End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017 1017 Compensation

1017 Compensation

Dylas had a dark expression, but he remained silent.

‘If I cause trouble without any evidence, Mafa Merlin would be able to use it against me and the other forces would be unable to back me up. Damnit, those b*stards from Sky City are actually siding with Mafa Merlin Just wait and see, this isn’t over!’

Dylas didn’t say anything, but one of his subordinates sneered and walked to Lin Yun before directly flipping the table Lin Yun was using for his calculations.

Lin Yun’s intense calculations were immediately interrupted and the runes roaming within his eyes slowly dissipated as he raised his head.

After raising his head, Lin Yun looked at the man in front of him with a startled and angry expression.

Before he could say anything, Dylas’ subordinate raised his head and sneered at the startled Lin Yun.

“Mafa Merlin, you dare to act as if you didn’t hear anything! Damn scoundrel, you’ll be done for if you don’t give us a satisfactory explanation today!”

This sudden event roused all the alchemists immersed in calculations. The three alchemists from Sky City were appalled as they looked at Dylas’ subordinate.

Raphael’s calculations were also interrupted and he glared at Dylas’ subordinate with shock and anger.

Dylas’ subordinate didn’t feel anything, and while Dylas felt something amiss, he still sneered at Lin Yun, “Mafa Merlin, you have to give us a satisfactory explanation today!”

Lin Yun suddenly calmed down, and thought aloud, “A satisfactory explanation? Good!”

Dylas’ subordinate disdainfully sneered, “Andlusan country bumpkin, if you aren’t taught a lesson, you”

Dylas’ subordinate didn’t have time to finish his words as a Hell Vine suddenly grew under his feet. The arm-thick Hell Vine rapidly extended and bound Dylas’ subordinate in an instant.

Sharp thorns were growing all over the dark red vine. It was like a snake as it took less than a second to wrap around Dylas’ subordinate, the sharp thorns piercing his skin.

The Hell Vine was like a snake constricting its meal, and the sharp thorns were like knives piercing that mage’s body and slowly cutting his flesh.

Blood leaked out, but not a single drop fell to the ground, it was all absorbed by the Hell Vine.

This sudden situation stunned Dylas, and he promptly roused his Dark Night Cloak to protect himself.

“Mafa Merlin, f*ck, what the hell are you doing!?”

Bone cracking sounds echoed before he could finish his words. The Hell Vine was like a bloodthirsty snake. Under Lin Yun’s rousing, that subordinate’s blood was completely drained and his bones were then turned into fragments.

After a gorgeous meal, the Hell Vine dropped the crippled dried corpse and disappeared underground.

That was the guy that had flipped Lin Yun’s table. He had died in an instant, his mana, blood, and even his soul had been cleanly sucked dry by the Hell Vine, under Lin Yun’s control, and treated as fertilizer. After digesting his soul, the Hell Vine could turn into a plant magic beast. It might even be able to form a restricted death area.

Lin Yun expressionlessly raised his head and looked at Dylas.

“You want an explanation? I’ll give you an explanation.”

Cold sweat trickled down Dylas’ forehead and he involuntarily took a step back.

‘Damnit, damnit, that guy actually dared to make a move against us? He actually dared to kill someone from our Shadow Tower? Isn’t he afraid of our Shadow Tower’s retaliation?

‘There are so many people here, he absolutely can’t conceal it, the Shadow Tower will definitely retaliate against him. Does he really dare to attack me?’

Dylas wasn’t as confident as before when it came to facing Lin Yun’s attack. Cold sweat trickled down his back as he recalled Lin Yun’s previous burst of power comparable to the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

And how could the others not notice this sudden burst of mana fluctuations and that person’s death.

Dedale rushed to the scene and frowned as he looked at the corpse.

He hadn’t stopped Dylas from going to ask with his subordinate, he was exhausted after the three battles.

But he hadn’t expected the situation to reach this stage.

“What’s going on?” Dedale asked.

Dylas promptly hid behind Dedale and pointed at Lin Yun with shock.

“It’s that damned guy! I only wanted to ask what was going on, yet he killed a member of the Shadow Tower and wants to kill me now!”

Dylas’ acting like a thief shouting thief made Lin Yun’s eyes flash with killing intent and his body emit fierce mana fluctuations.

At this time, Raphael seemed to have recovered and promptly rushed over, pulling Lin Yun to his side first.

“Sir Merlin, don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive”

After appeasing Lin Yun, Raphael immediately turned and pointed at Dylas, criticizing him, “Sir Dylas, is your brain rotten? Do you not have the most basic common sense? Do you not know how huge the calculations of an array are?

“Damned scoundrel, we spent five days to finally obtain most of the data! We got the most important data and changes today! As long as the data’s one-time calculations were solved, we would have been able to crack the surroundings of the array today!

“But it has all been wasted because of a damned b*stard rushing in the laboratory, flipping Merlin’s table, and interrupting his calculations. Let me tell you, the work of the past five days has been completely trashed by that stupid subordinate of yours.

“So what if he was killed? If Merlin hadn’t killed him, I would have gotten rid of that idiot myself.

“You are a fool still trying to frame Merlin. Let me tell you, almost all of the calculations were made by Merlin himself, we are only helping him calculate secondary sets of data, the most important sets of data have to be calculated in one sitting.

“Only Merlin is capable of doing that, and Merlin has been calculating without sleep or rest for an entire day. And this was all ruined by your foolish subordinate!”

Dylas was dumbfounded and finally remembered that something wasn’t right. As for Dedale, he turned around and looked at Dylas with a really bad expression.

Even if powerhouses like them weren’t proficient in the field of alchemy, they still had some basic common sense and could crack simple arrays.

How could they not understand why Lin Yun flew into a rage and killed that mage.

Hearing Raphael’s angry words, flames started shouting out to Dedale’s nostrils.

He opened his mouth and sent a Fireball towards the corpse and turned it into ashes.

“He deserves death for interrupting the work of an Artisan!”

Dylas had a sullen expression as he could only hold himself back, he didn’t dare to get angry or say anything, he even absolved himself of that matter.

“I didn’t incite that fool to do that. I only wanted to inquire about the progress, I really didn’t expect that fool to act of his own initiative, flip Sir Merlin’s table, and interrupt Sir Merlin’s calculations”

Lin Yun’s body was emitting extreme cold, he wanted to get rid of Dylas.

After cursing at Dylas, Raphael pulled Lin Yun over.

“Sir Merlin, I’ve seen this matter. Although Sir Dylas made a mistake, he didn’t forcibly interrupt us after coming over. It’s understandable that everyone is in a very bad mood after three waves of Demons within the same day.

“No one could have expected that idiot to act on his own. He can only blame his own stupidity. If you hadn’t killed him, I would have done so myself.

“Keeping that kind of b*stard alive would have been wasting more time and energy.

“Since that fool is already dead, how about we forget about it. Speeding up the pace is more important, don’t you think?”

Raphael was persuading Lin Yun, in fear that Lin Yun would fly into a rage and casually get rid of Dylas.

Dedale understood the situation, and although he was angry, he wasn’t willing to let Lin Yun get rid of Dylas. But right now, he was relying on Lin Yun, and thus, Dedale could only put in a good word, “Sir Merlin, that fool is already dead. This matter has wasted too much time, we might not be able to hold on if we keep delaying.

“Sir Dylas was in the wrong, but no one can blame him. I’ll make him work hard when dealing with the Demons. Let’s stop wasting power here, what do you think?

“As for the wasted energy, how about Sir Dylas compensate you?”

With Dedale and Raphael persuading him, Lin Yun reined in his anger and expressionlessly looked at Dylas.

Dylas didn’t dare to spear or get angry, he was holding his anger in, on the verge of blowing up. But he didn’t dare to retort, after all, it was his subordinate that wasted everyone’s five days of work. Everyone would look at him in an unpleasant way.

Dedale frowned as he noticed Dylas not reacting for a while.

Dylas’ face turned red, and after a dozen seconds, he slowly took out some things from his Spatial Ring.

“Here are some Clear-Headed Potions, and Stamina Potions, all compounded from the best materials. I requested a peak potioneer alchemist to compound these True Spirit Potions.

“There are also some first-rate crystal pen materials and ink”

Dylas took out these things with a pained expression. These were the most suitable things for compensation, they were all related to alchemy and they weren’t first-rate tools, they were precisely tailored for potioneers.

As for potions that could be used by alchemists, they were extremely valuable, they were far more expensive than the potions mages or swordsmen would use in battle, because the requirements of alchemy-supporting potions were extremely strict. It wouldn’t do if their effect was too small or had some side-effect.

Only the few most perfected potions could be useful to an alchemist. They were a few dozen times more expensive than regular potions.

With Raphael and Dedale urging Lin Yun, Lin Yun could only unwillingly accept Dylas’ compensation.

The experiments kept proceeding, but the pace had been slowed. In the next several days, the frequency at which Raphael and Lin Yun came in contact with the array greatly increased, moreover, the number of Demons and their strength had increased.