End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 Suppressed

Lin Yuns left hand was holding a fist-sized spherical Magic Tool. This was the Elemental Passage he had dismantled from the Heaven Rank Puppet in the Raging Flame Plane.

The glaring lightning kept rushing into the Elemental Passage and dissipated as if sucked in. The lightning covering the Great Shamans body kept surging, as if it would never stop.

It took less than three minutes for the surface of the Elemental Passage to flicker with lightning. The Elemental Passage could only devour one spell at once, whether it was a 1st Tier Spell or an 8th Tier Spell, it made no difference.

These continuous rays of lightning were just lightning power, strictly speaking, they couldnt be considered as magic. But as long as they were uninterrupted, the Elemental Passage would consider them all as one spell. Unless they exceeded the limit, it could keep absorbing them.

The lightning on the surface of the Great Shamans body slowly dissipated, and the remnant power wasnt enough to put the Great Shaman out of commission.

After putting away the Elemental Passage, Lin Yun took out one more Health Potion.

"Sir Great Shaman, this is a Health Potion I refined."

The Great Shaman gratefully bowed towards Lin Yun and took the Health Potion.

With the lightning dissipating and the Health Potion drunk, the bedridden Great Shaman had now recovered to a stable state and could move without problem.

"Sir Great Shaman, I want to ask you a question, I hope you could tell me the truth."

The Great Shaman shook his head.

"My greatest thanks for your generosity, you helped reduce my pain. But I dont really know the answer to your question."

Lin Yun faintly smiled, not getting angry.

"Sir Great Shaman, Ive yet to ask you the question, yet you already seem to know what I want to ask?"

The Great Shaman opened his mouth, before bitterly smiling.

"Sir Great Shaman, I want to ask whats going on with the Undeads outside. I want to know the truth."

The Great Shaman immediately shook his head.

"I also dont know, Ive never seen an Undead. Im not sure there are any Undead, Im very sorry, Im unable to help you."

Lin Yun remained calm as he had been expecting this kind of reaction.

"If Sir Great Shaman isnt convinced there are Undeads outside, then its very simple. Ill just go out for half an hour and capture a few hundred Undead Beastmen, it is a very simple matter."

After saying that, Lin Yun turned around to walk out.

The Great Shamans expression changed in an instant. Capturing Undeads was really the simplest method, but a few hundred would definitely expose the truth to the tribe.

"Wait, wait, young man, you win. Since you want to know, Ill tell you the truth. But the truth isnt what you are hoping for"

Lin Yun turned around and calmly listened to the Great Shaman as he recalled history while sighing.

"In the most ancient era, the Greater Raging Flame Overlord ruled the entire world. All Beastmen were only slaves to the Greater Raging Flame Overlord and all Beastmens lives were in his grasp.

"The vicious Greater Overlord could kill his slave Beastmen at will, and the blood of Beastmen flowed to every corner of the Greater Raging Flame Overlords territory.

"Until the day when my ancestor, the greatest Shaman Sarr, rose up. He started leading us to resist the Greater Overlord ruthless rule. Numerous brave Beastmen ended up sacrificing their lives, and even Saar offered his own life.

"We successfully overthrew the Greater Raging Flame Overlords rule and sealed him. But although the suppressing seal was very powerful and consumed Saars life, it could barely suppress the Greater Raging Flame Overlord.

"The Greater Raging Flame Overlord keeps attacking the seal, and from time to time, some of the Greater Overlords power would rush out of the seal and greatly harm us. This is a disaster for us.

"Every few dozen years, a heroic Beastman needs to use his life to strengthen the seal.

"But too much of the Greater Raging Flame Overlords power is leaking. We keep fighting with the large amount of Demons he summons, and every year, a large number of heroic warriors sacrifice their lives.

"As time passes, the number of warriors is dwindling and our Beastman force keeps weakening. At the same time, the number of Demons keeps increasing as more of the Greater Raging Flame Overlords power leaks out. Hell ultimately escape from his trap one day.

"Back then, the tribes wise Leksa eventually found a method to seal the Greater Raging Flame Overlord that didnt need Beastmen to keep sacrificing their lives to reinforce the seal.

"Leksa summoned a large number of powerhouses and, in the seal area, Leksa cut himself and died, while the others poured his life and soul into the seal.

"A large number of Beastmens ancestors sacrificed their lives, and their souls formed a huge cage that would imprison the Greater Raging Flame Overlord for all eternity.

"But that method wasnt without flaw, their soul couldnt rest, and their bodies turned Undead, forever wandering this wasteland.

"I read through my ancestors records and watched as time passed. When it comes to this, I could feel Leksars willingness to abandon his beliefs and turn himself into an Undead, to make his soul unable to rest.

"I also know that their souls are struggling forever. Even after knowing that they had turned Undead, they still retained some of their memories.

"They are still guarding our tribe and all outsiders would be attacked by the Undead army. However, they would never show themselves to Beastmen.

"They are unwilling to let their descendants and clansmen see their appearances, they are unwilling to let their descendants and clansmen know that they abandoned the beliefs of their ancestors. They are unwilling to let us know that their souls hadnt returned to the embrace of the earth or turned into Ancestor Souls.

"But I can see it. Ive never seen Undeads before, but I know they are still completing their mission.

"The souls of our ancestors wont rest as long as they are suppressing the Greater Raging Flame Overlord, and the Undeads would forever remain.

"That canyon where Demons keeps appearing is the area were the Greater Raging Flame Overlord is sealed.

"Its not that Im unwilling to tell you the truth, its just that if you dont want to deal with the Undead army, you have to face the terrifying Greater Raging Flame Overlord.

"If I may advise you, dont provoke the Greater Raging Flame Overlord. You dont understand how terrifying he is. Even sealed, the raging flames formed from a bit of leaked power are enough to burn anyone to ashes."

The Great Shaman had a gloomy tone, he didnt have any intent to fight. Just a bit of power leaked from the Greater Raging Flame Overlord wasnt something they could resist.

Lin Yun silently nodded, a flash of understanding appearing in his eyes as the situation was explained.

In the legends of the Raging Flame Plane, everything in the Black Burn Scar had been destroyed by a Greater Demon Overlord. Even ten millennia later, the remnant of the fierce flames werent something anyone under the Heaven Rank could study.

After having guessed that this shattered world existed in the past of the Raging Flame Plane, Lin Yun conjectured that there might have been a genuine Greater Demon Overlord suppressed there, and sure enough, it was the case.

And Lin Yun finally understood why it was suppressed there. This kind of existence was an apex ruler in the Abyss. Countless Demons crawled under its feet, but for it to be suppressed in the Raging Flame Plane was too strange.

But he clearly understood now why the Raging Flame Plane was called the Raging Flame Plane. It was because the original ruler of the Raging Flame Plane was this Greater Raging Flame Overlord!

His rule was overthrown! And by the Beastmen he originally oppressed as slaves. But the Raging Flame name kept being passed on.

After obtaining the information he wanted, Lin Yun went back to the others to discuss it.

Everyone was shocked after hearing the information gathered by Lin Yun. No one expected a Greater Demon Overlord to actually be sealed under that canyon.

And what they needed to do now was to look for a way to truly suppress this Greater Demon Overlord and free those Beastmens souls from their cages.

Only after these Beastmens souls were truly freed would the Undead army dissipate. That way, they would be able to attack the Golden Top Tribe and capture the Golden Beastmen without the looming threat of the Undeads.

Regarding that matter, those that didnt know much about arrays and werent alchemists couldnt give good ideas. Raphael frowned for a long time, before hesitantly saying, "The array in that canyon is a very old array. The arrays from back them wouldnt be as refined. I believe that we can definitely find a better method to suppress that Greater Demon Overlord now.

"Although the Greater Demon Overlord is terrifyingly powerful, to the point where it could eliminate all of us with his voice and destroy this world with one hit, it is now suppressed. It wouldnt pose a big threat to us unless it rushes out of the seal and escapes the suppression.

"Leaked aura wouldnt be too powerful. I believe that we are powerful enough to handle it.

"At least, it would be a lot easier than facing those Undeads, it isnt invincible like those Undeads."

Raphael, the appointed leader of Sky Citys forces, was a Peak Master Alchemist and Sky Citys best expert in the field of arrays. His words had the most sway, at least to the Odin Kingdoms people, his words were far more convincing than the Artisan of the Andlusa Kingdom.

Everyone had seen Lin Yuns foundation in rune carving before, they had also seen Lin Yun taking out first-rate potions, and thus, they automatically believed that Lin Yun was a potioneering expert.

No one asked for Lin Yuns opinion. After Raphael shared his opinion, Dedale firmly clapped his hands and made this decision.

Although the Greater Demon Overlord was terrifying, a suppressed Greater Demon Overlord was far less terrifying than an Undead army.