmly resisted the Heaven Rank powerhouse while the other humans flew towards the Blood Fangs armies outside of the tribe.

"Cowards of the Blood Fang Tribe, you actually asked an outsider for help!"

A thunderous voice boomed as the Great Tribal Chief of the Golden Top Beastmen immediately started shouting, making a scene.

Sure enough, this raised the attention of the Great Tribal Chief of the Blood Fang Tribe, putting him at a disadvantage, while also affecting the strength of the Blood Fang Tribes soldiers, almost putting them in mortal danger.

Kraff was overjoyed when he saw the appearance of humans and immediately exulted, roaring, "Warriors of the Golden Top Tribe, lets get rid of these cowards and wipe the Blood Fang Tribe from these lands! Kill!"

Kraff suddenly felt a faint wisp of mana fluctuations in front of him as soon as he finished his shout. In an instant, a head-sized sphere of water condensed in front of his face and smashed into it.

Kraff let out a scream and almost fell down from his saddle. He touched his nose and felt blood flowing steadily. His head was drenched in water.

"Damn b*stard, who did this!?"

Lin Yun floated in the air, unable to restrain his laugh as he looked at Kraff.

"Kraff, are you brainless? Even if the magic pattern you drew on your forehead is pretty good, your clothes are too different from the Golden Top Beastmens"

Kraff was suddenly startled and felt his forehead, the fake magic pattern had already been messed up.

As for the warriors of the two tribes, they had clearly seen what happened, Kraff had been posing as a Golden Top Beastman.

"Despicable Golden Top Beastmen, you actually looked for an outsider to attack the Blood Fang Tribe! And you had them pretend to be one of yours. Thats truly despicable! We cant stand it anymore, lets expose these swindlers true identity!"

"Warriors of the Blood Fang Tribe, lets squish those despicable Beastmen"

"Lets get rid of these guys who dare violate our ancestors teaching!"