End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018 Core Area

They were completely exhausted everyday, even Dedale was pale due to extreme mana consumption.

Finally, after eight days, everyone apart from Lin Yun, Raphael, and the three mages from Sky City, had joined the fight against the Demons.

The Blood Fang Tribes Great Tribal Chief and Great Shaman had already joined the fray, and they had even dispatched over a thousand Beastmen to help out.

On the 9th day, Sky Citys three mages had no choice but to join in the fight on their floating fortresses. Apart from Lin Yun and Raphael, anyone able to fight was on the battlefield.

The frequent battles made everyone miserable. Every battle would be led by a Demon Overlord, and there could be up to three. Even the Blood Fang Tribes Great Prophet had no choice but to join in the fight.

After several days of continuous battles, Dylas looked as pale as a corpse. The loss of one member of the Shadow Tower had greatly increased the pressure.

He wanted to burst out and vent, but he couldnt say a single word. On the 8th day, he barely said a word when a sentence was shot back at him: "If not for that fool of the Shadow Tower looking for trouble, we would have already finished cracking and altering the array."

Trying anything would cause trouble. The battles were fierce and everyone had to pay attention. If they were slightly careless, they might end up dying.

They had been fighting several extra days in vain, and the battles had been a lot fiercer and more dangerous. The Shadow Tower was the one taking the blame for that. The Andlusans were looking at Dylas unfavorably, and while the Odin Kingdoms forces werent cold towards Dylas, they werent warm either. The unsubtle Morgan even directly criticized Dylas after a fight and they almost went to blows.

The others kept gritting their teeth and fighting, while Raphael and Lin Yun kept researching the array. Everytime the array shook was the best opportunity to gather data and study the changes.

Raphael and Lin Yun were the only ones left taking care of this, they had to brave the dangers of the battlefield and pay attention to the array from above. Not only did they risk getting attacked by those crazy Demons, they still had to make sure that they gathered the important data or that battle would be pointless.

On the 10th day, the sound of Raphael cheering could be heard from the temporary laboratory.

"Its finally cracked!"

Raphael had bloodshot eyes and messy hair and the pile of paper beside him had already reached the height of a man.

Lin Yun also had red eyes, and the sheets of papers he had used for calculations formed a small mountain beside his desk. The outcome of the calculations formed a fifty-centimeter-thick stack of paper on the desk.

After discarding his quill, Lin Yun massaged his stiff fingers and wrist. A trace of happiness could be seen in his eyes.

Ten days to crack and alter a Heaven Rank Array. This would have been impossible a year ago.

After obtaining the Intrepids map, Lin Yun had slowly researched it. Although he couldnt make sense of most of it, it had greatly increased his insight.

The Intrepids design was a Heaven Rank Array in itself, and it was a very high grade array, far more exquisite than this sealing array, as well as far more difficult.

This sealing array was extremely powerful because it was huge and was using the entire mountain range as array patterns. The weight in itself was so great that it couldnt be estimated. Using the mountain range to construct a suppressing array would make the array hundreds of times more powerful than if they used ordinary materials.

But the difficulty and quality of the array couldnt compare to the Intrepids design. Moreover, after being altered and cracked, the difficulty and quality would decrease once again.

But using ten days to complete the modifications and finding a new suppression method to truly suppress that Greater Demon Overlord was an achievement Lin Yun felt happy about.

Compared to a year ago, his mastery in the field of arrays had increased a few times. He turned around to look at the True Spirit Array and felt that it was a lot simpler. He could see all the details with one glance.

Lin Yun slowly recovered from those intense calculations, and just as he relaxed, the waning runes in his eyes suddenly burst out.

Boundless runes roamed within Lin Yuns eyes and a cryptic and ineffable aura appeared on his body. The dirty robe softly trembled as if moved by a breeze.

Lin Yun instantly understood what was happening.

The huge wheel shadow appeared behind him, and the concentric circles formed from boundless runes were frantically rotating.

In the center of the wheel, a mass of red-colored runes were forming a floating flame. There was also a rock made of brown-colored runes constantly changing shape.

Those were the Fire Law and Earth Law that Lin Yun had comprehended. Those countless runes were just the two Laws taking shape.

And now, this flame and that rock slowly moved to the sides to leave a spot in the center of the wheel.

A wisp of green wind seemed to fly in from the void and blew in the center of the wheel in an indescribable way.

The green wind was spinning into a whirlwind, and countless cyan runes suddenly appeared as that weak whirlwind whirled.

The cyan runes merged with that whirlwind, and the whirlwind frantically expanded. In less than three seconds, it became as big as that flame and that rock.

Lin Yuns mana started sharply increasing, and with the support of his Demiplane, endless mana poured into his body.

Breakthrough, 8th Rank Archmage!

But in less than a second, the burst of mana coming from Lin Yuns body suddenly dissipated.

Lin Yun stood up and the filth that accumulated on his face disappeared within a breeze.

He raised his hand and felt as if the surrounding air was supporting him. He didnt have to do anything, he only needed to think and the air in the surroundings would react faster than his own body.

The continuous intense study of the Heaven Rank Array had given him such an unexpected reward, it sped up the fusion of the third Law!

The fusion of the 3rd Law, the Wind Law, had been silently completed.

Raphaels eyes were bloodshot, but he could hardly hide his excitement. He rapidly arranged the data and looked at Lin Yun before freezing. He had only sorted out the data, but when he looked again, Lin Yun seemed to have washed up, and his aura seemed to have changed.

Sure enough, he is formidable. Not only is he an Artisan, he took on most of the data computing by himself and doesnt look exhausted afterwards. In fact, he seems full of energy. Only this kind of powerhouse would be able to go further and further down the path of alchemy.

Raphael looked at Lin Yun with admiration.

As a Peak Master Alchemist, and the most proficient one in arrays in Sky City, where the field of array is a mandatory field for all members, Raphael had never accomplished such a hard task.

In Sky City, Peak Master Alchemists only had the opportunities to examine some remnants or be treated as Artisans helpers to crack arrays, and even then, they would only encounter some damaged Heaven Rank Arrays and would barely be able to interact with them.

A complete Heaven Rank Array wasnt something anyone under the Artisan realm could get in contact with.

Ten days! It took ten days to crack and complete the modification of the Heaven Rank Array. This was something simply impossible for Sky City. At least none of Sky Citys Artisan would have this kind of strength!

Once the array was cracked, Raphael felt his own mastery of the field of arrays rapidly increase. He was convinced that after returning, it wouldnt take long before he advanced to the Artisan realm.

"Sir Merlin, since we are done cracking it, should we do the last alteration?"

Raphaels eyes were glistening with excitement, he looked like an apprentice that had gotten in touch with an array for the first time, he simply couldnt remain calm.

Lin Yun nodded and put away the result of those calculations before looking for the Blood Fang Tribes Great Tribal Chief.

After completing the cracking of the array, the last part of the modifications would free the souls of the Beastmens ancestors, but a substitute was needed. This was the fastest and easiest method.

"Great Tribal Chief, the array has already been modified, it only needs your tribes Inheritance Totem as a substitute for the souls of your ancestors. The Inheritance Totem, alongside the array, would truly suppress the Greater Demon Overlord."

An Inheritance Totem was a Beastman Tribes most important thing. It represented the Tribes inheritance. The Inheritance Totem would witness the rise and fall of a Tribe, existing when the Tribe was formed, until it went extinct, and it possessed terrifying power.

Lin Yun originally thought that the Great Tribal Chief would be unwilling, after all, losing the Inheritance Totem was the same as severing the Tribes inheritance.

But no one expected that not only did the Great Tribal Chief agreed, even the Great Shaman, and the Great Prophet unhesitantly nodded.

They once again went to that canyon. This place was the core area of the array. Everytime the power of the Greater Demon Overlord leaked, it would leak from here, and everytime a Demon appeared, it would appear here.

Usually some Demons would appear here every so often, summoned by the leaking power of the Great Demon Overlord. And every so often, the Blood Fang Tribe would suppress the Demons appearing here.

But Lin Yun and Raphael had recently been altering the array and unavoidably stirred the array, leading to the Greater Demon Overlords power leaking more often, and causing one or two battles per day, sometimes three.

After walking to the canyon, Lin Yun and Raphael stood on both ends and simultaneously started altering the array, adding pieces of Eternal Gold Essence alchemy plates into the heart of the mountain. Every plate was covered in a large amount of runes and patterns.

These metal plates were placed at the energy nodes of this huge array, ensuring the least amount of interference with the array, while changing as much as possible.