End Of The Magic Era Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 Elemental Flames

After the arrays energy flowed to the nodes, it would start revolving in accordance with the flowing path of the metal plates. This was equivalent to adding a miniature array in those locations, increasing the size of this huge array and making it more complex.

Moreover, as long as it was successfully altered, the added Eternal Gold Essence metal plates would merge with the entire mountain range, and digging them out would be impossible unless the array was destroyed.

Following the modifications of the core area, the earth slowly started shivering, and wisps of black smoke reeking of sinister aura started seeping out of the earth.

Energy fluctuations also started surging and spreading below the surface.

After the last modification of the array was finished, and before they could do the final alteration, the black smoke seeping out of the ground suddenly became very dense.

Demonic roars could be heard as the boundless black smoke spurted out of the ground like a volcanic eruption.

The terrifying Abyssal power was like a tide that kept spreading outwards. The black smoke solidified into black demonic skulls that let out angry shouts towards everyone outside the canyon.

In just a few seconds, Lesser Demon Overlords suddenly appeared on the edge of the black smoke, as if the black smoke had condensed them from thin air.

In an instant, sixty to seventy Lesser Demon Overlords appeared, and the black smoke kept converging towards their bodies, making their auras more and more powerful.

By the time that it was clear that some of the black smoke had dissipated, there were already over a hundred Lesser Demon Overlords that were at least Level 35.

The ones at the forefront were Purple-Eyed Demons and Blade Demons with their two arms similar to two long blades. They had very powerful bodies and could resist spells directly.

Behind them were some somewhat smaller Goat-Horned Demons. Although these guys ranked among the lowest of the seventy-two demonic races, that was because their bodies were on the weaker side. Demons believed in the strong, so the Demons at the top had to have powerful bodies.

These guys bodies couldnt compare with Purple-Eyed Demons or Blade Demons, but their casting abilities werent inferior to the eighteen silver demonic bloodlines. In the Abyss, these guys were known as Shepherd Demons. One Goat-Horned Demon could gather over ten thousand abyssal lifeforms.

But there werent readily available abyssal lifeforms to follow their orders here.

As these Lesser Demon Overlords rushed out of the canyon, the black smoke was still condensing behind them, making three huge Demon Overlords appear

A Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord, a Horned Demon Overlord, and a Goat-Horned Demon Overlord.

Right after being summoned, the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord and the Horned Demon instantly rushed out, following the hundred Lesser Demon Overlords. The Goat-Horned Demon Overlord stayed in the back, and treachery could be seen in its eyes as it started forcibly controlling those brainless and chaotic Lesser Demon Overlords.

The large group of Demons rushed out of the canyon and instantly started the fight.

Everyone looked very solemn because half of the smoke was still there even after three Demon Overlords had been summoned. Even more terrifying aura condensed within the smoke.

The human side and the Blood Fang Tribes powerhouses instantly collided with that group of Lesser Demon Overlords.

The Purple-Eyed Demons and the Blade Demons were like monsters swinging their huge blades and claws as they charged over. Dozens of steel-like demonic bodies were lined up in a row, enduring the powerful spells and Aura Slashes and forcibly putting pressure on everyone.

In the back, the group of Goat-Horned Demons with stooped bodies were emitting black abyssal power. In an instant, a large number of meteors with long black trails of smoke fell towards the human side and the Blood Fang Beastmen.

There were also black smoky fireballs continuously expanding in the air and falling down like rain.

In an instant, the sky was filled with those eight-meter-big meteors and fireballs. From a distance, it looked like sinister flames from the Abyss were converging towards the ground.

Lin Yun and Dedale aside, everyone, including Raphael, joined the fight.

A large amount of flames, sand, darkness, lightning, ice, and wind transformed into a chaotic spellstorm that flew upward and greeted the Meteor Shower and Fire Rain.

The Blood Fang Tribes cavalry rode atop huge wolves and charged towards the numerous Demons. Scarlet aura flashed on the surface of the Blood Fang Beastmen. Every one of them was holding a huge sword that looked like a blood-covered fang.

The fang carried a wisp of an ineffable power, and that power seemed even more powerful than Extraordinary Power, it was a faint wisp of Divine Power.

Lin Yun, who was waiting for the opportunity to complete the last step of the array from the sky, was stunned as he looked at the scene.

He now understood why the Blood Fang Tribe could rule the Raging Flame Plane in the ancient times, as well as how they were able to overthrow the Greater Raging Flame Overlords rule.

After their Blood Fang magic patterns were roused, their weapons transformed into three-meter-tall fangs covered with blurry patterns. That layer of blurry patterns carried a very faint wisp of Divine Power.

Are those the fangs of a Beast God?

Some information flashed in Lin Yuns mind as the two sides already collided.

These two-meter-tall Wolf Riders were carrying three-meter-long huge fangs as weapons and collided with a group of several-dozen-meter-tall Demons with formidable bodies. They looked like ants attaching a fierce beast.

But the ants werent washed away on impact, that group of small ants didnt fall apart.

Over a thousand Blood Fang Beastmen formed a team and took the shape of a fang as they attacked a Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlord. All of the Wolf Riders were raising a fang weapon in their hands.

In an instant, a berserk aura surged as over a thousand Beastmen let out Aura Slashes at the same time. But the Aura Slashes formed by those fangs strangely converged together until they finally formed a huge long bloody fang over a hundred meter in length.

The Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord that was rushing at the forefront was directly sliced by that huge bloody fang. The body he was so proud of seemed as weak as the sheets of paper used for calculations.

A several-dozen-meter-tall Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlord was torn in half in an instant. Even the head of the Blade Demon behind it was sliced open.

After that attack, the Blood Fang Beastmens Wolf Riders didnt continue rushing in. Rather, they started surrounding the Demons and charged at those on the edge. That wisp of faint Divine Power created a terrifying effect at that moment. Not only did it converge their power, it caused even more terrifying destructive power.

Even if the aura of Divine Power was weak, that wasnt something those Demons bodies could resist.

On the human side, everyone was releasing the spells they were most proficient at. Enderfa, the patched puppet, and Reina, were also amidst the casters. As for Xiuban, he was holding Carnage as he directly rushed to the front line to clash with a Purple-Eyed Lesser Demon Overlord.

One leg of that level 36 Lesser Demon Overlord was just as big as Xiuban, but his seven-meter-big head exploded open as Xiuban swung his hammer.

Basically, everyone on the human side was a 9th Rank Archmage or a 9th Rank Sword Saint and were only one step away from the Heaven Rank.

As for Dedale, he had already surpassed the Archmage realm and had already reached the Heaven Rank, but had yet to obtain Extraordinary Power. This was the limit of the power allowed to enter the Raging Flame Battlefield.

And when coordinating with his magic tool, although Dedale didnt have Extraordinary Power, the power he could display could be considered as having reached the Peak within the 1st Rank of the Heaven Realm. Lin Yun would have still been considered a bit weaker than Dedale before the fusion of his 3rd Law and his advancement to the 8th Rank of the Archmage realm.

On the ground, the human side cooperated with the Blood Fang Tribes elite Wolf Riders to fight over a hundred Lesser Demon Overlords.

As for Dedale, the Great Tribal Chief, and the Great Shaman, they rushed to meet the three Demon Overlords.

The Great Prophet chanted an ancient warsong and buffed all the Beastmen on the battlefield. He paled after three continuous large-scale warsongs.

Not only did he need to use mana for the warsongs, he also needed to use soul power. The more power the warsong was, and the greater the range it covered, the fiercer the mana consumption.

Dedale transformed into a mass of orange flames and slowly wrapped the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord in it, cutting off the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords ability to flee with the moon shadow.

He then summoned a huge flaming hand which firmly wound up around the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord. The boundless orange flames covered several hundred meters around him.

Each time the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord tore apart a flaming hand, Dedale would summon a new one, and after doing that three times, the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord loudly roared. But it couldnt escape this sea of flames.

Those orange elemental flames were higher existences than ordinary elemental flames, they only needed a few seconds to melt steel. They were so terrifyingly hot, that a dozen seconds were enough to make steel evaporate.

But those terrifying flames covered the entire body of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord. But even the steel-like hair couldnt burn.

The surface of the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlords body was covered in a layer of abyssal power, which was continuously being consumed, and replenished. Relying on flames to burn that Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord to death was simply impossible.

Slowly, that Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord also gave up on rushing out of the sea of flames and his claws kept tearing at the elemental lifeforms Dylas summoned.

But ten seconds later, the Purple-Eyed Demon Overlord suddenly discovered that it couldnt find Dedales trail.

There were only Flame Elementals continuously rushing towards his body. The surrounding orange flames slowly became chaotic. Fierce mana fluctuations were blocking everything outside of the sea of flames, even the space started shaking.