End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010 Complacen

In an instant, the morale of the Blood Fang Tribe surged, while the Golden Top Beastmen were shocked and confused. Clearly, they had fought a lot without knowing that they actually had been receiving external help.

Kraff wiped the blood off his face and sneered. He took out a three-meter-long totem with numerous Ancestral Soul runes deeply carved on top of it, and at the peak of the totem was the imprint of a golden crown. This was the totemic mark of the Golden Top Tribe.

Kraff tossed the totem and loudly chanted the summoning eulogy. Blinding light blossomed from the totem, and an ancient aura covered the entire battlefield. This was the power of the Beastman Ancestor descending.

The totem scintillated with golden light as it transformed into a huge golden crown. That hundred-meter-wide crown appeared far above Kraffs head, and a huge Ancestor Soul descended from the center of the crown.

The Ancestor Souls huge soul body was covered in ancient Beastman Runes, and its forehead clearly had the magic pattern of the Golden Top Beastmen. And that pattern appeared even more ancient and more powerful.

Kraff looked around with killing intent before his eyes locked onto Lin Yun.

"You will all die, you are dead!"

After saying that, Kraff took out another golden crown and slowly placed it upon his head.

In an instant, the huge crown of light in the sky fell down and landed on the head of the Golden Top Ancestor Soul. That crown resonated with Kraffs, and the Ancestor Soul took a step towards Kraff before its huge body shrank by a few dozen times.

After three steps, the Ancestor Soul wearing the bright golden crown fused with Kraffs body. The two crowns became one, and Kraffs aura started frantically expanding.

His body also fiercely expanded, almost doubling in size, and he was covered in a faint layer of light. Under his two arms, two rays of light formed two extra arms.

One of Kraffs own arms was holding a magic staff while the other was holding the totem. The two arms of light were empty. The air forcibly burst as they were clenched, and lightning crackled within his fists.

"All of you will die! The Golden Beastmen are invincible! As for you, you f*cker, you were lucky enough to sneak attack me last time, but lets see how youll manage to cheat this time! Ill break all your bones and suppress your soul here for all eternity, Ill make you turn into the filthy Undead!"

As Kraff loudly shouted, his terrifying aura transformed into whirling gales that sent the surrounding Beastmen flying. That terrifying aura already exceeded the limits of the Archmage realm. Only Heaven Rank powerhouses could emit such a terrifying aura.

Kraff had summoned his tribes Ancestor Soul and then fused with it, making his strength suddenly reach the Heaven Rank. It had only been a few seconds, but the human side was greatly alarmed, and the Blood Fang Tribe was also worried. The seriously wounded Great Shaman struggled to stand up to join the fight once again, but lightning burst out of his body as he moved, immobilizing him.

Kraff brandished his staff, and boundless power instantly surged through his body. Over a hundred flaming meteors suddenly condensed in front of his body before shooting out like arrows.

At that time, both the humans and the Blood Fang Beastmen were forced to defend while retreating due to the pressure.

After the wave of meteors shot out, another wave of meteors rapidly condensed. These meteors were falling on his enemies like rain.

Three Blood Fang Wolf Riders were crushed to death one after another, along with their mounts.

The group of humans all used their own defensive spells to resist this dense rain of meteors, barely able to endure this outburst that disregarded mana consumption.

But less than three seconds later, Kraff sneered and brandished his totem. Suddenly, a totem shadow flew out and rapidly expanded in the air and floated into the sky.

The totem shadow was emitting a terrifying power. It was like a mountain dropping from the sky, pushing away the air and forming turbulent wind on both sides.

Facing this power that was definitely beyond any Archmage, both the human side and the Blood Fang Beastmen hastily dodged towards the side.

The totem shadow ruthlessly smashed into the ground, and following the deafening rumble, the earth heavily shook. Huge cracks spread all around from the center of the totem shadow and, and shockwaves were sent out in all directions.

Ten Blood Fang Beastmen, as well as a few Golden Top Beastmen, failed to dodge in time and were directly hit by the shockwave. For a moment, it looked as if their bodies were made of sand as they rapidly turned into ashes.

Sky Citys floating fortress was sent flying by the turbulent shockwave, and the Quicksand Towers mages wrapped themselves in sand to protect themselves as they were knocked away.

The Shadow Towers people transformed into shadows that rapidly fled, but they only managed to cross a few dozen meters the shockwave caught up to them, knocking them out of the shadows.

The Henry Family went all-out and destroyed a True Spirit Magic Tool to forcibly defend themselves, while the Odin Kingdoms royal family rode their mounts and flew out.

As for the Andlusa Kingdom, they were all protected by Lin Yun. A semicircle-shaped runed-covered Earth Wall appeared in front of everyone, sheltering them. As the shockwave impacted on the Earth Wall, the runes instantly flowed into the ground, and with the Earth Wall as the center, they expanded to cover more than a hundred meters, diffusing the shockwave into the ground.

Even so, the group couldnt stand stably. Their mana fluctuations were very fierce, and it was somewhat difficult for them to cast spells.

Everyone was startled by Kraffs sudden display of Heaven Rank power. The Great Tribal Chief fighting in the sky wanted to help out, but he was being kept busy by the Golden Top Tribes Great Tribal Chief.

Dedale was covered in orange flames, and his fighting style was extremely fierce. He was continuously charging into the Golden Top Heaven Rank Shaman, so he couldnt be distracted or help the battlefield below.

The Great Prophet of the Blood Fang Tribe was powerless at the moment, while the Great Shaman had been seriously injured. No one could block Kraff.

Kraff laughed his head off as his arms of light suddenly swelled up and swatted towards the humans.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

"Damned scoundrel, I want to crush all your bones! Youll die, you cant resist my power!"

The humans had many powerful mages among them, but apart from Dedale, no one could display the power of the Heaven Rank.

The others were all 9th Rank Archmages. The gap between them and the Heaven Rank was huge, and even if Kraff didnt have Extraordinary Power, the power he was using was at the level of the Heaven Rank.

His mana was comparable to that of a Heaven Rank after fusing with the Golden Top Ancestor Soul. He didnt need to worry about mana consumption when casting, and the power and casting speed of his spells had substantially increased. He might not have Extraordinary Power, but he made up for it with the sheer number of spells.

This oppressive fighting style forced everyone to just passively take a beating without any opportunities to break free.

They all kept retreating, making Kraff feel more and more pleased with himself.

"Damned scoundrel! I know you are here, Mafa Merlin! Ill tear you to shreds first, and then Ill make the others accompany you!"

Two huge radiant hands flew across to hit Lin Yun.

Lin Yun looked at Kraff and sneered. His seemingly thin body suddenly burst with mana, and the mana transformed into raindrops of mana that kept dripping out from Lin Yuns surroundings. The surrounding elements fluctuated, and the air suddenly stopped flowing.

A huge wheel shadow appeared behind Lin Yun. His Draconic Staff flashed with purple light as the shadow of the Purple Dragon also appeared behind him and held the wheel, looking at Kraff with a cold expression.

Lin Yun became twice as big in an instant.

With one step, boiling lava appeared under his foot and rapidly covered his body, turning him into a Lava Giant.

With another step, Lin Yun turned into a nine-meter-tall Lava Giant, and a huge wave of lava swelled under his feet.

An ancient book bound by metal shackles was now in Lin Yuns left hand. The shackles collapsed, and the book opened on its own. A light flashed as Lin Yuns form almost doubled in size.

The originally sharply rising aura rose once again and instantly exceeded the limits of the Archmage realm to reach the momentum of the Heaven Rank.

The raindrops of mana in the surroundings rapidly turned into spheres of lava that floated around Lin Yun. Lin Yun indifferently looked at Kraff and let out a rune. Two more runes flew out of the Book of Death and strengthened his body, increasing the Lava Giants size by more than a meter.

"Kraff, you were lucky last time Your general protected you. But your general isnt here this time. No one can protect you now, little chicken."

Kraff was startled. He could clearly feel that Lin Yun was more powerful than last time, but he still sneered back, "You simply sneak attacked me last time, you were lucky! Youre screwed now, Ill slowly play with you until you die"

The humans were all stunned as they saw Lin Yuns power. What they had seen as a small herbivore had turned into a fierce T-rex in an instant. Not to mention his fighting strength, the mana fluctuations he emitted had increased by at least ten times!

Lin Yun was expressionless. Everything in his surroundings had been put aside, and the mana surging from his body suddenly burst out. In an instant, the ground within three hundred meters melted to form a pond of lava.

Lin Yuns silhouette disappeared as he used the lava pond to flicker two hundred meters away in less than a second, shrinking his distance from Kraff to a hundred meters.

Kraff was slightly startled. The next moment, Lin Yun had already appeared sixty meters from him. This was already a dangerous distance in fights of this level. Some instant spells could appear before ones face in the blink of an eye.