End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015 Its Time

Lin Yun and Raphael kept discussing the details of the simulation, such as how to find the array patterns, nodes, and even the runic key locations

As for the others, they could only be baffled as they listened. They couldnt make sense of what they were hearing as the discussion of the two alchemists became more and more technical.

Soon, they all moved aside and left the area to Lin Yun and Raphael. The other three mages of Sky City started preparing all kinds of tools according to Lin Yun and Raphaels instructions.

As the discussion progressed, Raphael was gazing at Lin Yun with even more shock and respect. Sky Citys three mages couldnt help looking at Lin Yun with admiration. They would immediately implement what Lin Yun asked, without double-checking with Raphael.

Time passed, and as Raphael and Lin Yun simulated the array together, the sheets of paper had already formed a small mountain. Several dozen bottles of ink had also been used.

The entire array had been broken down into over a hundred parts, and the structure and details of the array had been simulated. This took a lot of time and a huge amount of calculations.

At first, Raphael led the three mages from Sky City, but then, those three mages could only act as supporting roles. Their simulation speed was too slow, as was their calculation speed.

At the rate they worked at, it would take four to five months to complete the simulation. But for Lin Yun, with the Magic Array and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, his calculation speed was twenty to thirty times as fast as Raphaels. Overall, he would take around a tenth of the time Raphael needed for the simulation. Thus, Raphael took the initiative to support Lin Yun.

Even so, they spent ten days simulating the entire array. Over a hundred sheets of crystal paper formed some sort of huge jigsaw puzzle representing the parts of the array.

The arrays 3D structure of what was hidden under the earth had been completely inferred.

Raphael started researching this array with Lin Yun, and after half a month, the research reached a bottleneck.

"Sir Merlin, weve reached the limits of data calculation. Without experimentation, it would be impossible to obtain key data."

Raphael was looking at Lin Yun with deep respect. Close to a month of research made him strongly understand how formidable this young man was in the field of alchemy.

With his formidable computing power, he was able to infer a lot of data that would normally require experimentation.

This greatly reduced the risks. After all, the array was suppressing a Greater Demon Overlord. When altering the array, a moment of carelessness could release that Demon, and everyone would be done for. If they made a mistake and carelessly let that Overlord leak out a bit more power, they would be all doomed.

"Its time, lets try altering this array. This array has fallen silent, so most of the remaining data cant be inferred." After contemplating for a bit, Lin Yun agreed to Raphaels proposal.

But he then added, "We only understand the operating principle of the array and most of the frameworks effect. We have to experiment with many of the details. Altering the array is dangerous, so we have to call everyone."

Raphael nodded and immediately looked for the other forces of the Odin Kingdom.

Half an hour later, everyone once again gathered in the canyon. Raphael and Lin Yun were hovering in the air, and in front of them, there was a huge simulation of the array made of crystal paper.

"Try altering this part. This isnt a very important core part of the array. We will have time to amend the modifications."

Lin Yun pointed at a piece of crystal paper. This was one of the parts furthest from the core of the array. That part was mainly just framework and didnt have energy circuits. It would be very easy to fix if there was an issue, and it couldnt cause any major problems.

Raphael nodded and then the two took out a pile of metal plates used for alchemy. These metal plates had a large number of runes and patterns carved on them, and the materials were mixed with some Eternal Gold Essence. The metal plates wouldnt rust within ten millennia. It would take at least several dozen millennia for them to lose their effects.

Lin Yun and Raphael were separated by over six hundred meters. They each held ten pieces of alchemical metal plates and put them into their established locations according to the sequence.

The metal plates sank into the earth as if they had fallen into a quagmire, slowly inserting themselves in the ground.

Lin Yun was standing high up, and runes were moving within his eyes to rapidly form the structure of the several hundred meters of array below him. As the metal plates merged with the earth, fusing and changing this part of the array, the runes in Lin Yuns eyes also rapidly changed. The Magic Array worked at full capacity and was calculating the changes happening here while recording the key data.

When the metal plates were more than halfway merged, the several hundred meters of ground shook, and wisps of black smoke emitting a sinister aura seeped out from the ground. The array started violently changing as the last piece of metal plate thoroughly merged with it.

Some parts of the long mountain ridge started rising up, while other parts started sinking. From the sky, it looked like a giant snake raising its body.

And this part changing led to the entire array changing. The entire mountain started shaking, and a roar seemed to echo out from another world. In the canyon, tons of black smoke soared out, and a tri-dimensional abyssal rune with black flames appeared within the smoke.

This Abyssal Rune was like a pyramid with all four sides being a rune. Moreover, when looking from a different angle, it looked as if it was forming a different rune. Just one three-dimensional rune seemed to be containing countless runes.

The rune exploded, and a roar echoed from the black smoke as a Purple-Eyed Greater Demon Overlord swung its sharp claws while charging out of the black smoke. It was followed by a dozen Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlords.

Raphael hovered in the air, continuously watching the arrays changes. Sweat trickled down his forehead, and his soul shivered when he heard that otherworldly roar.

"Sir Merlin, is there a problem?"

Lin Yun attentively watched the ground, his eyes frantically moving about. He was very calm as he told Raphael, "Its fine. Altering the array would inevitably make some noise. That Great Demon Overlord noticed it and naturally wanted to struggle free. But he cant escape, so he could only let out a bit of his power. That bit of power could only let him summon one lowest-ranked Greater Demon Overlord."

Raphael relaxed and kept recording the changes of the array, while Lin Yun didnt even look at the summoned Demon Overlord. He only focused on recording as much data as possible. The key data was all in there!

On the other side, Dedale turned into the head of an elemental Dragon and rushed over just as the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord appeared.

The berserk orange flames transformed into a sea of fire that rapidly spread to both sides of the canyon. The flames reached high up, forming towering waves of fire that crashed down at the Purple-Eyed Greater Demon Overlord.

A purple moon appeared in the eyes of the Demon Overlord, and it grinned as its claws ruthlessly slashed at the burning wave.

The orange wave of flames was instantly torn into multiple pieces. The flames that could distort the atmosphere were burning on the body of the Purple-Eyed Greater Demon Overlord, but they only weakened the black smoke covering its body and didnt cause too much damage.

On the contrary, that hundred-meter-tall body took a few steps to close in on Dedale. A purple crescent moon appeared in front of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords body. This large crescent moon looked just like a weapon as the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord grabbed it in its hand and flung it at Dedale.

The sound of space cracking echoed as the huge crescent tore through the air like a sharp blade before appearing in front of Dedale. That terrifying slicing power even cut a long spatial crack on its way.

The sea of flames released by Dedale was even divided in two, and that finger-thick spatial crack burst with a powerful gravitational force as it devoured the orange flames all around it.

Dedale had a cold expression as he instantly used Flame Flash to appear several dozen meters away. The Moon Blade sliced next to him and flew way past in an instant. A mountain ridge was sliced by the blade, not obstructing it in the slightest, which made it seem as if it was a mirage.

After slicing through the mountain ridge, the Moon Blades light slowly dissipated. From the side of the mountain, one could see that the incision was extremely bright, as if the rock had been turned to glass by a huge power.

Dedale sneered and fell back while the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord pursued him reluctantly. After chasing for more than a kilometer, the others appeared from both sides.

Sky Citys three mages were steering their three floating forts and frantically cast spells at the dozen Lesser Demon Overlords in the back. Jouyi, Harren, and the Azurewave Sword Saint led their own people to help the mages from Sky City kill the dozen Lesser Demon Overlords.

As for the Odin Kingdom, only the leader of the Quicksand Towers group and Dylas helped Dedale.

Following an awkward-sounding incantation, the earth under the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord rapidly turned into sand, which started crawling up to cover the Demon Overlords legs. A hand of sand even grabbed the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords thick tail.

The towering Demon roared, and its arms became thicker while the purple moons in its eyes radiated an aura of wickedness.

Its sharp claws swatted at the ground and created a terrifying shockwave that swept the sand away and made it unable to condense for a moment, falling down like a huge spray of dust.