End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 Simulation

After reaching the canyon, the three mages from Sky City started examining the place under Raphaels lead and looked for the arrays location.

They saw a Horned Demon when they arrived. Dedale took charge of the group and rapidly killed the Horned Demon.

The mana fluctuations destroyed a large part of the canyon, but they had yet to see any trace of the array. They could only see some remains of alchemy puppets on the ground, and these remains were covered in rust, almost decayed. It was as if they had been scrapped for a long time and could no longer be used as components.

Apart from these, they couldnt find any clues. There was not a single clue relating to the array. There were mountains of various sizes.

Raphael was somewhat twitchy as they came up empty-handed. This was the place where a Greater Demon Overlord was suppressed, yet they couldnt find the array. Moreover, they couldnt casually damage the surroundings too much. They might end up unknowingly damaging the array if they casually dug around.

They would be in huge trouble if just a bit of the array was damaged. No one dared to move without being sure of the arrays location.

Ultimately, they couldnt find any clues. Raphael carefully dug around a place that he believed might possibly have some traces of an array.

But they didnt find any traces after digging ten meters into the earth. There were only rusted remains of puppets.

Lin Yun looked at those remains and felt that they were a bit familiar. The style of the design and some smaller details were somewhat familiar, but these remains were in such poor condition that they were basically no different from a pile of dirt. A small bit of force would be enough to crush them to pieces.

Raphael had a foolish expression after boldly digging so far down without discovering anything. He wasnt even sure that an array existed here.

"Sir Mafa Merlin, there is no trace of an array here Is this really the place where the Greater Demon Overlord is sealed?"

Lin Yun hovered in the air, sizing up the entire canyon, as well as the mountains surrounding the area.

Endless runes roamed within Lin Yuns eyes and slowly gathered to take the shape of this mountain range. After being halfway formed, those runes suddenly collapsed.

Lin Yuns body faintly shook. His mana was somewhat chaotic, but Lin Yun grinned.

He had just used the runes to reference this mountain range, and although he only managed to do half before it collapsed, it was already enough for Lin Yun to figure out that this was a huge array. The entire canyon was the center of the huge array, while the surrounding mountain range was part of it.

This is a Heaven Grade Array. Only a Heaven Grade Array would have collapsed as he tried to simulate it. The simulation would have shown everything just fine for an ordinary mountain range, even if he was also simulating the vegetation.

"This canyon and the mountain range surrounding it form a huge array!" Lin Yun shared the outcome of his examination with Raphael.

Raphael was greatly alarmed, and he promptly flew up to examine it.

Meanwhile, Dylas sneered.

"Mafa Merlin, you have lost your mind. Those Blood Fang Beastmen clearly concealed the truth and didnt tell us many things. What Great Overlord? What array? These are just their lies, yet you believed them?

"You think the entire mountain range is a huge array? You dare to say that? Dont you have a bit of common sense? How could these ordinary mountains form an array? Let alone one that can suppress a Greater Demon Overlord?

"Hurry up and f*ck off, dont shame yourself. Its fine if you dont understand, but making irresponsible remarks makes you look stupid. You have just been tricked by the Blood Fang Beastmen, thats all. Youre only making yourself look stupid by saying this kind of thing"

Dylas willfully lashed out at Lin Yun, while the others were similarly skeptical. It was because the Sky Citys alchemists, who were known to be proficient in arrays, had been searching for a while without finding a single trace of the array. Lin Yun finding the array so easily definitely felt wrong to them.

Raphael was frowning and carefully observing the surroundings from the sky, but he couldnt find the outline. He only faintly felt that there was something strange with this mountain range and the canyon at its center.

Lin Yun glanced at Dylas, and the runes within his eyes rapidly moved. He couldnt simulate the entire array, but forming a part was relatively easy.

After a few seconds, a part of the array framework near Dylas was delineated by Lin Yun, and he opened his mouth and sent a rune towards the ground.

In everyones eyes, there was just a common section of the ground there, but to Lin Yun, there was a node and an arrays patterns.

Dylas was actually standing on top of the patterns. No one was able to sense Lin Yuns rune as it fell onto the ground. The energy transmitted by the array patterns were slightly blocked, and in an instant, accumulated energy spouted out of the array pattern.

Everyone suddenly sensed demonic power surging from below. Black smoke surged out from the ground, and there was enough of it to cover Dylas. Two Level 35 Horned Demons suddenly appeared beside Dylas.

The sudden reaction startled everyone. The two Horned Demons had sinister expressions as they simultaneously attacked the closest person, Dylas.

Dylas was very shocked, but he still promptly roused the Dark Night Cloak. Shadows frantically spread out, rising from the ground as they covered the two Horned Demons.

With Dylas burst of power, two runes appeared on top of the Dark Night Cloak, and the shadows covering the ground were like a monster roaming the night as they devoured the two Horned Demons.

Dylas was deathly pale, his heart beating extremely quickly as he was in a panicked state. He then gritted his teeth and glared at Lin Yun.

"Mafa Merlin! Are you declaring war on our Shadow Tower!? You little b*stard"

Lin Yun landed on the ground and calmly looked at the enraged Dylas.

"Sir Dylas, didnt you say that this wasnt the location of the array? I only proved it, so there shouldnt be any problem now, right?"

Dylas complexion was pale green, he ground his teeth as he glared at Lin Yun.

"Mafa Merlin, you did it on purpose, didnt you? You set me up me on purpose, didnt you? If I hadnt reacted fast enough, I would have been crushed by those two filthy Demons!"

Lin Yun seemed indifferent to Dylas words.

"Sir Dylas, do you think I can control this array? This joke isnt funny. This is a huge Heaven Grade Array!"

Dylas opened his mouth, but he was at a loss. What could he say? That Lin Yun was able to control a Heaven Grade Array to trap him? Even he wouldnt believe it.

Dylas looked at the others, and clearly, no one felt Lin Yun was at fault. They all thought that this was an accident. After all, this was a huge Heaven Grade Array. No one here could control it.

In the sky, Raphaels face was red from excitement as he looked at the canyon below and the surrounding mountain range while mumbling to himself, "Right, this is the central node, and the mountains and the canyon are the patterns. Heavens, such a huge array This is definitely a Heaven Grade Array"

Raphael excitedly went back to Lin Yun, shock and respect visible in his eyes.

Before, he had only felt that Lin Yuns runic foundations were very good and that he was a formidable Artisan specialized in potioneering. The medicines hed refined, especially the ones for healing, were far better than the ones made by the Odin Kingdoms Artisans.

But he hadnt expected him to also be so formidable in the field of arrays. He almost immediately thought of flying up in the air to look at the structure of the entire mountain range.

This was an outrageous way of thinking, but he used a very short time to ascertain that this mountain range was indeed using this canyon as its core to form a huge array.

Moreover, he discovered the location of this arrays patterns in a very short time. Those patterns were fused with the earth!

That foolish Dylas doesnt understand the most basic structure of arrays, yet he actually dared to question an outstanding Artisan. Are all the mages from the Shadow Tower that foolish?

Raphaels eyes were filled with surprise as he unconsciously started looking at Lin Yun as someone of equal standing, no longer considering the Andlusa Kingdoms mages to be below the Odin Kingdoms.

All mages of Sky City had to specialize in arrays, because the most powerful war tools of Sky City ranged from the smallest floating fortress to the biggest Sky City.

Everything was related to arrays. The others couldnt see anything and didnt feel that Lin Yun was formidable, but Raphael clearly understood. He found the arrays location, as well as the outline of the structure. He even found the node of the array in a mere few seconds. The difficulty of such a task is terrifying

Raphael himself couldnt do it as easily as Lin Yun had even after knowing the location of the array.

He even felt that Lin Yun had purposely made the two Horned Demons attack Dylas, but he chose to remain silent.

An ignorant fool criticized an outstanding Artisan proficient in the field of arrays He definitely deserved to die.

At this moment, Raphael no longer had a favorable impression of Dylas at all. This was the pride of an alchemist.

Raphael couldnt help humbling himself involuntarily and started discussing with Lin Yun using alchemy terminology.

"Sir Merlin, this array used the mountain range as patterns. The energy circuits seem extremely simple, but they are hidden in an extremely complicated way. The entire array is in 3D and is even concealing both light and dark sides. Simulating the entire thing wouldnt be easy. After all, this is a Heaven Grade Array"

Lin Yun pointed at the canyon.

"The entire array cant be simulated with traditional methods. Constructing the entire framework first and adding the details later is impossible. With the canyon as the center, we should divide it into parts. Break down the entire array and simulate a hundred parts. Simulate the details first, and then form the framework."

Raphael had a flash of understanding and tested Lin Yuns method before immediately giving him a thumbs-up.

"Indeed, Sir Merlin is right. Although this method is the slowest method, it is the most suitable one for this huge Heaven Grade Array. We would take a year to construct the entire framework with our current manpower, and we might not even complete it. Although this method is more complicated, it is the fastest method"