End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016 Questioning

Before the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord could attack the Quicksand Towers leader, Dedale swung his huge metal staff and released over a hundred orange Bursting Flames, which exploded in front of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords body. The terrifying explosive force made the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord shiver, and the Abyssal Power covering his body turned into black smoke that kept dissipating.

The Demon Overlord kept roaring. Space seemed to tear as his claws sliced, but after slicing in front of him, he discovered that his surroundings had suddenly turned dark, as if he had been shrouded with curtains. And not only was the light covered, but mana fluctuations had also dissipated.

Dylas was continuously pouring mana into the Dark Night Cloak on the other side of the Curtain of Darkness.

A large amount of sand was flowing within the Curtain of Darkness, transforming the ground under the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord into more sand and causing him to slowly sink into it.

On the other side, Dedale raised his metal staff, and a golden-red flame appeared at its tip. That was an aura that clearly belonged to Hell.

Following Dedales chant, that flame from Hell rushed through the top of the Curtain of Darkness and slowly expanded into a flaming vortex full of ominous hellish aura. There was still some hellish lifeforms shouting within that fire vortex as they wanted to rush out of the flames.

At this time, the Curtain of Darkness suddenly dissipated, and the Demon Overlords eyes instantly turned scarlet as he sensed the hellish aura. A full purple moon instantly appeared above his head. Clearly, that guy wanted to escape when he sensed the hellish aura.

The feud between the cruel Demons of the Abyss and the cunning Devils of Hell was something branded in their blood and souls. The Purple-Eyed Demon knew that he didnt have the advantage at the moment, and he would absolutely be the target of the newly appearing Devils.

The Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord had summoned an evil moon shadow in order to escape, but his body was firmly bound by the quicksand.

His thick arms flailed the ground, trying to use the power of the impact to struggle free of the quicksand, but the quicksands restriction disappeared just as the shockwave spread.

The sand originally binding the Demon suddenly burst from the impact, sending his body flying up.

A shadow silently spread out as the Demon was about to rush into the evil moon shadow. At that moment, the evil moon thoroughly lost its effects as a spatial passage.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic Overlord passed through that dark and sinister moon shadow and ended up rushing head-first into the fire vortex.

After getting stuck half-way, the Demon struggled to rush back, but his huge body was dragged into the vortex as if pulled in by a terrifying monster.

Dedale stopped his casting when the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord disappeared. All the flames dissipated in the wind, along with the Demon.

Everyone was relieved about this fierce enemy being sent Hell.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic Bloodline was a noble bloodline among the seventy-two Demonic Races. They had terrifying strength, and their bodies could forcibly resist a spell on the same level without being injured. They could also use their powerful ability to summon an evil moon shadow to escape.

Ordinary spatial abilities, such as teleportation or instantaneous movement, would all lose their effectiveness with spatial interference. Almost all Heaven Rank powerhouses had the ability to open Spatial Doors. As long as they had the coordinates to their destination and there wasnt too much disturbance, they could directly teleport.

But no one could use this ability in battle, except for mages that specialized in Spatial Magic. Huge disturbances would make Spatial Doors unable to open, and even if they barely managed to activate one, who knew where it would teleport them? It might teleport them underground, or into space.

But this kind of fierce mana fluctuation disturbance was ineffective against Purple-Eyed Demons. They could easily summon their evil moon shadow to teleport away.

They were very troublesome if they werent killed in one hit.

By using the power of shadows, the evil moon shadow was covered up and the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord was unable to teleport away. Then, they opened Hell Gate and directly delivered that guy to Hell.

Those cunning and insidious Devils would be very willing to entertain this Demon Overlord. It would be quite a letdown if the Demon Overlord wasnt hung at the entrance of the palace.

After the most troublesome Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord was dealt with, the fight on the other side reached its end.

The dozen Lesser Demon Overlords were slaughtered by the Sky Towers three floating fortresses and the six Andlusans.

Ten of the dozen Lesser Demon Overlords had already been killed by the time Dedales group of three had taken care of the Demon Overlord.

Jouyi, Harren, and the Azurewave Sword Saint each led their one subordinate and coordinated to defeat the remaining few Lesser Demon Overlords.

Jouyis Starry Sky Reflection transformed into a starry sky and encircled a Lesser Demon Overlord. Endless stars seemed to shine in an instant as they fell one after another, pulverizing the head of that Lesser Demon Overlord in less than ten seconds.

Harren hid in the darkness and rapidly summoned a Curtain of Darkness. After ten seconds, a loud scream echoed, and the Curtain of Darkness dissipated, exposing a Lesser Demon Overlord whose heart and head had rotted away.

As for the Azurewave Sword Saint, he could be considered a legend of Andlusa. He used the most orthodox battle strategy of Sword Saints and kept sending Aura Slashes to cut a tough Lesser Demon Overlord into a few dozen pieces.

The remaining Demons were blown into pieces by the three mages from Sky City. They roused their floating fortresses and frantically cast spells at them.

The battle rapidly drew to a close, and in the air, Lin Yun and Raphael were still paying attention to the changes of the array.

After some time, the array calmed down, and the surroundings returned to being an ordinary mountain range. The energy fluctuations also slowly dissipated.

Raphael looked pleasantly surprised as he reported, "Sir Merlin, I caught the key changes."

The runes in Lin Yuns eyes slowly dissipated as he smiled.

"Good, Ive already recorded the key data and the changes in this place. We can continue researching this array now. We can move to the next area after correcting the data."

Raphael could hardly conceal his smile when he heard this.

"I hadnt expected the first experiment to actually go this smoothly. The power leaked by the Greater Demon Overlord was just enough to summon a lowest Demon Overlord. With this experiments success, everything will be a lot easier later on. At least there wont be any danger coming from the Greater Demon Overlord."

Lin Yun and Raphael led the three mages from Sky City and kept researching in their temporary laboratory while the others waited in the canyon. Earlier, Lin Yun and Raphael had said that the experiments would inevitably leak some of the Greater Demon Overlords power. Their mission was to block the leaked power.

After several days, Lin Yun and Raphael led the three alchemists of Sky City and started slowly altering parts of the array on the outskirts.

They couldnt avoid coming into contact with the array itself during their experiments, and each time they touched the array, a bit of the Greater Demon Overlords power would leak.

Many Demons would appear each time, and once, they even had to fight two Horned Demon Overlords leading over thirty Lesser Demon Overlords.

Facing the two Demon Overlords, the human side all acted together and resisted with difficulty. The Blood Fang Tribes Great Tribal Chief personally joined in and slashed down these two Demon Overlords.

But Lin Yun and Raphael were getting closer and closer to the core area as they did more and more experiments. The frequency at which Demons appeared was also greatly increasing.

On the fifth day, Demons appeared three times, and with two Demon Overlords showing up on the 3rd time. Moreover, there were over sixty Lesser Demon Overlords.

This time, not only did Lin Yuns subordinates join in, but the Blood Fang Tribe also sent in their Wolf Riders. They spent two hours dealing with these Demons.

After the end of the fight, Lin Yun and Raphael returned to their temporary laboratory after recording the changes of the array.

The others looked at the scene and felt somewhat resentful.

Dylas was extremely pale, as this had been very taxing on his mana. After looking at the corpses of the Demons, he watched as Lin Yun and Raphael casually rushed back to do more research, and he suddenly felt angry.

"Those damn b*stards! Its already been five days, what the hell are they doing? They have just been stirring up this damned array over and over.

"Fighting, fighting, and even more fighting. They keep casually stirring up the array but want us to risk our lives in battle. There has been no effect in five days. What the hell are they doing?"

The people of the Odin Kingdoms royal family were also dissatisfied and couldnt help complaining. "Five days have passed, there must be some kind of result, right? No one will be able to hold on if this continues. We fought three times today, and the number of Demons kept increasing. If this continues, well all fall before they finish"

The others looked exhausted. Theyd had three battles in one day, each one including at least a Demon Overlord. Such high-intensity battles were very taxing. More importantly, more and more Demons were appearing.

Dylas had a gloomy expression, as did a subordinate at his side.

"Sir Dylas, I think that the Andlusan country bumpkin is doing it on purpose. He is specially stirring up the array to make that Greater Demon Overlord leak power and weaken us. He is using that Greater Demon Overlords power to trick us. We will all die here if this continues!"

Dylas eyes flickered as he looked at the distant temporary alchemy laboratory.

Right, that damned Mafa Merlin is pretty good in the field of alchemy. Didnt they say he was an Artisan? He is specialized in potioneering, but is also a bit stronger than Raphael in the field of arrays.

How could there still be no outcome in five days? This is impossible, this must have been done deliberately by that Mafa Merlin!

We fought three times today, and one of the Demon Overlords appeared close to me. I would have already died if not for my Dark Knight Cloak!

That guy definitely wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to avenge himself. He used the Demons to attack me. He didnt succeed this time, but hell definitely go at it with more vigor next time. He wont give up until he kills me.

Moreover, he wouldnt be suspected if I died to those Demons. Everyone would just say that I was unlucky and too weak.

No, I must stop him. I might encounter a powerful Demon Overlord tomorrow if this continues, or even more Demons would come to kill me.

The more Dylas subordinate fanned the flames, the more Dylas felt that something was up. He suddenly gritted his teeth and coldly looked at the temporary laboratory.

"Ill carefully question that Mafa Merlin today and see whats up!"

Dylas led his subordinate and aggressively rushed to the temporary laboratory, where Lin Yun and Raphael were busy doing some calculations regarding the array.

Dylas stomped towards Lin Yun and immediately started criticizing him. "Mafa Merlin, its been five days, what have you gained? Nothing! Instead, more and more Demons are appearing. Are you looking for a way to free that Greater Demon Overlord instead of suppressing it?"

Lin Yun was busy calculating key data, and countless runes were roaming within his eyes. He simply didnt pay attention to Dylas as he quickly jotted some calculations down.

The key data had to be calculated at once because the start of every calculation was different, and the process was also very different. Stopping mid-calculation would lead to an error. They would be in huge trouble if they made a mistake when altering the array.

Dylas face turned green as he was being ignored. With an unsightly expression, he couldnt help raising his voice. "Mafa Merlin, I asked you a question! Are you deaf? You have to give me a satisfactory explanation today!"

Dylas got even angrier as Lin Yun kept ignoring him. Just as he was about to say something, a mage of Sky City raised his head with a dissatisfied expression. "Sir Dylas, we are at a key part in the middle of extremely complicated calculations. If there is something you need, wait until we finish processing these calculations."